This section is where the white females send in their true stories about their meetings with their black lovers that the husband knows NOTHING about their wives' craving for black cock!  A confessional section for white wives that have been seeing their black lovers without the knowledge of hubby!

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I have no husband to deceive, but I do have a family and friends, who would be totally shocked if they ever found out that I was involved in an ongoing 3some with a married interracial couple. What I'm doing is so out of character.

I'm 19 now and I have been enjoying sex with this couple for about 7 months. I am completely hooked on this guy's enormous black cock. I can't keep my hands, mouth and other parts away from it. I have never felt so alive as I have in the past 7 months. I had no idea that the attraction to black would be this powerful-- or this exciting.

I'm on summer break from university and I'm back home, away from them. Its tearing me apart not to feel him inside me, fucking me, making me feel like a woman. I tried sex with my high school lover, but his smaller dick just didn't do it for me (like it used to). I can't wait for September, so I can return to university, return to my lovers.

Keeping this a secret seems to add to the excitement. I feel like I'm 2 different girls. The good, studious one, that does what's expected of her and this darker, sinful one, that hungers and lusts for this endowed blackman. I love it!

I intend to continue with this arrangement. My marks are where they should be and I'm having great sex. I'm living a fantasy. What could be better???

Hello, my name is Denise, 28 year old engaged white female from NJ.  This letter is embarassing and hard for me to do, but I feel that I must.  I was over my friends house hanging out when he came on to your website, he was scrolling through some ads, embarrassing to see, UNTIL I saw this one ad from the NY/NJ area.  To say the LEAST, I couldn't get the image of this guy out of my head, he was ENORMOUS!  I had always wondered about black men, so I got up the nerve to email him, just to let him know how he affected me, literally night and day.  

Well, he emailed me back a few times, and after a few weeks of sweet talking, he somehow convinced me to meet HIM! I had NO idea what I was doing! I have never in my whole life ever ever done anything like this!

  Well I met him on his own turf, and danced the whole night at his club.   After a long night of drinking and dancing, I was in no shape to drive, so I told him good night and that I was going to stay at the motel down the street. He  tried SEVERAL times to invite himself over but that much I refused.

Well I dragged myself back to the room I found, took a nice hot shower (should have taken a cold one!) when I got out of the shower I kept hearing a knocking on the door.  Put on my towel and went to go look through the peep hole to see who it was.  It was the GUY!!! My heart was going crazy!

Without hesitation he asked if he could come in, I told him one minute while I changed, but he said it was urgent, so I opened the door, he ran in and said he had to use the rest room.  This scared me alot, because you see I come from a family and a fiance who aren't exactly big on black people to say the least.  

Minutes past and I heard the shower running! The guy was helping himself to a shower! Well about 5 minutes later the shower door opens up and now he too is standing there in a TOWEL! I asked him what he was doing, He then asked me why the heck did I email him, arrange to meet him and then say goodnight. I told him I just thought he had a nice body (which is true but not the real reason).

He said I think it was just a little more than that, playing stupid, he said THIS (grabbing his now VERY bulging penis under his towel) is why you emailed me. Still playing stupid (and a bit nervous) I said no, he came closer, right next to me, he told me "come on, just touch it" now REVEALING it to me!

I literally gasped, could feel my eyes fall out! He was ENORMOUS beyond belief, and blacker than black, he was a VERY dark man. Panting nervously, he grabbed my hand and put it on it! I just stood there, panicked, stupid, so he began to gyrate his hips while he rubbed it in my hand! My hand didn't fit all the way around it, he began kissing my neck, I began to resist, but he was VERY persistent!

I soon found myself, drunk, standing in this room, now with my towel off and him pressing my head down to my knees, where I knelt with the HUGE black penis in front of me, then on my cheek as he grabbed himself to rub it on my face, then parting my lips with it, gyrating it until the head fit somehow into my lips. I went down on him for about 30 minutes, my thoughts and mind totally not with me, he then picked me up and took me to the bed, kissing me, licking me, then spreading my legs up over his shoulders.

I looked at him with fear, told him I was not on the pill, he paid NO mind to this and still tried to work his way in, I turned fumbling for one of my fiance's condoms in my purse, gave it to him, to which he laughed when he put it on and it only fit HALF of him! He tried for a long time, with ALOT of squirming on my part to get it into me, and FINALLY he did, he took it somewhat slow and first, I was in total ecstasy and had my first orgasm in 5 minutes!

We switched positions from missionery to doggy style, that's when I realized I saw the condom on the bed and not on him!!! But by now I had my second orgasm! I switched to be on top of him where I had my third orgasm!  And MUCH to my surprise he ALSO had his, filling me up UNSURPRISINGLY!

Quickly I got off of him, running to the bathroom to clean as much as I can!  When I got back into the room, he was gone, long gone.  This was 2 weeks ago.  Although ridden with guilt, I must admit this much, I have never EVER cum 3 times, let alone 1 time sometimes.   You may email to pass judgement or ask questions.

I will call this a confession and ask that it be posted here but know I don't feel bad about anything that I have done in the past year or so since I discovered black cock. It was probably 15 months ago that I had posted an ad for myself on an adult board. I had just started to realize my submissive side and wanted to meet men who were doms and with whom I could explore this part of me.  

I had a lot of responses to the ad from a wide range of men from throughout the country, including 2 different professors at the same Ivy League College, partners in law firms, a rancher in Colorado-all kinds of wonderful, interesting, intelligent men. Only one was close though, a man who worked at a company in San Francisco.

I responded to his reply quickly-and soon we had a regular chat schedule of at least 3 nights a week. He was just beginning to explore his dom side as he ended his marriage and was looking for a sex-play partner. From the moment we started to chat, we had a great connection. We got each other's jokes, read each others moods well, and were having a wonderful time getting to know each other.

Within a short time, we decided to meet-and since neither of us at the time had photos online we had to make do with physical descriptions. I wondered what he meant when he said people often say he looks like a young Sidney Potier, but let it pass. We made plans to meet for lunch and perhaps, if all went well, and we liked each other, we would go to a nearby hotel and truly begin to explore domination and submission with each other.  I told him exactly what I would be wearing and told him to look for the tall redhead-that would be me. As I approached the doors of the restaurant, a tall handsome black man approached me and said, hello Mary, I am Michael. Ohmigawd! The man I had been talking with and hoped to have sex with that afternoon was black. Until that moment I had no idea, and until that moment I had no idea how much I wanted to surrender to his will and his desires. (Btw, he does look like a young Sidney Potier.)

Lunch went very well. We are both senior executives in our respective fields and to the entire world looked like two colleagues out for a business luncheon. Of course, all of that took a turn when Michael asked me to go to the restroom take off my panties, while keeping my stockings and garters on and return to the table. I was to hand him my panties when I came back to the table. I did as I was asked of course, giving Michael a lovely peach lace thong, and together we left for the hotel. His hand on my ass as we walked out the door. Oh, and just in case someone did not have a clear picture, he dropped my panties on the floor of the restaurant and had to bend down to retrieve them. Michael walked and held my hand as we went the 3 blocks to a hotel for what would be my first ever encounter with a black cock. I was so nervous!

Undressed, Michael looked like Michaelangelo's David, except carved in ebony marble. When he undressed me, he placed me in front of the mirrored wall as he had me kneel and pleasure his exquisite cock with my mouth. I had no idea I could fit 10 full inches into my mouth and throat, or that my throat would expand to his great fullness. The taste of black cum fed a part of my soul that was starving-I was hooked. Over the next 3 hours, I submitted my will, my pussy, my mouth, my ass, every inch of my body to this black god. I climaxed in ways I didn't know were possible, including my first ever-squirting orgasm. Never had I felt more like a woman. Somewhere deep within me, a desire button was turned on-and from all indications it can't be turned off.

For a number of reasons, including the fact that I fell madly in love with him, Michael and I split up. He wasn't ready for a relationship-and then, I had yet to figure out how to explain a black man to friends and family. And like the old song says, if you can't be near the one you love, love the one you are near.

For the last 12 months, I have gone out of my way to place myself near black men. I have been richly rewarded with their love. Including the man I had sex with last night, I have taken 28 black lovers. Four of these gentlemen are regular lovers. l traveled to Los Angeles one weekend for a 5-man gangbang. Not all were dominants, not all were enormously endowed, but all men who have known me in the past year have been black.

A few days ago I found out I am pregnant-just about 8 weeks the doctor says.  The first call I made was to Michael to tell him. He is very pleased and proud, said he wished the baby were his. My family and friends will soon learn that my desires are black, that my baby will be black.

I look at the Sandy Who art work and see a bit of myself. I can hardly wait to feed this baby from my pale white breasts. I don't know who the father is-nor do I need to. I can well afford to raise a child on my own. I know I have marked myself forever as a white woman who has gone black.

Over the past year, I have seen the pride, the joy, the superiority, the love, the anger and the pain that is within so many black men. A part of me has loved each of the men who has entered me and planted their seed. I am humbled and proud to be a white woman who loves black men and their cocks. I proudly carry a black man's baby. I will continue to submit to black men in whatever way they desire. I am truly fulfilled when a black man is within me.

I really don't know why I am doing this, because if my husband finds out I dread to think what the consequences might be. Thankfully he doesn't have any knowledge of any such site like the Cavern.  THANK GOD!!

I am T and I am 21yrs old and married exactly 6 weeks now to my white husband who is 30yrs old. We met 2yrs ago whilst both on vacation in Jamaica, kinda hooked up, being as we were both staying at the same Hotel. The weird thing was though, that around an hour or so previous to actually meeting him, I was in bed with a black guy who I had met a couple of days before. So you could say that the relationship started on the right note from day one. He even met me just after I had my brains fucked out and I am afraid the poor sod was unaware of the fact that throughout the next week or so whilst we were hanging out together in the day and some nights.

I was also meeting a black guy from the Hotel up in my room to just purely fuck. You could say that on more than a few occasions I left him on the beach to go to my room to meet this black guy to fuck myself silly and cum god knows how many times, before going back to him after. I know to some it might sound pretty immoral, but the truth is that I went to Jamaica especially to meet black guys because I just think that sex with them is just Soooooooooooooo horny. I just love that dark ebony body, that wicked stiff cock, I can just suck it  and ride it all day, I swear it does things to me like no other race of people can. I just seem to think sex as soon as I see a black guy and just can't keep my hands of them if I fancy them. I just want to ride them and just dont care how dirty the fucking is with them, I just want to cum on them and don't want to stop. I just want to be fucked all around the room and up the wall and just don't care about anything else, or how dirty it is, when I am doing it with them.

Anyway, we became very good friends, saw one another a lot after we got back home and as I say, got married here in LA 6 weeks ago. The funny thing is that we never really had sex together until about 2 months into our relationship after we got back home. Of course I was regularly seeing black guys, just like I am now, infact, I was going kinda regular with one guy and was seeing him on alternate days. Infact, as dirty as it may be, the first time I fucked my hubby, I actually rode him up in his Apt one evening after spending the earlier part of the evening with this black guy, so talk about sloppy seconds, he got it alright. I know its immoral and believe me it was, but I am not going to deny that it turned me on like fuck when I was actually doing him. The perversion of actually lying him out in the chair and squatting on his cock and grinding around  untill his balls were aching and his toes were curling, wiping all of my previous sex up and down his cock. I actually love it almost as much as  actually fucking my black boyfriends, but in a different kinda perverted way. Of course it happens all the time now, of course I make it happen because it really is my secret little perversion and I swear to god this is the first time I have ever told anybody.

I am seeing a couple of black guys at the moment, one I only met recently, but the other one is actually my boss at work. We have been kinda playing with each other in the office, kinda  teasing each other and flirting and then a couple of months ago when we moved office to be totally segregated from the rest of the Co, we just fucked in the office chair one afternoon and now its a regular thing. He is only in the office 2/3 times a week now, the rest of the time I am totally alone up on the 42nd floor, but whenever he comes to the office we always fuck pretty much immediately. I absolutely love to do it up there, its just perfect for it because its just so quiet, except when we fuck I suppose, but there is nobody around to hear it anyway.

My husband comes up there sometimes, but never when my boss is there. In fact I've fucked my husband up there as well, quite a few times after my boss has fucked me earlier.  Anyway I hope you like my story. Its absolutely true.

I wish I could send you a proper pic, like me with a black guy. I would love to see a pic on the net of myself really going at it and getting it real good from my black friend, I would love the world to know. Wow would that fuck a few heads up,  T loves Black men,  If only they knew. the truth. Ha Ha!! Here is one of me from the back though.

Luv Ya All     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        T             xxxxxxx

I am a nice looking blonde at 30. What I want to tell you about started out when my husband showed me this site. I admitted to him that it was exiting and since we have watched this site together sometimes. What he doesn't know that I loved what he showed me more than anything else. The day after he showed me The Cavern I got myself my own password was inside the site all day long. When he came home from work I was so more hot than ever. I was excited like never before imaging myself with a black man while we were having sex.

For two years now I have been masturbating almost every day. Dreaming about black men giving to me their big dicks using me and satisfying me. My visions are so hot I usually keep them in my mind. I was spending more and more time at the web. Always looking for white women getting their lust pleased by black men. One day I found myself in a chat room with a black man. He told me how to get my own private mail account so that no-one else could see our correspondance. I got three steady email lovers which send to me their hot mail knowing that I receive it and doing it with myself when reading. I write like a slut back to them and make myself come while typing. Sometimes we are in chat rooms where they can do their verbal thing to me while others 'listen'. Every day I am logging into my account hoping that some of my black mail friends have sent to me something naughty that will make my pussy wet and ready. Some weeks ago I received this from a black man I met at net.

-- My,aren't you a horny little cum-freak? How would you like to have your horny white ass bent over the hood of my cadillac and spanked to a lovely crimson chablis blush? Do you think that then you would be ready to be ridden like a rented mule and take this big, black dick until you cumm with a sobbing moan? I want you to read this letter out loud to your husband - and make him lick your pussy and asshole until you hump off on his face thinking of him sucking my black cum fom your sopping holes! --

- I would love to taste that dick of yours. Do you have pictures. And do you know where I can see ordinary wifes like myself with their black lover. I have seen some interracial action in pornmovies hub brought home but never real life women. I told him yesterday morning that I really want to have sex with a black man and he was not very happy about it. I told him that I loved him and used my mouth to please him. I closed my eyes and imagined it was a black dick I was sucking. When he did enter my pussy he said that I was never wet like that before. I couldn't help myself and told him that I was so turned on by dreaming about your black dick. It seems like he is not so turned on by the idea as he was before. I was feeling guilty about his look afterwards. Anyway I had to stay in bed some more and used my fingers to bring myself to a series of orgasms... I was horny by getting your black member at the hood of your car and as you told me I saw you carry me into the backseat and gave me the best fuck I did ever have. -

I never did tell my husbond. I made him fuck me while I closed my eyes and the black man was all over me... I made him suck my wet freshly fucked cunt after he came... dreaming about that black cum he was cleaning from my holes...

His next mail turned me on even more... All day I am thinking about his words and seeing myself getting black men.

-- Tell your wimp hubby that if he were here right now, I would make him stroke my big, hard, horny black cock - and beg me to fuck you with it! I would put you on your knees and dick-slap you across your shameless fuck-slut face with this big black dick while he watched. I would then put you across my lap, with my hard cock sticking up between your ass-cheeks - right against your pussy - so I could spank you while you squeezed my cock with each stinging WHACK! I would then take you doggystyle - but first I would make your husband hold my cock and rub it all around your soaking cunt until you whimpered for me to impale you with it! --

I masturbated and came like a crazy while writing my answer.

- I just can't get it out of my mind... yes you could do me at the hood of your car. I once was fucked by a black man and ever since I have been dreaming about more sex with black men... After we got an internet connection I have found all these sites with interracial sex and I am watching them every day. I really want to have a bunch of you doing me real good... -

Every second I was thinking about his next mail. And each time I was alone I did check my mail box. After a while I got his answer.

-- Yes, I would spank you and fuck your horny white ass over the hood of my Caddy! After you cummm like a shameless white whore I would put you inside the car so I could fuck your mouth until I blasted my thick, hot load all over your pretty fuck-doll face! And then I'd make you go in a convenience store and buy me a drink with cum all over your wanton face! Would you like to sit on my lap and squirm against my big, stiff cock while I informed your hubby in no uncertain terms what a cum-hungry little cock-slave you are while I finger-fucked you and made you taste your own wet love-juice? --

His tease makes me crazy.. he knew I would love everything he says and that I am a white slut totally hooked in black.. This message came some minutes later.

-- Get those fuckin' panties off, Bitch! I didn't give you permission to wear panties! Now play with your horny white pussy while you write and tell me how badly you want me to slap your face with this big black dick! I want you moaning and finger-fucking yourself when you tell me how you want my cumm shot down the leg of your stocking after I impale you on this big dick until you cum like the horny little cock-slave you are! And tell your husband that I'd make him grab this dick and stuff it into you for me! Write me back now, and tell me what a shameless, panty-less little fuck-whore you are! --

I always do as he asks me and wrote back a little later. I feel ashamed begging a strange black man. I couldn't help myself...

- You have no idea about how hot my pussy is now. I did't wear my panties all day and I am writing with my left hand rubbing my wet spot now. I want you to slap my face with that dick off yours. I feel so filthy and I don't know if I dare to tell him what I am doing now. I want you to cum inside my pussy ... I want it real bad. I wish I could see and feel a black man right now. Have you been together with a white woman before...? I want to come now and I gonna send this mail from my pussy exactly when I am bringing myself off. Give me that black dick hard.. fuck me till I am coming. -

I didn't dare to show his mail to my husband but I was so horny having numerous orgasms while reading and typing back.

-- Oh... my big dick is so fucking hard right now! You are such an obedient little white fuck-slut! If you were only here... I'd put you on your knees in front of me and let you suck this big cock... and lick my big, black balls...... I want to feel your legs around my back as I pound my dick into your steaming pussy unmercifully!!... Until you scream my name as we cumm together - and I pump you full of my thick, hot sperm! --

- Though my husband knows I like it very much to see black men in video tapes he was first angry when I told him that I was in touch with a black man... But later on I did let him do what he wanted with me and during his act I told him that I wanted to read your mail for him. I came right in his mouth when reading your first so I didn't let him hear more before yesterday... I am so turned on by your mail and feel a little embarrassed over dreaming about black dick all day. -

I am waiting for his next mail every minute every day, and I am not disappointed.

-- Oh, Amy,darling! You have missed me, haven't you? I just love your photos.... You look so HOT in those crotchless pantyhose! Now... go put them on RIGHT NOW! You can play with your hot, pink pussy while you read this letter!! That photo of you with your horny white ass in the air makes my big black cock so hard it feels like its going to tear through my pants..... and I'm stroking it right now! If you were here I'd put you on your knees in front of me so you could make love to this big, hard, horny cock with your greedy, cock-hungry mouth. I'd make you lick my heavy black balls while you held my dick in both hands and stroked it just like I am stroking it now. And then I'd let you climb on my lap and lower your sopping pussy down onto this big black dick... so you could ride me like a horny white whore while I squeezed your bouncy asscheeks, sucked your hard nipples and told you what a wet-pussied little fuck-bunny you are. I would wet my fingers with your cunt-juice as you rode me, and stick them in your mouth and say "Taste your sweet fuck-juice, Amy....suck my fingers you horny slut!!". Then as you approached orgasm, I would slide my wet finger up your asshole as you bounced up and down on my cock... and as you gushed your cum all over me, I would cum right with you and blast my thick, hot load deep inside you! Now write me back and tell me how badly you want my big black dick deep in your juicy pussy, and my finger up your ass when you cummm like a horny little cock-slave! And you better read this letter out loud as you finger-fuck your hot, cum-hungry pussy!

No pussy is hotter than white housewife pussy.... and I think that your pussy might just be the hottest of all! But you wouldn't be the first horny white housewife spanked and fucked over the hood of my caddy! Why don't you be a good little whore and tell me how you've been finger-fucking yourself as you think of riding my steely ebony nightstick toward a sobbing orgasm as you scream "Yes, Charles!! Fuck me good, Charles!!" I'd like to take you out to a nightclub - in a short dress with no bra or panties - so that I could fondle you on the dance floor until you were squirming with lust... and then lead you out to my caddy with my hands all over your hot, jiggling ass... and put you in the backseat so I could fuck your sopping pussy until you steamed up the car-windows!! --

I am completely in his power and doing whatever he tells me to.

-- Get your fucking high heels on, you shameless whore! Open your legs and start stroking your hot, plump little pussy! You want this big black dick bad, don't you? How would you like me to grease up your hot ass so you could sit on my dick and slowly wiggle it up your asshole? Would you squeeze it while I finger-fucked you to a shuddering cummm? When you play with yourself today I want you to imagine my big dick all the way up your ass - spurting hot sperm as your sphincter spasms orgasmically while you say "Yes, Charles! Cumm in my ass, Master!" You want to be ass-fucked long, deep, and hard - don't you, Amy? --

- Yes, Charles. I do what ever you want me to. I have my high heels on and nothing else. You have turned me into a complete slut for black. All day long the only thing I know is how much I want you giving to me your big black dick. I feel like you can do anything to me and it makes me so horny I want to come right now. Did you tell your friends about me ? I don't know even if you are married. I only know meeting you made me finally a true lover of black. Please don't you ever stop letting me know what it's like. You are my master and I will immediately obey whatever you'll find good for me... whenever. -

So I am in my high heels naked and blushing after my masturbation. I cannot myself tell my husband about this. Here is the account where you can write to him and tell him what kind of woman he is married to and what you are going to do about it.

Or write to me at:

I cannot wait to continue my confessions. With my last meassage to him I attached three pictures... today I got his answer and it made me real crazy. To this message there was attached two pictures. One with a white and three black men. She had one dick in her hand laying on her back with another in her mouth and the third guy deep inside her pussy... Oh I liked it so much.. the other picture showed a white brunette on her back having a big black man standing right over her pumping his dick in her mouth. I wish that was me. He would be surprised feeling how much of his big dick I would take in my mouth.. and he wrote....

-- Bitch, go put your reddest whore lipstick on - NOW! You love it when I order you around, don't you Amy? It makes your pussy so wet when I treat you like a filthy slut, doesn't it? That pic of you sucking your black dildo makes me so fucking hard! Send me more pics of you slurping that dildo - and make sure you have your eyes open and looking straight at me! I want to see the lust in your eyes as you imagine me fucking your mouth and throat! You want me to stand over, grab your hair, and fuck your mouth until you gag, don't you, Amy? You want to be forced to kiss and lick my balls while you stroke my big black dick - while I tell you what an obedient little cocksucking whore you are! You should feel how hard my big dick is right now!! If you were here right now I'd make you stroke it - make you beg to kiss it! Are you playing with your pussy right now? Slide your finger up inside yourself, pull it out and put it in your mouth!!! Do you enjoy the taste of your own lust? --

- I have already put my reddest lipstick on and now I will read more while typing back to you. Yes, you make me crazy ordering me around. You can treat me as the filthy slut you want me to be and I am right now getting so wet that soon my tights will show. That picture is me sucking the biggest dick I ever did taste and it isn't a dildo. I would love to send to you some pictures like you want me to but I don't dare. My husband will kill me if he finds out, please understand. I have pictures like those you want me to send to you, but I have to scramble them if I would dare to send those to you. I have my black dildo right here sucking at thinking about your big black cock. Use my head like you want to. I lick your balls as much you want to... you are making me a black cocksucking slut. Oh yes I want to feel that hard dick of yours right now. Please let me suck it, please put that black rod in to my mouth... I have that black dildo in my pussy pulling it out sliding my fingers into my wet hole. Yes I love the taste of myself and is soon gonna come riding that black dick in my chair sucking my sweet juices... oh yes I am having an orgasm right now... I want you to see that was not a dildo in my mouth at the picture... I will show it to you. -

-- Notice how this horny slut finger-fucks her pussy while she takes black dick up her ass... tell me how you want to squirm and squeeze my dick with your greased asshole as I pump you full of sperm! --

- I really want you to take that black dick and push it into my ass. I love to have my bootyhole filled. I make my pussy come with my hand when you are fucking me from behind. I am gonna come so hard with your dick making my asshole full of your hot cum... You are making me crazy. Here you can see I got myself a real big dick last weekend... Please keep it private I don't want hubby to know... -

-- Why don't you tell me what a naughty little bitch-in-heat you are, Amy? Your letter and photo makes my big dick so hard the veins are bulging! Now go get some baby-oil and rub it all over your tits! Pinch your nipples hard - like I would if I were there! You horny bitch! You make me so hot and hard that I'm going to have to stroke this black cock until it blasts a thick, hot load! And I'm going to think of fucking your oil-covered tits before I give you a stiff ass-fuck!! Don't you wish that you were here to feel this cumm shoot deep into your asshole? Bitch! - get your fucking legs wide open and say my name out loud as you squeeze your wet pussy with both hands! Now tell me exactly why you deserve to be put across my knee and spanked until your juicy ass is cherry-red before you are rewarded with a big, black dick up your ass like an obedient little cock-slave! And remember - if you don't get spanked, you don't get this dick! Now tell me why you deserve to be spanked, you cumm-hungry slut-queen! --

- You love that I am a horny slut doing what you want me to. You made me lay on the bathroom floor with my skin-oil bottle deep inside dreaming all about you enter my lubed bootyhole while I was turning around giving myself a real good orgasm. I love making you come. I know I am a dirty slut letting myself be commanded to fuck myself. Oh Charles you are making me so damned horny. You just spank my booty letting me know what a bitch I am having sex with black men without my husband's knowledge... -

-- This is what your ass should look like after your punishment! Do you think you would be ready for a good deep fucking then? --

- You wouldn't slap me like that, would you. Please just give me your big dick. I'll do whatever you want me to do. Don't make me beg for you to slap my back. Do you really believe that I am a naughty whore only because you made me going wild about black cock. -

-- Take a good, long look at this photo, Amy. And get your fucking legs open, you whore! Tell me how much you would enjoy straddling one big black dick - having it fill your wet pussy, while another fucked your asshole nice and deep - and the guy fucking your ass pulled your head back so you could have your lipstick-covered mouth fucked! Would you scream through your nose as your pussy and ass were pounded until you orgasm? Would you want to swallow the third man's sperm - or prefer to have it blasted all over your whore face! Now send me a picture of you standing up - showing off your gorgeous ass when you lift up your dress to show me you are not wearing any panties! And you better thank me for the orgasm this photo gives you! --

- You know I am right here with my legs wide spread. I would love all three of you using me- you know you could all do me like you wanted to. I did love the taste of black man's cum and I want more. I feel so cheap making myself come at your command, but I get so horny from your post that I can't help it. Please give me more, make me your submissive white whore all night long. Thank you for giving me all that black cock of yours... I'll have my lover taking those pics you want when I see him next time, Hope you like these he took a little while ago.. Amy. -

I am a 38 yr. old married mother of two sons and I have been faithful to my husband throughout our marriage until very recently; although I am feeling guilty about all this, I can’t believe how good I feel, how much of a woman.

It all started when our older son asked me to come and help out at the summer fete organised by the sunday football team he plays for. I agreed to go and along and help with the refreshments. I had never really taken an interest in the his football until then, leaving it up to my husband. Anyway, that day I took the opportunity to watch the charity game they’d arranged. I was quite impressed with the level of fitness on display. During the game a substitution was made and Jon a nubile young black guy was brought off. As he left the field he asked for a cold drink and one of the guys told him I could sort him out… I walked over to the refreshments table and Jon followed, pulling off his top. As I passed over the bottle of water, I couldn’t help looking at his muscly upper body which was glazed with a sweaty sheen. He just smiled back and asked what I thought of the game. We got chatting and I found out that he was 18 and just getting ready to go off to university in a few weeks. After a brief chat, we went back off to watch the game.

I was surprised a few days later when I got a call at home during the day and it was Jon. I was even more shocked when he asked whether he could see me. I told him that I was old enough to be his mother (which was true) and that anyway I was a married woman… I asked why he would even be interested in someone almost twice his age and he said that he’d been thinking about me a lot since the game on Sunday. I told him I didn’t really think it was a good idea even if I was …..

Ater putting the phone down, I sat and thought about it all for a while and I admit the thought of his nubile young body got me excited. I just told myself I was being silly and to forget about it. I couldn’t forget about it completely though and that night I dreamed of his firm, dark body.

2 days later I was working in the study (I do freelance web design) when the phone rang again. It was Jon again. He asked again whether he could see me… I don’t know what came over me, but I said he should come round now. I vaguely had the plan to talk with him and explain that it couldn’t be. About thirty minutes later the door bell rang and my heart skipped a beat. I opened the door to Jon and invited him in. He looked very smart, a body hugging white top with blue levis (the bulge in the crotch didn’t leave much to my imagination).

We went into the kitchen and I put on the kettle for a coffee….as I stood at the sink, Jon approached and put his hand on my hips… I tried to shrug him off and let out a weak „no“ but as he started to kiss my neck, I just melted (my neck is a very erogenous zone)…. I turned round and pushed himself against me, kissing me deeply and forcefully… I could already feel the heat of his cock as it pressed against my belly…. I just lost all inhibitions and started groping his hard chest and arms.

Within minutes, he had me naked, almost ripping off my bra to reveal my tits, my nipples standing erect like bullets… he caressed and groped my breasts, tweaking the nipples with his long ebony fingers. As he peeled off my black panties my excitement was revealed by the slither of creamy wetness that was already saturating my knickers… without any foreplay he shoved two fingers straight into my moist orifice.. I was shocked and turned on… his fingers felt bigger than my husbands cock… I went crazy bucking on his hand and begging him to fuck me (I shcoked myself as I had never been that verbal before.)

Before I knew what was happening he scooped me up in his arms and demanded to know where the bedroom was… he carried me there and placed me on the bed. As he pulled off his top, I had only one thought… I wanted this MAN. I grasped at his buckle and almost ripped down his jeans… the outline of his massive cock in his boxers was amazing… it looked like a rounders bat and as I pulled down the pants, the THING just sprang towrds my face… it was massive and sooooo beautiful… I grabbed it and couldn’t fit my hand around the girth, I caressed the beautiful blackness and licked up and down the shaft…. his scrotum was amazing, almost as large as small satsumas hanging ripe at the base of this weapon… my god, I was infatuated… I started licking and sucking for all I was worth… I could hearing Jon groaning… he called me a dirty bitch and told me to keep sucking his COCK…. my husband and never been so verbally direct, but I loved hearing his deep voice talking to me in that way…. I was going mad with desire… I was having trouble fitting even half of his magnificent member into my mouth and I was aching to have him inside me. After what seemed like an age, Jons moaning became more urgent, suddenly I was hit by a gush of hot cum filling my mouth, as he withdrew it was splattering in my face and eyes. I couldn’t believe the sheer volume of this white hot stuff on my face. I was covered by it and it was beautiful.

Jon told me to go and clean off my face, which I did… as I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt guilty… dirty, slutty, but I knew I could no longer stop myself.

I returned to the bedroom… Jon lay on the bed (the same bed I sleep in with my husband every night)… he looked wonderful and his massive cock was still erect and pointing up way past his belly button… as I got onto the bed, Jon pulled me to him… his cock digging into my belly… he forced him self on top of me and grinned… he used his knees to spread my legs wide… as I kissed him, I felt the tip of his cock nudging against my swollen labia… he slowly pushed and inched his thick meat into me… I couldn’t breath, I was almost blacking out… I had never felt anything like this before…. my pussy was being stretched like never before… I don’t mean just the length, the sheer girth was amazing, as he pushed further and further his cock just filled me completely and hit me so deep… I was just orgasming non-stop He started rocking and rotating his hips… my god… I was screaming and making guttural sounds, gasping for my breath… I begged him to fuck me….

He then started pumping, slowly at first, building up speed… the beautiful pain as he hammered my cervix was unbelievable… I don’t know how long it lasted, or what obscenities I screamed as he fucked me and did me… finally he was cumming deep inside me, I could feel his beautiful cock jerking and spasming against the walls of cunt as he flooded me with his hot seed. The slurping noises as he withdrew that thing from me were almost obscene by themselves.

After we showered and cleaned up, we finally got the coffee and talked. Jon told me he had always fantasised about fucking older white women, but that I was the first. We meet regularly (3x week) in the following two weeks and he did things to me that I had never even dreamed about… I was addicted to his beautiful blyck cock. Eventually he left for university. Although I know he was back for the christmas holidays, he never contacted me. I am aching for his cock.

It has now been over 4 months and I have come to terms with the guilt. I need to experience that feeling again. I have only just come across Dark Cavern and now I know that I am not alone in my feelings and needs. Maybe I’ll meet a nice black guy in the south-east England who can take up the reigns from Jon?

I should begin by saying that nothing in my background or upbringing can explain my desire for black men. I was raised in an all white, affluent neibhorhood in Long Island, NY. I dated white men and married a white man.

Don't get me wrong... I have nothing against black men, or men of any color. But my attractions were always for white men.

My husband is a typical white guy. Smart, a little stiff, not very open minded, and sexually inhibited. Physically he's not large, and down there he's about 5".

I'm not an angel, and over my 7 years of marriage I have cheated several times. I'm young, in great shape, and my husband is simply not very interested in sex. I'm 29, he's 37. I can't explain it. I'm 5'6", 120lbs, Italian, and I work out and work hard to keep in great shape. I don't work, so I'm at the gym four times a week or more.

About two years ago (March 1999) I was chatting in an AOL chat room with a man who was incredibly nice, funny, and sexy! We started to chat regularly, and over two months the online chat turned extremely sexual and intimate. I really wanted this guy!

We exchanged photos, and to my huge surprise, he was black. I had no idea, and this was upsetting. I wanted him, and he was black. It took another month before I realized that I was thinking of him a lot, and missing him. I looked for him online, and we started to chat again.

It was the end of June, 1999. Within a week I had agreed to meet him for coffee. That's all we did. We had coffee and we went our seperate ways. But I knew I wanted him. I went home and emailed him. Meet me tomorrow!!! Meet me, I said, and he replied that he would, under certain conditions. He was Dominant, which I knew very well, so he agreed to meet me if:

1. I went to his home
2. There would be no question of who was in control
3. I admit before hand that I wanted sex and would not chicken out
4. I wear a skirt (any length) and no panties
5. I arrive at 10am sharp and plan to be there at least until 1pm.

I agreed. That Monday night I barely slept. Tuesday morning, 5:45, my husband left for work. I lay in bed for two hours thinking of what might happen. I put on a long silk skirt, sandals, and a light thin sweater. I didn't wear panties, and it felt as if everyone could tell! I was so nervous!!!

I arrived at 10 sharp, and he answered his door in a bright white terrycloth robe. He was georgeous. 6'2", about 180 pounds, muscular, but not too heavy. He had an almost hairless body. He smiled a huge smile with white teeth to match his robe, and asked me to come in.

I had butterflies in my tummy like I did in highschool before I had to give a speech to my entire class when I ran for class President. He had me sit on his couch and he just stared at me. He sat across from me with his legs apart and I could not quite see his privates. His first words were "you look beautiful," which made me blush. His next words were "remove your sandals" which caught me by surprise. I hesitated, and he immediately told me "look, you want me more than I want you. I know this to be true. Either listen and obey without hesitation or you may leave. I will never hurt you, but I demand total obedience." I will never forget it. He was serious, and I removed my sandals.

To be continued.....

I CONFESS (Part 2)
He told me to sit on his lap, which I did immediately. And also immediately I could feel him beneath his robe. This scared me - he was obviously very large. He felt huge, and I knew he was much larger than anything I had had before. So I'm on his lap and he lies back into his couch and tells me to kiss him. His cock is rock hard and pratically lifting me off his lap, and suddenly it hits me... I'm in a stranger's home, in a silk skirt without panties, and about to kiss a big black man who is nude under his robe. I almost panicked. But he looked at me and repeated himself... "Kiss me. Put that gorgeous white mouth on mine right now." My heart was racing!!! And then I did. I leaned over him and kissed him. And that was it for me. I kissed him and I felt an electric charge run through me. It was magical, and I knew I was his.

So did he. As we kissed he pulled my knees up to his waist so I was straddling him. I was sitting on his cock as we kissed! It felt too big. I was scared, but I wanted him badly. We were kissing deeply now and his hands began to roam over my body. I was so wet. I get wet easily. I always have. And when he began to touch my breasts I knew I was going to orgasm. Between his cock rubbing into me and his large hands all over me it was too much. He knew, and told me "it's ok, go ahead, get used to it." I came so hard I cried on him. I screamed and cried and my whole body shuddered on top of his. I spasmed. My legs were weak and shook like I never experienced.

He let me rest on him, recover a bit, and then he bagen to kiss me. He lifted me off him and onto the couch, on my back. I was still very much out of it from the orgasm minutes ago, and I felt xompletely spent, but as he kissed me his hands found my bush. And without a second's delay he had his fingers around my clitoris and was massaging me into another frenzy. I was amazed, speachless, and soooo happy... but he then stopped. I opened my eyes and he was walking away from me, up the stairs. Without looking at me he said "Time for the bedroom. Follow me."

I took a moment to think of where I was. I realized I was lying on his couch, one leg on the floor, the other up over the back of the couch. My skirt was mostly over my hips, and I was fully exposed. Did I really want to do this? It wasn't too late to leave. Run away. Run home, shower, and pretend it never happened.

But of course, it was too late. I knew it. I just had a better orgasm than I had in seven whole years of marriage. I was afraid, but I got up and followed him upstairs. His bedroom was a huge king sized bed with wall-length mirrors of either side of the bed. When I walked in he was sitting on the bed, legs apart, robe opened, and he was erect. He was as huge as I feared. His skin was so dark, and his cock was no different. I don't know why that surprised me, but it did.

"Sit next to me." And I did. "Touch it." And I began to touch it. Stroke it. Feel it. And without saying a word to me he stood up and let his robe fall to the floor. He stood in front of me, put his hands around my head, and told me to suck him. "Suck my cock Denise" he said, and he moved my head to his crotch. I had no idea what to so with this huge cock, but I wanted him, so I opened my mouth and began to suck on him. I sucked him like I knew how. I sucked his head, used my tounge a little, he was not impressed at all.

Clearly he was unhappy with me, and made no bones about it. He made me stand in front of him and he said "Denise, you don't know how to suck cock. Your husband allow that? Does he enjoy that? That doesn't fly with me. You're gonna learn to suck like a ho. Now take off your clothes."

I wanted to cry! Was I so bad! I wanted so badly to please him, and he was mad at me. I undressed immediately, although I was shy and moved a little slowly. When I removed my skirt I was totally nude, and he had me kneel between his legs. Hhe began to instruct me how to suck his cock. This was more than a little embarassing. "Open your mouth wide. Let me see. No. Wide!" And I sucked him for what was at least 45 minutes as he criticized me, stopped me to improve what I was doing, and humiliate me. My mouth and jaw were sore!

Needless to say, I wasn't able to make him cum this way, which was also humiliating, but he still had a smile and simply said he fully intended to cum a few times. Still on my knees, with my face in his hands, he said "Don't you worry, my little slut, we're both gonna cum a lot today."

I am a 36 year old wife and mother. My husband has been nagging me for two years to have a black man while he watches and takes photos. He often shows me Dark Cavern and asks wouldn't you like that big black dick up you?. The answer is probably yes but not with him watching and no way with photos.

Over the years I have been unfaithful several times, usually with men from work, but never with a black man. I had a student last year at the office party and he had a nice big dick and I loved it up me. So I suppose if the opportunity came to have a big black dick I would go for it.

A few weeks ago it happened, the office network developed a fault and the service company sent a young black male to fix it. It took him a long time to find the fault and as office manager I had to stay behind until he finished. He finished at 7pm and I made us a coffee while the network re-booted and back up files loaded. We went into the staff coffee room and he sat in an easy chair while I made the coffee. I looked over his shoulder down at his crotch and he had a really big bulge in his trousers, this made me decide to have him. I sat opposite him and crossed my legs, I have good legs and was wearing a skirt that hung to 5" above my knees, so he got a good eyeful. He smiled and looked my up and down, I just smiled back and nodded.

He opened his arms and cocked his head on one side so I got up and went and sat on his lap. I could feel his dick under my thigh and it was getting hard. He ran his hand up my thigh, slid it over my cunt and started to rub me through my tights and panties. I got really wet straight away and started to kiss him. We carried on like this for a few minutes our tongues playing in our mouths and he undid and removed my blouse and bra. One hand was still rubbing my soaked cunt and the other now started playing with my tits, he had a magic touch. After a while I came with the attention he was paying to my cunt.

I got off his knee, removed my skirt, tights and panties and knelt between his legs. I felt his dick through his trousers and it was really big. I undid his trousers and removed them and his pants and there it was, very thick, very long and very black. I peeled back the foreskin and tried to suck him but I couldn't get my mouth around it so I licked the bell end and sucked along the shaft tickling his balls with my hand while I did it. After a few minutes he pushed me back onto the floor and got between my open thighs. He stuck it in me with what seemed like a brutal push but this was probably the easiest way to get such a large bell end into me. The feeling as he slid his dick up me was wonderful. I felt my cunt stretched as never before, he was definitely thicker than the student I had at the office party and he looked like he was 2" longer. We couldn't get it all in to begin with so he started to fuck me with long slow strokes leaving about 3" outside my cunt, after about ten strokes I came and I felt the last 3" slide into me and his balls slap on my arsehole. He had my legs held wide apart and he then fucked me fast with short strokes and a sort of grinding motion. We lasted about three minutes then I came again and he shot a load up me seconds later.

We stayed coupled on the floor in the missionary position and as I came back to earth I realised he was still rock hard. He eased his dick out of me and waved it around with one hand for me to look at. Now lady he said I'm going to turn you over and give you the doggy fuck of your life. My cunt was sopping wet and I was really up for this but I made him wait while I dashed naked to my desk and got a tape measure, he was 12" long and 9" around. He made me kneel on the floor and stuck it up me with one push, ground it around for a while and then fucked me with long hard strokes for 15 minutes. I lost count of how many times I came and eventually collapsed to the floor under him. He continued ramming it up me and finally shot a second load into me. When he pulled out there was a plop as the bell end came out and I felt his come running out. He sat in an easy chair and I looked at his now soft dick still bigger than my husband's is when hard. I went between his thighs and licked it clean for him, he got hard again so I straddled him on the chair and rocked slowly on him with all of that lovely dick up me. I was in what seemed like a continuous orgasm until he eventually came inside me again. We cuddled for a while then I went to the loo and cleaned my juice and his come from my thighs.

We dressed and left the office, I went home to my unsuspecting husband but not before I got a mobile number. I intend to fuck that big black dick at every opportunity and I'm not going to tell my husband. I have never had such a good seeing to before and advise any wives to take any chance, but I will never let my husband see what an absolute slut I can be for big dick. He will probably read this and not realise it is his wife (I have created a new e-mail ID for this purpose.)

Making Love in the Mom-Mobile

My family calls my van the Mom-Mobile because all I ever seem to do is drive from one kid event to another.  With two active boys, and lots of team events and practices, I used to live in my van.  But now that the boys are in high school, they don't want to be seen having Mom drive them everywhere.  Still, my van is a great car, especially if you want to have a nice quite drive in the country with your lover...

My husband and I were taking counseling and that I was committed to trying to make our marriage work. He was going to change jobs so that he would not be traveling all the time and, most importantly, we were talking about having another baby. I was very happy, and excited about trying to get back in touch with the man I loved and had married.  I had gone off the pill and our sex life had exploded. We were acting like newlyweds again, hoping each time we made love that he would he would impregnate me.

But before we could start over, I knew I had to call my black lover, to tell him that I could not see him again.  He wanted us to meet at his apartment, but I had made up my mind he was not going to seduce me again with his touch and kisses. I insisted we go for a drive in the country, away from everyone and, most importantly, away from the temptation of an afternoon in his apartment. 

We parked at a hidden picnic area near a small stream and walked along the stream banks holding hands. I told him that I loved him but I had to stop seeing him.  I told him why, how important it was for me, that I had decided that I wanted another baby, the baby I had wanted to have with him, but he had run from the commitment. 

He didn't want to hear it and tried to kiss me. But I knew it had to be this way and pushed back and angrily walked back to the van.  There was a slight drizzle and my clothes were wet by the time we got back.  Sitting together in the back seat, we watched the rain pass by. Finally, we talked, talked about staying friends, about the fun things we had done.  All the while, his hands were busy, finding the places I loved to be stroked and touched. I told him that I was not going to have sex with him and that of course I was enjoying what he was doing, but he was wasting his time.  He laughed and asked if I remembered the time we had made loved out in the open, on a blanket at sunset and then under the stars?  How could forget, it was the second time we had made love and his sexual prowess had held me captive ever since.

He asked if I was sure that I didn't want to make love just one more time?  Again, out here in the open?  I told him he was crazy the ground was wet and it was still raining!  Come on, he insisted, didn't you ever made love in the back seat of your boyfriend's car?  I confessed I had not.

"Well, then just pretend you are a high school cheerleader again," he said pulling me close to him, "and I am that big ol' black basketball player you got the hots for, and this is your mama's car!"

I was laughing as his hands slipped under my skirt, and removed my panties.  He unbuttoned my damp blouse, his fingers teased out a nipple from my bra and he pressed his dark lips to my white breast.  Soon I was moaning under his touch and fiery lips.  I laughed as he struggled to get his pants off, his leg caught in the seat belt.  But soon he was naked, his black manhood swollen and needing to be satisfied.  My legs spread wide to receive him, one was hooked on the head rest, the other around his shoulder.  As he entered me I cried out in passion, and with every deep thrust of his black cock I moaned his name and my love for him.  His hard deep thrusting rocked the van back and forth and as I came, my cries of pleasure filled the hidden picnic area.  He came like a lion, roaring out into the jungle, warning others that he had just mated, filling his woman with his hot dark seed.

Exhausted, I lay whimpering, pulsing with every shudder of our locked bodies.  The breeze through the van door chilled us and we dressed again, smiling as lovers do.  We laughed as we shook off the debris long buried in the back seat of the Mom-Mobile, old french fries and candy wrappers.  I was sure that I was going to have a bruise on my back from that middle seat belt.  My panties had fallen out of the van and lay on the muddy ground of the picnic ground.   He dashed out and tossed them high into a tree over the picnic table, to dangle there like a trophy, and then ran back to be warmed again in my arms.

We drove back to his apartment in silence. I held his hand, occasionally pressing it to my face to feel his warmth, strength, and reassurance. I could not bear to let him go, knowing now that I would never be able to resist him.  I was ashamed of my betrayal but secretly I hoped his baby was beginning to grow in my womb.  I wondered if it would only be a matter of time before it was his baby I carried in the back seat of my Mom-Mobile.

It was only a week later that I found out I was not pregnant. I cried and my husband comforted me. He knew I was terribly disappointed, he just never knew the true reason.