This section is reserved for input from all you wonderful ladies who lust for dark meat. Also from their hubbies. Tell us what we want to know! Don't be shy!



Hi... My name is Rachel, I am a MWF, age 36, 5'-1", 104 lbs., blue eyes with blonde hair to my shoulders and I just had to let you know how exciting it was to read about Lori's first experience and how she got involved with black men. I myself have had a number of black experiences and and I also am blessed with a husband who is very supportive to all of my black needs.

My first black experience happened on my 25th birthday, one that I will always remember for a number of reasons, but the most important reason was that I finally fulfilled a fantasy that had been haunting me as far back as my early teens. And now, after more than 10 years, I have found that sex with a black man is the true ultimate sexual experience and it really does seem to get better with each and every different encounter.

I guess I just wanted to share this with you mainly because it's great to read about other white women who have also fulfilled their black fantasy, much like I have and I can hope that I will find many more stories in this page.

All I can say is "THANKS" for bringing this WEB PAGE for me to review and again, I will be looking to visiting you often and in all respects, I'll probably be your most supportive reader.

Bye for now,....

Interracially involved Rachel....

Thanks for the input, Rachel. I'm sure we would all LOVE to hear more about your experiences. Tell us all about it!



WOW!!! Dark Cavern is a site for sore eyes. It looks like you'll fill the void of SLC.

I am a white male who has been interracially involved with black and Asian women in the past. Unfortunately, I don't have any photographs of my experiences, but I do possess some tremendously hot memories of those sessions :-}

I have read and downloaded Lori's story, and I have read several of Rachel's posted e-mails and interviews (SLC), but I have never seen a picture of Rachel with one of her numerous black lovers :-{ I was wondering if Rachel would be so gracious as to share some of her intimate pics with us interracial sex addicts. I would just love to see a picture of some stud's black cock sinking deep into Rachel's beautiful blonde pussy, and I bet I am not alone in that desire.

Do you think it is possible to contact Rachel, and ask her if she would be a princess, and provide some pics of her fucking and sucking black dick? If you'd like, you may provide her with my e-mail address, and I'll ask her myself.

The reason I want to see Rachel's pics so much is because my ex-girlfriend was a natural blonde too, and she had a black vibrator (bought by me of course), but she wouldn't "go all the way" with her interracial fantasy :-{ So Rachel is as close to I'll get to seeing a black cock in a natural blonde's pussy (the ones I've see in professional porn were dye-jobs).

I appreciate all your help and assistance in this matter.

Like Rachel, I too will be a repeat visitor to your wonderful site.

Thanks for that Theo. Well, how about it Rachel? We all want to see what you look like. If you want Theo's address, drop me a line.


I have got to be the number one reader and fan of the Dark Wanderer, I also loved the SLC, and was of course upset when they said good bye for now. I must say however that this new Dark Cavern is wonderful. Completely directed at what I want - White Wives with Black Lovers.

I am always trying to get my wife to take a BIG BLACK LOVER and even get knocked up - we'll get there one day. This Dark Cavern is GREAT!!! I'll check in every day - Thanks a lot.

And don't forget to tell us all about it when it does happen!!


Just thought I'd drop in to let you know that I am still here and I check your site almost every day. I was truly impressed that my letter to you was the very first page and it was also very exciting to read the message from THEO, asking about me....

I am very flattered that Theo want's to see some action photos of me with black men, but to be perfectly honest with him and everyone else, at this time, I just can't do this and trust me, I have my very own reasons that I would love to share with him, so please send him my e-mail address and I would be happy to explain.

And because I'm not able to supply this site with these photos, I'm sure that some of you may think that I am a fake and if you do, so be it, but all I can assure you for now is that during the past 11 years, I have had a healthy diet of black cock and I'm very definitely looking forward to MANY more years of having sex with black men and taking advantage of the many opportunities that I know will face me in the future. If I reveal my identity, I feel that this might have an effect on my present lifestyle. And as time passes, I seem to get deeper and deeper into this scene and in many ways I'm really starting to prepare myself for family and friends to find out about about my involvement with black men. All I can ask for now is that my readers try and understand and believe me.... So until then,

Interracially involved Rachel...

Over to you Theo! And Rachel, keep in touch. Poor old Coconut would love to hear about your experiences in more detail!!!


You guys have the best web site I have seen to date. Although you need more context and pictures (I'm sure forthcoming) what you have can't be beat!!

My girlfriend is interested in black men as well but has never tried it. Although she wants to and its just a matter of time for her ( us ). Anyway.. keep up the great site and keep adding to it. We love it !!!..

Thanks for the comments, Brett. Don't forget to tell the Cavern all about your girlfriend when it eventually happens!


Was really glad to find this page as I think you should give credit to where it is really due and that is BLACK WOMEN. Three years ago I got divorced from my prude wife (we are both white). A close friend of mine that was single kept telling me that I was really missing the boat by not dating black women. At first I was reluctant but said why not.

MY friend Jeff fixed me up with the younger sister of his brown bunny. This lovely creature is named Mandy and I was really in awe of her from the first moment we saw each other. After a nice double date at the watering hole (by the way, you black men want white women, well you have to accept that some of us honkies want your women as well) we made tracks back to my apartment to watch skin flicks. After about 20 minutes of watching the usual fuck films, Mandy told me that she never dated white before but was really interested in having something new.

She startled me by asking if I had a hard on and I sure told her damn straight. She said she always had the fantasy of pretending that she was a slave brought over on a slave boat and the evil white master made her do naughty things. I picked up on the hint and made a disclaimer before I started into the games. Mandy I said, I'm about to give you a taste of your fantasy but I want you to understand that the words that will come out of my mouth are for getting you off and not to offend you. She said, "Go for it white boy".

I said "OK brown gal, let's see how much tit you have for your white master. Take off that blouse now bitch!" With that she unbuttoned her blouse and sat there with her bra on. I said, "Damn bitch, don't stop now or I'm going to have to beat you again". She in turn said, "Please Master, I'll do anything to make you happy but please don't beat me any more". I told her "I'm in a generous mood and I won't beat you but hurry up and take down that bra as I want to see some sexy black tits."

Mandy gave in and not only popped off the bra (she's 36D cup) but the white skirt came down and she was wearing white thongs. - - I said, "Mandy dear, since you are one of my new slaves I will give you a break and you can stay over and sleep with master tonight. Count your blessings as I only fuck with the best and if you do well, master will take good care of you." - - -Mandy came over to me and grinned and said "I think you like this game better than I do". My reply was to take her hand and place it on the front of my throbbing hard-on that was pushing through my zipper. She got the hint and said "Master, Mandy gonna give you a good suckin'".

Down came my pants and out popped my snake and Mandy sat me down on the couch and gave me the most incredible blowjob I've ever had.

Damn Damn Damn. My friend was right. What was wrong with me for not listening to him. He kept telling me to go black as the white women don't have a clue about sex. Sure was right.

Anyway to make this story come to an end, Mandy gave me an incredible full double blow job and got me up (orally) a third and fourth time for some incredible fucking and backdoor action.

Its true. ONCE YOU GO BLACK, YOU'LL NEVER GO BACK. Guess who's cumming for dinner. Go away white bitches.

Hmnnnnn.... Never let it be said that Coconut doesn't cater for all tastes but I hope that this site will remain predominantly white wives with black males! So send in your pix and stories!


We're hooked, after months of discussing whether to open up our marriage or not I finally convinced my wife that she should try it. She accepted a date from a guy who had been hitting on her from the health club we belong to.

The night it was to happen I was extremely nervous to say the least, but was absolutely floored when I opened the door and found out that she was going out with a black guy.

That was a little over a year ago and my wife has seen nothing but black men. She goes out at least once a week, sometimes more depending on her schedule. I absolutely love the thought of her with black men and anxiously wait for her to return from her "date".

Thanks Dark Cavern for devoting an entire page to this topic. I'll be frequenting it regularly.

Tell us more!!!! We want to know all about it!!!


I am so glad to see a website completely devoted to BM/WF relationships. I am glad to see that I am not alone in believing that the Black Male is sexually superior to the white male and that a truly loving white husband should surrender his sexual rights to the Superior Black Man and give his wife the total sexual satisfaction she so deserves! I hope that there are enough like-minded people out there to keep the site alive. Also, how about starting up a links section for other BM/WF websites!!!

Good idea! Anyone know of any such sites? Let me know and I'll check them out.


I am one of the cuckolded husbands some have written about. Yes, I love watching my wife spread for her black lovers, but now I am no longer allowed to make love to my wife. She is totally happy taking black cock into any hole and her lovers enjoy the fact that she will not allow me any more of her lovely pussy.

The Cavern is wonderful. I visit it daily. If anyone is interested, I will tell the whole story. I don't have any pictures of her but I can tell the story.

Yes please........... Tell us the WHOLE story, Nick!


Hi again, I've been gone for awhile and just returned to read some of the "PERSONAL EXPERIENCES"...

Julie's story was great and she mentioned that she would like to hear from other wives that are into having sex with black men and I would like to request either you send her mine or for you to send me hers..

Also, LIZ mentioned my name at the end of her story and I would like to see if she would like to corresponde with me... Could you let her know or please send me her address also....

Also... I know you are wanting more information about me and trust me, I sincerely would like to have time to share some of my black experiences with you,... I'm not so sure I have explained all of this in the past, but most (all) of my black experiences happen to be LONG-DISTANCE, mainly in the country of Belize and when I go there, it's always a week, (sometimes longer) at a time, so when I return, I feel it's much more important to give all my extra time to my husband and my daughter. Yes, I would love to sit down and get into detail, telling the world about the great sex I'm having with my black lovers and maybe in time, when things slow down, I'll gather all my notes and do this, but at this time I feel that it's important NOT, to cheat my family to what little time I have between these special trips to Belize. Again, I hope you can understand....

By the way, as your site continues to grow, I am finding it more and more exciting every time I get the time to click online to this great site. Keep it up and eventually I will take the time to add a few of my experiences with you.... and looking forward to doing so....

Bye for now,

Thanks for taking the time to write again, Rachel. I have passed on your address to the ladies as you requested.


You have a wonderful site. My job had taken me out of town for much of the summer and I had been away from the Internet for a couple of months. I was very disappointed to find that the SLC was no more.

Your site, though, more than makes up for it. I enjoy the pictorials, and the personal experiences. And, while some of your readers may be surprised by the number of single white women and white couples seeking black men, I am not. If anything, it confirms something that I noticed over the past several years, which is that BM-WF couplings are becoming even more commonplace than ever.

I first noticed this fact when I worked at an insurance office in Los Angeles several years ago. There were six women at the office, aged anywhere from 19 to about 30 - four white, one Asian, and one Hispanic. Over time, I found out who they were dating, who they had dated in the past, etc. (You know how conversations go when you get men and women together at a small office environment.)

Anyway, I found out that one of the women was married to a black man and another currently had a black boyfriend. Two more had dated blacks (or to be more precise, had had sex with black men) at least a couple times in their life. Only two (one of the white girls and the Hispanic) had never had sex with a black man before.

At the time, I thought it was surprising that a full two-thirds of the women had had interracial relationships, what with the taboo against interracial sex and all that, so I began asking them about it, and here’s what they said.

First of all, most of them became interested in black men upon hearing about it from girlfriends who had slept with black guys, and were told about how great the sex was. One of them mentioned that whoever said that size doesn’t matter are either white guys with small dicks or women who have never experienced what it feels like to have a thick nine inch black cock inside them.

Another told me that, contrary to popular opinion, in many cases it was the white girls who came on to the black guys, not the other way around. This is something that most WM either refuse to admit or simply deny. (I have to imagine that most of the visitors to this site are much more enlightened). As a result, they said that most of the time they kept their interracial activities to themselves or their girlfriend, that they couldn’t talk about it with most white guys, who would get very jealous.

They all agreed that more and more white and Asian girls would be crossing over, because word is spreading about how great black guys are. One of them said that if more white girls found out what they had been missing, they’d jump on the first hard black dick they could find!!

For you women out there who are thinking about an interracial relationship, all I can tell you is what the girls at my office told me - "Go for it!!". I’ve had sex with two black women, and understand the excitement and thrill interracial sexing can bring. And if your wife or girlfriend is into swinging with black men and couples, consider yourself fortunate. You’ll both get gratification by letting her have her share of black loving.

I’d like to hear what visitors to this site have to say. Again, you have a great site, and keep up the good work!

Thanks for the nice comments and also for your views. Anyone care to disagree?


I have to disagree with some of the sentiments that Malumot made. First of all, I am a White male that has had Black female lovers in the past. Some of my past Black lovers were "one-night stand" pick-ups, but others were girlfriends. I have spoken to them in the past about their experiences with sex (with both black and white men). Not one of my six past black lovers ever said that black men were the best lovers they've ever had.

As a matter of fact, a lot of them complained that black men "Don't like to eat pussy." That is certainly not to say that some are excellent between the sheets, but as a race...probably no better or worse than anyone else.

I know many of you will disagree with what I have written, but I believe that a lot of the "mind-blowing" orgasms these WFs are having at the hands of black males is more psychological and sociological in nature. The taboo thing at the very least must give both BMs and WFs a headstart toward great sex. I know from my own experiences that the color contrast, and the feeling that "I was doing something I was not suppose to do" played a huge role in my sexual satisfaction when it came down to interracial sex.

Hell, the very best lover of any color I've had was a white woman (i.e., non-interracial sex). So I do not believe that black men are sexual supermen, nor do I believe that all or most white or Asian women fuck black men for their "Elephant" cocks.

Now that I have said all that, let me also say that interracial sex is one of my all-time favorite turn-ons. I enjoy watching it, reading about it, and most of all participating in it :-}


Ain't life wonderful, folks. I would certainly agree that sex can be very much 'in the head.'


I was totally consumed by the story and pictures of Karen with her black lover. I have fantasized for several years now about being bred by a black man with a cock like the one they describe. I am 37 years old and have been married to the same wonderful man for 20 years but I would like something to spice up my sex life.

I was hoping that I could correspond with them by e-mail. I was also hoping that they might have videos of her being bred as they describe.

I just love your web page. I look at it all the time now and hope I too can send in an article of black and white pleasures some day.

Thank you,

Thanks for the encouragement, Cathy. I have passed on your letter to Karen. Hopefully, she'll get in touch. And hopefully she'll also contribute more to the Cavern - I'm sure we'd all love to see more!


I wrote a couple of months ago and was sitting around, thought I'd write again. Got the wife out the door a couple of hours ago with her new boyfriend. I just met him tonight - seemed like a cool enough guy. I guess I'm like a few of the other couples/husbands who let their wives date other men, especially black men and was wondering if there's anyway to exchange thoughts, questions, with other couples??

Thanks for that. Well folks, other than a chat room (I've no idea how to run one), does anyone have any thoughts on the idea?


I am not a very good writer and am looking for help telling of my experiences from when I was much younger that would fit right into the Dark Cavern. When I was 22 (16 years ago) I had a girlfriend I worked with who was 29 and much more experienced than myself. After going out a while she expressed an interest in other men, especially black men. (We are both white.)

Eventually the black men started taking over our sex life. In the end, one stud named James ended up making her pregnant after refusing to make love to her if she used her diaphram.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me flesh out my story so it could be posted.

Any takers, folks?


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your web site. I have always found the thought of watching my wife with a black stud to be a terrific turn on and just last week she has begun to fulfil my fantasy.

I have to admit that I find Karen of the Karen's First Time story to be an absolute goddess. The pictures of her have given me immeasurable pleasure. I was wondering if she had any videos of her in action or if there was any way that I could correspond with her. She is the type of woman that I dream about.

Keep up the good work.

I would echo your sentiments about Karen. Here's hoping she'll send more exciting stuff for us all. What do you mean, your wife has begun to fulfill your fantasies? We want to know!!


Just a short note, my wife and I really love your site. We are a white couple, and she would one day love to fuck a black cock. I also would love to see my wife getting it good from a well hung black dick. Thanks, keep up those stories and pictures

Thanks for the comments - be sure to let us know when it happens!

White Hubby

Hi! I have been visiting your site regularly for the last month or so (ever since I found it.) I'd like to express my deepest appreciation to you and all who have contributed.

My wife and I are both submissive. She has had a few affairs with my knowledge and I have always enjoyed watching her get ready for a night of fun and games whether I'm expected to be present or not. It's such a thrill to cater to her desires when she returns.

A while ago, my sister-in-law's girlfriend got married to a handsome black man. My sister-in-law and her husband are still rather close minded, but my wife and I warmly congratulated the newlyweds, and have become much closer friends.

During yet another wedding, my wife had several dances with our black friend. She told me later, she couldn't tell who started it but both were grinding hard against each other and it made her so hot and wet. The orgasms she had with me later were almost violent in nature and all I was doing was servicing her orally (vividly recalling how unexpectedly she bucked her pussy into my face... I thought she was hurting because my nose and face were but nooooo, she kept bucking and held my head tight.)

Anyway, I have often told her (without being pushy), when the desire is great enough, when she finds the situation convenient, to take the bull by the horns and go for it. No prior approval or notification, just enjoy it. I also told her I can understand if she really enjoys it she'll be wanting it again and again.

Till now, we almost nightly share our excitement with me painting interracial scenes in her fantasies. She has been becoming bolder and bolder in stating her expectations of me. Expectations of what to expect when she finally comes home from a long night out... and expectations of what to expect if I am present during a session of her and her black lover(s).

My wife has never felt 'really' sexy since after our last child. I can't understand why because she is beautiful inside and out. I generally blow it off thinking its some kind of 'mothering instinct' that has kicked in and when the kids don't require the attention they demand now, things will be back to normal.

Still, she gets such violent orgasms fantasizing of preparing for and servicing a black lover, we both know the day is coming. I have built quite a collection of pics from the net for her and my enjoyment. The more I search for them, the more I see, the more I'm finding myself described in many stories of cuckold husbands. I live to bring happiness to my wife. I need no other woman... and I know when she has her first black lover I will cater to their needs with a committed excitement.

Last week she came home and began exercizing. She's been doing it daily since then. She is also buying a couch with a fold out bed for her office (we have seperate jobs but she runs a small business). Last night there was a show on cable TV where ladies and men's underwear was the subject, taking you behind the scenes to see the models getting ready to do fashion shows. She grasped my hand during the 'male' segment of the show and as I looked up I saw a black man in briefs that was making my wife's mouth water.

She is showing a little more 'active' interest almost daily in regards to taking on another hard cock. I'm quietly letting nature take it's course, I will not be the reason she takes any lover, she will do it because she wants it.

Soon, soon I know there will be black lover(s) taking her, using her in front of me or without me present. She loves sitting on my face as she faces my cock. She has told me many times she will be doing just that when she comes home. Her cummmm filled pussy will be leaking down into my mouth (which must remain open to breathe) ...and she intends to have yet more orgasms brought on by herself as she sits there. I can only imagine what will happen when her black lover remains in our bed with all three of us there. Me? ...I'd love for him to stack a few pillows behind her as she sits on my face, lean her back, and fuck her hard in that position. I'd already be feeling her weight on my face, my eyes will be seeing only darkness, my movement restricted, my breathing labored and through my mouth. To then know the length of his hard black cock is being guided by my wife to her pussy, and to feel his thrusting into her by the pressure I feel on my face.... when either cummmmms, I will sense it facially.... I usually cummmm thinking of the point he is draining into her, his balls on both mine and her lips as they collapse in an exhausted sweat.

Yes, it will happen... and it's soooooooooo nice to know other white hubbies also enjoy it. If only women know the power they have... and if only blackmen would approach more white wives.... I love hearing, reading about it so does my wife... please keep it up and thanks again for your great site.

Thanks again -white hubby.

Wow! I hope it happens soon! Keep us informed and thanks for the letter.


This is a fabulous site! You say in your opening comments that it was inspired by the Slut Lovers Club, and that really shows. I always jumped right to the interracial page on SLC, and I was seriously depressed when it shut down. I'm very happy to see that you've taken up this particular torch.

I am a white husband who wants to see his wife take black cock. We've talked about it quite a bit, and the idea really turns her on. She gets really hot when I rent porno movies that show black men fucking white women, and she always comes like a rocket when we fuck after watching them.

But when it comes to making the transition from fantasy to reality, she remains hesitant. I find this very frustrating, because it's easy to tell how much the idea turns her on. If I bring the subject up while we're fucking, she is coming within 30 seconds, and they are great orgasms. I really wish I could figure out how to convince her to make her fantasy -- and mine -- come true, and I'm going to try some of the tips in your advice column.

I'd love to hear from other white guys who have convinced their wives to take black cock, from wives who do it, and from black guys in the mid-Atlantic area who might be interested in helping make my wife's fantasy come true. Any or all of the above can contact me at:

This is especially frustrating for me, because my first wife was really into fucking black men, and I enjoyed every second of watching her do it. Thanks again for creating this site, and keep it going!

I hope your fantasy soon becomes reality and don't forget to tell The Cavern ALLLLLLLLLLL about it!


Absolutely fabulous website!

My first wife brought a black man home one evening who had the largest cock I had seen up to that time. She was sexually frustrated which she made known to me on numerous occasions.This was a time when she could show me what a real man could do for her. I was shocked when she walked in with this man apparently with no concern about my reaction to this breach of my feelings.

My mouth dropped open and I could not react. Needless to say I observed her first orgasm which I was never able to give her. My cock still has a memory of that event and ever time I see an interracial film with my present wife I get very excited, not the pain I felt at the time of the incident with my first wife. I now feel that it is a beautiful sight to watch the women you love have such a beautiful experience and would no longer be hurt by such an incident.

Keep up the good work!

And have you introduced your present wife to the joys of interracial sex?


I recently received a phonecall from a past lover (BTW, she was fantastic). She has medium length blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a 34c-24-34 figure. She is 21 years old, 5'5" and 120 lbs.

Anyway, I hadn't heard from her in over 6 months. We were talking for a while, and then she casually announced, "My current lover is black." I could feel the blood rush to my cock imagining this young babe fucking and sucking a blackman. I must admit that I was a little surprised though. I knew she was pretty liberal sexually (e.g., bi-sexual tendancies), but being from the South...I did not think that she would consider a black lover.

To make a long story short, I told her of my BM/WF sexing fantasy. I also asked her if she would either consider a 3-some w/ me and her lover, or just me as a voyeur. She said that she would consider it!!! She said that she thinks that her current lover may go for the idea. If anything occurs, I'll be sure to let the readers of THE DARK CAVERN know.

At last, your fantasy come true, Theo. We wait with baited breath.........


Hello, my name is Emily. I've had many experiences with black men. I'm 21 and my friends call me B.BOS. (Black balled only slut.) I enjoy blacks and am very submissive to them. I've had many gangbangs and one night stands. Aids, others... things that can be transmitted, have held me back a little. I love your site and hope that it continues.

Em.... Please tell us more.... pant... pant...


Please accept my most sincere and enthusiastic compliments for the site you are creating. It is something I was looking for ever since the web has been invented.

I'm a 33 white male, married with a gorgeous, petite brunette who is horny as hell. I love my wife but my most secret and exciting fantasy is to watch her being possessed by a huge black man. It's something that really turns me on, as nothing else!

Maybe with the help of the Cavern I will succeed in convincing my wife to accept the idea first, and then to actively look for someone who can fulfill my desire. I'm damn sure that she would enjoy as much as I would, and more.

So far our only transgression has been role playing: in which she plays herself and I play a random lover, most of the time a rough black man. She is crazy for that, but those few times I've tried to ask her if she would like it for real she always withdraws. Reading your letters you say that such a behaviour of hers could be my fault, in the essence that she feels that I would not like it after all. And honestly I have to admit that the idea of her being fucked by someone else turns me on but also scares the shit out of my head. Do you have suggestions? Please send them to me. I live in Plainsboro, central NJ.

Yours faithfully, Maximilian.

Well, can anyone help?


I recently found your site one day while doing a search for interracial sex. It has been wonderful to read the letters, the descriptions of hot sex and especially, for me, to see the pictures. I am writing to you because I need some help and advice and I don't even know if you'll answer me, or if I should write to you or what. I am 18 years old so I am a bit younger than most of the women who contribute to your site, and I am even still in high school (my last year). I am 5'9", 126, blue eyes and very light blond hair, boys consider me very pretty and I have a lot of dates. That is part of my problem... I have dates with nice, white boys and I want to go out with black men.

This all began last summer when I was a counselor at a camp for underprivileged kids. I was there for a total of 12 weeks and during the second week of my stay I was swimming in the lake when this guy, who I had noticed before, swam up to me and introduced himself as Calvin. He was very good looking, tall, muscular and black. At that time I was 17 and still a virgin, but my body was having some very non-virginal reactions. We talked for a while, then went to my towel and lied down, my eyes couldn't get enough of him. He invited me to meet him and go for a walk after lights out when the campers are in bed. We met at the camp gate, started walking in the woods. He held my hand for a short distance, then put his arms around my shoulders. I was going crazy at the pleasure of seeing his black hand on my very fair skin. Finally we stopped, sat down at a picnic table area, and he kissed me, and I melted. His hands rubbed my back, my shoulders, then under my tank top, then to the front. I didn't want that shirt on anymore so I pulled it off just as he unsnapped my bra. It fell open, I shrugged it off my shoulders and he began kissing my breasts, sucking softly on my nipples. There I was, naked to the waist with a boy I had met just a few hours earlier and he was doing to me what no boy had done before (they had tried, I had said no). I was the one now who was enjoying my nudity, I pushed on the elastic of my shorts, hooked my fingers in my panties and pushed both off. Now I was wonderfully naked. He kissed my body all over, put his hand on my pussy, gently inserted a finger inside me and began rubbing my slit, then moved higher to my clit. No hand but my own had ever done that. He began pulling off his clothes, his tee-shirt, his shorts, his briefs, and there we stood. I reached down and began touching his cock, running my hand up and down his hardness, reaching under him to touch his balls. In the moonlight our bodies together turned me on in the same way his hand had done earlier. I kissed him again and said "Cal, I'm a virgin but I would like to make love with you, I want you to be the first." I lay back on the table, spread my legs and he entered me. It hurt just briefly, then the pleasure overcame me and I was in heaven. For the next ten weeks of camp we made love on the average of five times a week, then we separated and he left for Peace Corps work in Mali.

Now, my problem. I think about my sex with Cal all the time but do not have any desire to have sex with white guys but the small town I live in has no black population. I am not in a position to travel to a larger city alone, still living at home as I do. I would love to know what you think about my experience. I would love to correspond with other white females who have had a similar experience. I would also love for any black man who wishes to write to me and I will write back. So, I would be happy if you published my e-mail address.

Thank you, thanks for the site that lets me realize that there are a whole bunch of other white females like me. Love, Kristen

C'mon folks, write to Kristen, you know it makes sense.


Just want to say I love your site. I'm a 49 year old man married to an asian woman from Hong Kong. In fact I'm trying to convince her to try a black cock so far with no success. About as close as I get is watching her with the black dildo I bought her which is her favorite sex toy. Watching her hump her ass to that big black dildo as I jerk off or she sucks me never fails to excite me. You may use this on the site if you like. I can't send a picture of her with webtv - sorry. Love looking at the pictures of the other women and their black lovers. Wonder if there are any more asian women out there with black desires or lovers. Thanks again for the site.
Maybe one day, Danny!


Hello everyone! I just 'discovered' Dark Cavern and think it's great! I am what you would call a "voyeur wannabe"! I want to watch my wife with a well hung black man, but so far I've not been able to convince her to try it. So, I hope everyone who HAS tried/watched it will keep posting letters and stories for those of us who can only dream about sloppy seconds! Hope you don't mind me reading of your exploits, and you can bet if I'm ever lucky enough to actually experience it, I write in and tell all! Thanks again!
Yea, c'mon folks, let's have more sloppy seconds experiences!


I am interested in learning more about the whole black stud/ white slut situation and your site is the best by far! It has lots of hot information and the darkrooms are great for chat. Its good that the site is not commercial and all of us regular users should contibute. My appreciation to all you guys at Dark Cavern.

One aspect that the Cavern does deal with, but not as much as I would like, is the place of white guys in all this. My name is Mark and I am a 31 year old guy in a similar predicament to many males in "white boy torment". My situation is that I am not permitted any participation in my woman's affair with Jeb, her black stud. I am embarrassed about what I have become - just a boy - and I cannot discuss any aspect of this with the guys I hang out with - they assume I am a real man in a relationship.

My woman, Carrie, has been seeing her stud for about three months and over that time I have lost my fuck rights and gradually gotten boy status. I find this real frustrating and humiliating - and my woman enjoys teasing me to hell about it. She knows I could not face other people knowing about me - and so she is in effective control. She also knows I get off on the humiliaton - her favourite line is "You say no - but your winky says yes." (Winky is her name for my boy cock.)

She says Jeb is not interested in my participation, but she might ask his permission to let me watch sometime. I have met him, but before I knew he was my woman's stud. She tells me he is real pleased about my boy status and I think suggests humiliations for Carrie to try out on me. I beat off on the thought of being able to watch but so far there is no luck. (I am not sure I could lick his man meat clean or other stuff.)

Thanks for a real interesting site - it is good to know I am not the only guy in white boy torment. I would be real interested in knowing more about how other white boys cope in this predicament, especially about what my future might be (I hope to get my fuck rights back one day).


Any advice for Mark, folks?


Hi, Since our first letter to the Dark Cavern, my wife Megan had her first black cock. It was with Blackboss, a big mean black man with a 10" inch dick and he knows what to do with it. Blackboss has since then made her a slut for all big dick black men. He visits us on average of once or twice a week. He still makes me assist him in servicing her, he makes me jack off his dick until it is very big and hard and continue while Megan sucks it off with pleasure and lately Blackboss has become very mean and vulgar to her. He recently carried us to the black part of Atlanta to a motel and tied Megan to a bed doggy style while he made me jack his and 5 of his black friends' dicks until they were hard and then one by one they climbed on the bed and slid their big dicks in her gaping pussy until they pumped their cum in her belly and made me suck each load out. I tell you people one thing she was sore for a week fucking those big dicks. Blackboss calls her his new wife and says he will continue fucking his new wife until she's pregnant and then she will still fuck him until she has his black baby and to tell you the truth we can't wait. Send us your pix and we will send you ours the nastier the better to megan4black@usa.net or you can contact Blackboss at blackboss@hotmail.com

Hmmmmmmmmm..... Interesting.....


Since I stumbled onto your site by accident...I have been back an uncountable amount of times. I check to see if your site has been updated three of four times a day although I know that you only update when time permits or twice a week. To tell you the truth I'm hooked because I've many a times fantasized about my wife to be to fucked by well hung black men and I can't wait to see it happen because she has promised me that it will happen for my pleasure when we take a trip overseas and that should not be too far away.

I will mail u and tell you all about it ...maybe even some pictures. Anyway, this is not possible here in Malaysia because the expatriates keep to themselves. Maybe you can point me in the right direction or pass my e-mail address to any well hung black men that are coming this way. No gangsters or rough and tough type...more of the professional type.

By the way, do u know of any other dedicated interracial amateur sites like yours ( I have visited your links...nothing is as good as the Dark Cavern ) where mostly or all are of black men fucking white women? I would really appreciate if you or any of the visitors to the Dark Cavern will let me know of them.


Can anyone help him out, folks??

Pete & Lynne

We are looking for some pics of white pregnant ladies with black guys, letters from husbands' & wifes' about interracial sex and also impregnation stories from black guys with white sluts as this is Lynne's fantasy. Maybe you could put this on your pages for us and maybe we will get some luck with this. Keep up the great site - we check it every week and Lynne loves it. It really turns her on !!!!! Thanks, Pete & Lynne

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C'mon folks, help out Pete & Lynne and don't forget to check out their ad. Lynne is one sexy lady!

Public Dancing

Is it a conspiracy or a strange aboration that nowhere on the web can I find a single picture of interracial couples slow dancing in public or in private. I have also never found one story of an apprehensive white woman being asked to dance by a black man, seduced on the dance floor, then taken to the motel room and all the public taboo scenarios that surround such a situation. I cannot find any pics of white women being approached or felt up by black men in public or risque situations, ie at work, neighbors, etc. It is amazing that everything skirts around these obvious true to life situations. One well captured facial expression in a seduction scene is worth a thousand pictures of genitals. Its almost as if the participants are trying to appear as unemotional zombies while telling an exact opposite story. Doesn't anyone recognize that the fucking is not the fantasy, the situation is; the seduction is; the taboo is. Please let me know if you find to the contrary and where, Thank You.

Well, folks - can anyone help?


Hi, I'm Noelle. Great site for us married white sluts who crave black cocks... for me, once I got started I couldn't stop. I have been swinging for 6 yrs but the last year, I went black cock only... now I seek black gangs that will use me on a weekly basis and a few hot blacks to stay with me to use me through the week... Last nite, I fucked 5 black guys from Patterson Park in Baltimore. I met them on-line... I will get them to write you to share their nite with a married white slut... I want you to know how serious my cunt is to keep filled with black gangs, enjoy my link... luv noelle.
GangBang Slut!

Nice tits, Noelle! Have a look, folks!


Want to take the time to say thanks to the husbands that made their wives slut for Black Daddy. I sure had fun listening to them tell their husbands not to make them do this but we made them anyway. And to the wives who made their sissy-ass husbands watch as they sucked Blackboss's cum from my nuts. I have had one hell of a time and want more, so anybody else want some Blackboss dick, rape /impregnation/momma daughter, I don't care. Just know what you want before we meet cause once I start with you I ain't stopping for nothing or nobody until you have done what you were sent to me for - pleasing BLACK DADDY. BLACKBOSS.

If any of Blackboss's sluts would like to write, I'm sure the Cavern would love to hear about it!


Just wanted to encourage your work and your website........my wife has been into black men now about 3 yrs. At first she was very nervous but now looks for new ways to make it more exciting. We have even considered her throwing out her birth control pills and going bare. We think it is beautiful to see the contrast of the two fleshes as they lay together. Just wanted to say we support your effort..& THANKS

Thanks for the feedback and TELL US MORE!!!

More Feedback

I compliment you on this site. In all my travels on the internet the Cavern is my favorite. This is for a number of reasons; married white women with black lovers being the foremost, (being a former husband of such.) Then there is the ease and directness of the home page, the depth of the content and the quality of everything from contributers to links. This is a great place. Thanks. It's free, imagine that.

I have spent some time searching this topic out via various methods and searches and nothing comes close to the Cavern. Even searching for interracial pictures can turn into a nightmare since it seems to always become more funhouse then destination.

So thanks again and to you for your hard work and obvious love of topic and my thanks to all those who continue to be so generous with their photos and stories.

Thanks for that and I also would like to thank all the contributors - you make the Cavern, folks!

Can You Help?

I'm hoping someone at the Dark Cavern might be able to help me out. I have always enjoyed fantazising about my partner flirting and having sexual relationships with other men. We've just begun to participate in "sharing" her, and hopefully it will continue (I'm writing the stories which I'll e-mail soon). I've always wondered why I enjoy this. Do you know if any studies or papers have been written concerning this? If so, do you know where I could find a copy of it? Or do you know of anyone with whom I could speak? I'm very interested.


Well? Can anyone out there help?

Heidi's Black Fantasies

Hi, I'm Heidi, a petite 27 y/o MWF. I married a well off older white man several years ago and moved from a midwest farm-state to NYC. I workout daily and am considered pretty, with very long white blonde hair. Black men seem to prefer blondes and are very forward and aggressive to me. I admit I'm extremely curious, and have regular fantasies now about muscular black men and big black cocks. I'd like to hear from white husbands of young blondes similar to myself, on what they think my next move should be. Heidi.

Whose gonna advise Heidi, folks?

How Can I Convince Her?

Thank an AOL member for letting me find this site! I've been very interested in seeing my white wife's body underneath a black man. However, I seem to have problems convincing her that black dick will be a wonderful experience. How do I go about ensuring my wife's tender love be enjoyed by a black dick?

Why not write and give the poor guy some help!

My Black Lover

I have been reading your web site for a few weeks and wanted to tell you it is very erotic and I love it! I am married to a wonderful man but I recently started secretly dating a black man (a real hunk). Keeping this secret has been killing me and I have been sending a few notes out on bulletin boards and forums just so that I could share with someone (anyone!) what I have been doing and thinking. It has been great just chatting and emailing with other women and men about interracial dating and the erotic nature of it all. I know that some men think that it is every woman's dream to have an on-call black lover but many of us still think that romance is as important as sex, if not more so. Yes, romance! Shocking huh? Having an affair is just trying to get a bit of romance back and if it is an interracial relationship, well, there is even the added spice of something very different and not very accepted. Just the looks I get from men when I am out with my date can be a real thrill!

I know that by asking you to publish this letter some men will think I am a slut. I may be cheating on my hubby, but not a slut! I hope you can appreciate the difference, I am still a good wife and mother, I don't sleep with every delivery man, and I object to raw porno! You don't have to be a feminist to think that porn is just porn, not erotic, romantic, or even sexy. I love your site because it is erotic, and the voyeur nature of the people you email and meet there, is to explore this erotic sense we all get when we cross over the racial barrier.


You sound just wonderful to me, sexy lady... but I suppose I am biased!

Amateur Hours?

Hi.. my wife and I love your site.. like the lifestyle... we have been told about a magazine called "Amateur Hours" ... all about amateur interracial home videos, do you know where we can pick up a copy? At newsstands? Or is there a web site? Please get back to us... thanks.... T&D.

Well, has anyone heard of it?

The Sweetest Place On The Web?

A lady friend of mine told me recently about Dark Cavern and, knowing my interests, said she thought I would really enjoy browsing through here. Boy, was she ever right! This has got to be the sweetest place on the Web. I get very excited reading all the wonderful stories, letters and especially anonymous. I never knew there were so many white women like myself who enjoyed all the things with black men that I do. It was especially exciting to see so many petite redheads like myself engaged in the same acts I've done. It is like having a front row seat at your own party! I would like to share any good, amateur, genuine redheaded female and black male pix with anyone who cares to trade. Or communicate with other redheaded ladies. I have a man already, thanks. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more new material often. Cheryl.

Thanks Cheryl, you've made Ole Coco blush!


I am a white girl who loves black cock, but now that I have one of my own I have an unusual fetish and I would like to know if any women share this fetish. I met my black fiance about two years ago. I fell in lust right away, then later I fell in love. I had only had one lover before him who was a sexually inept whiteboy, but I don't use him as an example for all white men. I don't know why, but as soon as I got my black boyfriend home from our first date I attacked him. And when I saw that big dark cock pop out of his pants I tried my best to devour it, first with my mouth, then with my pussy. We ended up having a 16-hour fuck marathon that weekend and I have been with him ever since. I found out he was a perfect gentleman, a real masculine man and a legendary lover... Oh, here's my fetish (almost forgot). Now that I have him I ABSOLUTELY LOVE sharing him with other girls. I am bi and I get very turned on watching him have sex with other women, or participating in the event. He is a wonderful lover with a big black cock that stays hard for hours on end. I have seen him bring some women literally to tears with their orgasms. There is one wife who drives from another state to get her `fix'. I would like to know if it is common for white women with black men to get off seeing them fuck other women. There have been many times where I sat with a white or asian woman's husband as we watched my man with his wife. Often I give the husbands' head while we watch or it ends up a 4-some. I even am willing to send my man on dates with other women without me being there. I just love that other women get to share the joy of having sex with my black man... and if they are bi then I get to have fun too! Is this unusual? Are there other wives and girls like me? And why does it excite me so? It has gotten to the point where I want to find a place where it is legal to have 3-way or more marriages as I have such an intense desire to share him with another woman. I also have been having a desire to get a woman pregnant but am reserved because I would be worried about the fate of the child being conceived as a sexual fantasy and not something more solid. Any thoughts on this? We have an ad on Dark Cavern and it has done pretty well. But there can never be enough women sharing my bed with my man for me, so please more people respond! I am 21, 5'9", 160 lbs. busty and bi and he is 25, 5'11", 200# with a goatee and mustache and very handsome. We are fortunate to live in a very liberal town in Ann Arbor so our odd relationship is pretty well known to my friends. In fact all of my girlfriends know they can fuck my man anytime they get the urge, and many of them do! I love it!

Write to Jamie if you are interested, folks.

Dark Cavern T-Shirts?

I was wondering if you had any Dark Cavern T-Shirts available? If not have you ever thought about it? One that says.....something like....

Dark Cavern

White Wives...Black Lovers
Any Questions?

Just an idea... I shared this idea with my potential lady and she loved it... she wants to have pictures of her with the T shirt on.. short-shorts, braless... arms around a big black man while I stand close by smiling... wow.. great idea eh?

A terrific idea - well, who can produce them? You could probably make a killing! Write to the Cavern if you want to try.


What I'd request your help with is this: the young lady in the first 2-3 photos in the anonymous section is a woman named Gloria, who some time ago advertised in various swinger's magazines. I know she had amateur videos of herself for sale, as I procured several from her, and really regret not getting more. Does anyone know if Gloria is still in communication in some fashion, or if there's anyone out there who has some of her videos for sale? Thanks and keep up the great work.

Can anyone help?

Pics to Come?

Have been enjoying your site for some time now. Actually stumbled on it quite accidentally. Thought it was about time I complimented you on it's construction and content. It is without a doubt the best interracial site on the net. My wife and I have fairly recently began to explore our black cock fantasies. Due in large part because of your site and all the contributions. We enjoy each update together. Perhaps someday we will contribute some photos. My wife is very oral and loves to suck cock so we thought that would be the perfect way to break her in. We have on two occasions now picked up a black stud in a bar and taken him out for one of Karen's blow jobs. Unfortunatly the first time was spur of the moment and I didn't get any pics, however the second time we were prepared and the stud she picked didn't mind being photographed at all. I'm going to have to figure out this scanner so I can send in the pics and story behind them. I think the readers will love them. We would like to hear from other couples who enjoy picking up black guys for the women to suck off. We would like to trade stories and pics. Again, thanks for this tremendous site and indulging my rambling. Kurt / Karen.

Figure out that scanner quick, Kurt. We can't wait to see the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, would like to see more pictures of small white dicks next to large black ones to show the white wives the big difference. I think the wives would enjoy the humiliation of the pictures of the white husbands small dicks. What am I missing??? Also need more talk on how many white wives enjoy having and wanting black babies and making their husbands raise the black children. I think every white women should have at least one black baby............ its a turn on for many white husbands to know that their wife has gone black and won't do white anymore and the husbands have to accept it................

Yea, c'mon folks, lets have MUCH MORE of the above!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this page! It lead to the best sexual experience of my life! I recently met with Jamie's man (see letter from above). He was my first black man and it was a fucking religious experience! I surfed in out of pure curiosity and found out they lived nearby so I e-mailed them. Jamie was really nice and friendly (I didn't believe a girl was so willing to share her man). Then I met her boyfriend, actually her fiance I think. He came off as sort of the handsome rugged scholar type and all three of us hit it off well. Things moved to sex very quickly. I had expected just to meet with them, but they both turned me on and piqued my interest. We went back to their place and Jamie let him and me do our thing.... for hours.... and then a few more hours still (about 6 hours total, straight.) I was wore out, happy and had cum more than I could count. Every hole had been wonderfully stuffed and he never tired and knew how to touch every spot that would make me beg to be his slut. I am thinking about trying bi with Jamie as I am curious and she is pretty... but I'm definitely hooked on at least one man's black cock... I don't want to go back to 2nd rate sex ever again. I have this site to thank for it. You have my eternal gratitude!

Wow! What can I say?


What is the biggest black cock size ever being measured? I've been reading your website and I must say that you've done a good job and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've also looked at other links on your website - pretty interesting. I've noticed one thing - a lot of white couples or white women (on the websites concerned) do really get turned on by a well hung black stud fucking a white woman. Do all white couples or white women have the same 'turned on' attitude or only some? I once read a book called 'Sex and Racism' (forgotten author's name) and in it - the author said that when a white woman sees a blackman all she sees is a 'walking phallus' - in bed he is a 'bestial, brutal, oversexed superstud with a pulsating big black cock.' (I call it BBC - not the British Broadcasting Commission - Ha! Ha! Ha!). What do you think of that?

Can anyone advise?


This is almost unbelievable. I found this place where if you send info and pics about your wife they will create and send you the front page of a magazine called "Cheating Wives Daily" that features a cover story and pictures of your wife or girlfriend's cheating activites. Mine had a headline of "Man's Wife Satisfied In Local Motel Room by total Stranger." Then there was a picture of the guy with a huge cock, the picture of my wife getting laid and a story about my wife meeting him at the hotel and ballin her all night. If you are interested in how to get in touch with them for a story about your wife write me. I'll e-mail you the form you have to fill out. It's unbelievable... when I recieved mine and saw my wife as a cover story on a porn mag, with a pic of her and another guy I almost came in my mailbox.


Sounds terrific. Give it a try, guys!


The following free email addresses can now be obtained by following these links to your preferred address:


More custom addresses can be found at:

Can't be bad - Ole Coco's got one already - guess what it is!!!


Congratulations, your site has some good JO material, but it is also one ot the most racist sites on the web. Oh, you may think it enlightened, and no I'm not put off be interracial sex, I've been involved for over thirty years, but you propagate not one, but two myths/lies, which continue to plague black/white relations. The myth of size. News flash, all black men DO NOT have 11 or 12 inches, or even nine, and unless you have a genetically perverse readership all white men DO NOT have 4 or 5 inches, or a desire to be sissy-boys. I have 9.5 x 6.5 cut with large mushroom head, and large low-hanging balls. Look at your own pictures. Few of them show a large dick that corresponds with the story. It is interesting that when the white couples write, the black always has 11 or 12, but in the letters from black men they usually state 8 or 9. This justs keeps a tension and antimosity alive that is unnecessary. There are enough real reasons to like interracial without propagating lies. Also, who's making love to your old lady, while your out making love? All this bravado, isn't corroborated by the many black wives I've been with. Perhaps with their own the black men show the same bored routine that white men do. I've heard too many times, "lazy lover" not big enough", "can't take the heat of my pussy." I love it but I always find it funny that in a club when black guys are hitting on a woman, and they see she's waiting for you, they get a whole different attitude. They like to go blond, but don't like it when sisters do. I also had a couple relationships where the wife has him contact me, we meet, frequently, he sucks me hard for her, then I hit the holes, while he asks her if its good, he'll join in, or sit and watch, because I go a lot longer, then she'll have him suck me clean, or in one instance, she demanded he ride it. It's all good, and it goes all ways. I like the site, but try encouraging honest relations between the races, not just promoting the fear that has plagued us for centuries. You probably won't like this, but it's heartfelt, and honest, thanks.

Never let it be said that Coco doesn't print less than favourable comments. This is one of a couple of such letters received recently.


We are a couple who have had ads in the Dark Cavern, and have answered ads and actually met men on here successfully, In addition, we've written a true story in Black Magic Moments, page 3: "Lynn's First Big Black." We have noticed in the Anonymous section a picture of a very sexy black man fucking a red haired woman. The black man has glasses on, and there is one picture of him sitting on the bed holding his woman. If you are that black man, please write to us, we'd like to meet you. We are in Wisconsin. Our icq is 27187723.


Where is that man???


My Wife/Mistress, Rebecca has told me for several years how superior Black cock was to white dick. It was quite evident that she believed what she said after having a sexual experience with two different Black lovers. I heard about the love sessions every day for months and was told that one day there would be a permanent Black lover for her and a Superior Black Master to train me further. Her search went on for several years and finally she succeeded in finding the right man to fill her needs.

At first I tried to talk both my Wife/Mistress and her Black lover out of involving me or for him to allow me, her husband to keep her sexually. It was not long until I learned that this had been a foolish move. I was punished and humiliated by both of them. I was put into my place and found out quite quickly that Rebecca has little use for me other than her maid and servant. My new Master, Master JJ also humiliated me by sending me a photo of his erect Black cock which is bigger than my arm. Rebecca informed me that how much a man someone was depended upon the size of their cock. She pointed out that next to Master JJ's Black cock my tiny white penis was more like a clit. She even told several of her friends about her new Black lover in my presence. Right there where they new I could hear and they looked at me only to see a very red face of shame. They did not care and humiliated me further by talking about her new Black lover as if I were not there.

Master JJ has informed me that he has sent a medium Black butt plug that I am to begin training by bottom with. He says he will send larger ones as I become adjusted to them ending with one listed as humungus. He is training me so that I will be able to take his Black cock after he sexes my wife in front of me. He says he wants to turn me into a Black sperm bank. he says no withdrawals will be allowed until a deposit is made. he also says the bank will have two windows to serve it's customers better both able to take a deposit at the same time.

My Wife/Mistress Rebecca is in full favor of this and says that since she craves Black cock so much she thinks I should learn to crave it as well. I don't know if I will crave it or not but it is very plain to see that she does and that there is no changing her mind. Ever since she had her first Black experience she has looked at Black Males with a different look. A wanton look. She says the biggest crime white males have committed against married white females is keeping them away from Black men. She says that Black men are so superior to white men in bed that she understands why white men want to keep their women away from Black men but that it is very selfish and should carry a fine.

I have come to learn that I can not compete against a Black lover. They truly are superior, at least to me. I will serve my Wife/Mistress Rebecca as well as I can even if it is to be her maid and her Black lovers Black cock whore.



How bout that, folks - you'll be fined if you don't allow your wife to enjoy some black guys!


I think there is nothing more erotic and exciting than to watch my white wife being fucked by a well hung blackman. I think it is one of the best compliments a hubby could have, that a good looking and well hung blackman wants to fuck my wife. I believe it is a wonderful gift that I can give my wife, the sex that only the sexually superior black male can give her. My wife has several black lovers and has become absolutely addicted to black cock to the point she has no desire to have any white man except me. She admits she is submissive to black cock and she openly calls herself a slut for her black lovers. Since she has been fucking black men she has gotten hotter and hotter, which has done nothing but improve our sex life and relationship. I wish that it were a law or something that all white wives must allow themselves to be fucked by black men. I think it would make the world a better place if all white women were required to produce at least one interracial child with a black man. I think it would be a very big help in race relations and a very positive situation for everyone. My wife has not yet got pregnant but we are hoping that it will occur soon. Thanks for listening to my opinions. David.


Don't forget to tell us when she does, David! And how about a nice juicy story about your experiences?


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Can anyone oblige?


I was introduced to interracial sex by my husband after several years of him talking about it. After he showed me your web site and I saw that it is widely practiced in marriages, I tried it. Sometimes it is good and sometimes not, so I created a web survey that I thought might be interesting to your web site members.

The Interracial Poll

Give it a try, folks.


I'm a w/m with a very beautiful white wife (Sandy, 43, 5'9", 130lbs, 36D-23-35) & 2 stunningly attractive white daughters (April, 22 & Connie, 20 both almost the same size as my wife) who are not prejudiced & find some b/m's as well as w/m's handsome & attractive, but we don't agree w/ the superior b/m (or anyone else) perspective. We believe the racial superiority theme is derisive & divisive & only causes more problems, as it has in the past. Except for that issue we like your site. My wife & I enjoy b/m into w/f and group videos, stories etc. but she hasn't been involved w/ anyone else due to the diseases out there, although she was promiscuous in college and for years after when she enjoyed many individual and group situations w/o condoms. Sandy went on vacation w/ a family as the babysitter and had a summer long affair w/ the father and his buddy just before she went to college. She was a real party girl at school and even had 2 guys tie her on a bed to get gangbanged regularly. After school she got into strip poker and orgies in the Southeast. My wife and daughters are relatively submissive personalities and sensual type females. Our daughters like bangin' hip-hop, R and B, rap, Motown, reggae and dance club music that they can "bounce baby bounce" to and they certainly do bounce. They know and like both b/m's and w/m's who are friends, they "talk the talk" and have a strong desire to continue studies/work in the Carribean and Africa where it's warm enough to wear minimal clothing (w/o undies) or go nude as we have when possible. The girls are at a college where they enjoy coed bathrooms/showers w/ the guys. We just hope they find honorable, intelligent, healthy, educated, articulate, nice gentlemen for friends and husbands. There's already too many negative things happening. We have to pull together in positive ways. I'm Dave and if anyone would like to write to us they can.

Thanks for the letter, Dave.