For stories and pics of first time interracial encounters, similar to Dark Desires, but first timers only please!

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Wife's First Interracial Encounter!

(Posted 01/10/03)

Terri's First Time

(Posted 03/07/03)

Our Real First and Only Time

(Posted 06/13/03)

Michelle's First Black Cock

(Posted 06/13/03)

My Greatest Experience Ever

(Posted 01/16/04)

Marybel's First Black Cock

(Posted 07/16/04)

Our Big Initiation

(Posted 09/03/04)

Gina's First Black Cock

(Posted 12/17/04)

Wife Connie's First

(Posted 01/21/05)

How I Was Started

(Posted 02/04/05)

Video Story

(Posted 04/08/05)

Taken From Behind

(Posted 10/07/05)

How It Started

(Posted 12/30/05)

Anne's 2005

(Posted 02/10/06)

We Are Now Sluts For Black

(Posted 07/07/06)

Our First Experience

(Posted 08/17/12)

Wife's First Interracial Breeding Experience

(Posted 12/28/12)