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A Cuckold Husband - Part 1

This is a true story and explains how I have become totally subservient to my wife and her black lover(s). I know it is hard to understand how one can get into these situations; suffice it to say, I 'need' her.

My wife Tracy is a lovely natural blonde, and over the years we have had a good, normal sex life. She has muscles in her pussy that can milk a cock with no movement by the male. I have never been able to make Tracy cum with my cock, only orally, and when she does cum, there is no doubt she has arrived. It hasn't mattered if I lasted 10 minutes or 30, I could not get her there with my cock. I have an average cock 7 - 7 1/2", so I don't think that is/was the problem. Tracy is 37 at present, and as stated, a natural blonde with breasts that turn up with larger than average nipples.

Over the years we have had many fantasies during our love making, to include sending my wife out to pick up men, young studs, and black men. Often times she would verbally enter into my fantasy and get 'hot' during our lovemaking session but never follow through. My philosophy has always been that any women will go down if the conditions are right, but I could never get her to implement any fantasy other than during our lovemaking. I always 'thought' I would like to see her with other men; little did I know how it would end up.

We attended a party in our complex, mostly married couples, but a single black man (Eric) was in attendence. It wasn't like Eric was the only black, just the only single black. Tracy likes to dress sexily, and had worn sheer black nylons, short skirt - mid thigh, and a sweater without bra. As she was getting dressed, I tried to get some pussy as she looked just edible. She brushed me off as we were running a little late, but I commented that she was going to knock'em dead when we got there.

The party was in full swing when we arrived, dancing in progress and the booze was flowing. I am not a fast dancer, preferring the close-in type, and Tracy loves to 'move' on the floor. We got ourselves a drink, and the music was very good with a driving beat that she began swaying and moving to as she sipped her drink. One of our friend's husband who knew I didn't like to fast dance came up and asked Tracy to dance which she readily did. She looked 'good' on the floor, putting extra moves into her dancing, and many male eyes were on her just as I'd told her while we were getting dressed. You could see 'want' in the males' eyes, and 'come and get me' in Tracy's eyes. I was proud of her and had the makings of a slight hardon as I watched.

As the party wore on, Tracy danced many fast dances with various friends, and she and I usually did the slow dances. She was feeling no pain by now and was enjoying the 'sexual play' she encountered while dancing with others. I was back at the bar area and looked out on the floor to see her fast dancing with Eric. I had never seen her dance with a black man and the contrast was striking. They were both into the dance, gyrating sexually and people were beginning to stop and watch as they really got into the dance. It was like they were trying to communicate each others desire for the other. As the dance came to culmination, I felt my cock pulse and was surprised to find I had a full hardon. Tracy sauntered over and backed into my arms, feeling my cock as she did so. She asked what had me turned on, and I replied she was beautiful as she danced. She smiled, and said, and what else... I asked her who the black man was and she said his name was Eric, and then said, God he is beautiful! I was shocked to hear her say that because I had never heard her say that about another man since we had been married.

Just then a slow dance came on, and since I was in no condition to get up, I couldn't participate. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Eric approaching. He came up and said to Tracy, let's dance; as I looked up at Eric his eyes were the most penetrating I've ever seen and I could not hold his stare. He hadn't asked me "if" he could dance with Tracy, his eyes more or less 'told' me. She didn't ask me either, just went with him to the floor and melted into his arms. My cock was as hard as a rock as I watched them move slowly and sensually around their little area of the floor. I saw Eric with both arms around her back, and Tracy had hers around his neck and snuggled as close as one can get. I made a decision right then that I had to stop this and get out of there. I decided to tell Tracy I didn't feel well and we needed to go home. When they got back, Eric again stared me down prior to walking away.

I told Tracy I didn't feel well, and I'd like to go home. She said, leaning into my rock hard cock, It feels to me like you feel OK, Nick. She told me she didn't want to go home, but if I wasn't feeling well to go ahead and she would follow in a while. I had trapped myself, and while we were arguing about whether or not she would go with me, Eric again came up to ask her to dance. Tracy told Eric I wasn't feeling well and that I wanted her to go. She said she had suggested I go and she would follow later. Eric looked coldly at me, and said, go ahead and go home... I will get Tracy home, and then he smirked with a slight smile. With that he 'took' Tracy by the arm and led her to the dance floor. I felt totally lost and humiliated, and left to walk the few doors to our apartment.

When I got home all I could think of were visions of Eric and Tracy and my cock stayed hard. I had to relieve myself. I finally fell into a fitful sleep, and around 4 a.m. I heard a rustling at the door and came instantly awake. I heard lowered voices and tiptoed out to the hall to listen. There is a hallway mirror that shows the front door, so not only could I hear, I could see. What I saw, rocked me; Eric had Tracy in his arms and they were kissing passionately. He broke the kiss, and told her he wanted to see her again and she responded, anytime Eric. I returned to bed, crushed but noticing that I again had a raging hardon. As Tracy came in, she quietly undressed and crawled into bed. I faked slowly waking up, asking her what time it was... she said 4 - 4:30. I asked her where she'd been and she said Eric had wanted to show her his place. She made no pretense of not going with him, and I began to feel scared for what I knew was coming. I asked her why she went to his place, and she said, what do you think? As she said that, she reached over and felt my cock, then said, it feels like you 'know' what you think happened. I said, did it happen? She said, why don't you find out, Nick.

I reached over and turned on the lamp, then pulled the covers back and looked at Tracy in total nudity. She slowly and sexily spread her legs, looking me in the eye as she did so. Her pussy was a mushy mess to say the least. There was definite evidence of her being freshly fucked, and worst of all she made no move to hide the fact. I said, Eric? She responded, yes, and it was wonderful. He fucked me like you never have and never will, and he will fuck me again. Taste it Nick, I know you want to. I lowered my mouth, mesmerized, and slowly inserted my tongue, moaning with desire. My cock erupted without touching it as I lapped up the cum filled pussy of my wife. After cleaning her thoroughly I moved up to slide my cock into her and Tracy closed her legs. I said, please Tracy, I want to make love to you. She said, not now Nick, we will talk tomorrow, right now I want to go to sleep. She said it with a finality that I knew. I went to my side of the bed and spent a sleepless night.

I got up at 7 making myself a pot of coffee; Tracy got up around 11 and went direct to the shower. She came out in her housecoat and matter of factly told me to make her some fresh coffee. This was unusual for her to 'tell' me to do something. When I called her on it, she told me she'd be doing a lot more 'telling' in the future. I was quickly beginning to fear what was coming. After having her coffee, she went to our home office and I heard her on the phone. I snuck down the hall and soon discovered she was talking to Eric and it sounded like they were making plans for that evening. I shuddered, and realized I was semi-hard just thinking of her and Eric together again. When she came out from the phone Tracy nonchantly told me that Eric would be coming over this evening and we were going to have a talk. I asked what about, and she just said I'd have to wait. She saw a lump in the front of my pants, and told me I just as well go and take care of myself because she was not giving me any pussy. I asked her why, and she said Eric would tell me.

Eric came over around 7 and when the doorbell rang Tracy told me to answer the door. I opened the door and Eric walked right by me as if I wasn't even there, going directly to Tracy and kissing her full on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and I could see tongue from both of them. My cock had a mind of its own and was rock hard. I hated that fact because I did not want them to see my predicament. They broke their kiss and they went over to the couch and sat down side by side. Eric looked at me and told me to come kneel before them. I said what for... Eric very calmly told me: if you ever even want to smell your wife's pussy you will do as I say, white boy. His eyes bore into me and I was afraid. I walked over and knelt before them. Tracy looked contemptously at me and asked why my little dick was hard. I said I didn't know and she laughed. She told me to unzip Eric's pants, I hesitated, and Eric said 'DO IT'. I reached out and unzipped his pants and soon discovered he was not wearing any underwear. His cock popped out and was growing as I knelt before them. Eric then began a slow dissertation about how he had fucked Tracy the night before like she had never been fucked, and that he was going to be taking care of her from this day forward. He said, you white boy will not be allowed to put your cock into your wife any longer. You 'will' be able to use your tongue on her 'when she wants you to', and you will do as she says. When my lease is up the end of this month, I am moving my things into this place. You will no longer be allowed to sleep in the master bedroom other than to attend to our needs.

I was stunned by all this but my cock was hard and they both noticed. Eric told me to take ahold of his cock and stroke it to full length. I didn't know how to act... while I've been with men during my lifetime, never in front of Tracy and I guess I was afraid how she would act. He told Tracy to get undressed as I was going to insert his cock. She got up and removed her clothes and we went towards the bedroom. Tracy lay down and spread her legs and Eric climbed between her beautiful spread thighs. His cock is 11" according to him and looked every inch that long and was thick. He told me to take ahold of it and slide it up and down Tracy's pussy. I did as I was told and could see her pussy lips were very wet. Then he said that was enough; I could now watch a real man take care of a woman the way she should be taken care of. He told me to kneel beside the bed and watch. My cock ached as I watched him penetrate my wife. Their skin contrast was so stark as to be shocking. Tracy's legs wrapped around Eric and she was taking him at full length very quickly. She was cooing and tonguing him as best she could. He drove his cock into her with passion and it was a beautiful sight to see.

She looked me straight in the eye and told me how wonderful it felt. I lowered my eyes knowing I was in trouble. Eric's cock began pulsing and he drove deeply into her and shot several spurts, then pulled out and shot more on her tits, and stomach. There was a trail from her breasts down her stomach, in her pussy hair and her pussy was splayed open with sperm everywhere. He told me to get a warm rag and wipe him off which I did. He then told me to look at Tracy. While I did so, he again told me to not even think of fucking her again... she would be taken care of by the superior species from this day forward. Then he said to get between her legs and clean her with my tongue. I did so, his cum being like white rope, very stringy. I gagged a little and they just laughed at me.

This has now been going on for 6 1/2 months. Eric lives at our place, his friends come over on occasion, and he has had Tracy service a couple of them also. He will not let a white man fuck her though. He does have some white friends who come over, but he only allows other black men to sex her. I am getting tired of the situation, but Tracy informs me she is totally satisfied and sorry she hadn't discoverd black sexing many years before.

If you are a cuckolded man and want to contact me, here is my e-mail address:



Hi, My name is Julie and I have read some of the stories here on the Dark Cavern and I thought the readers might like to read a story about the happenings in my husband's and my life over the past five or six years.

First of all, I would like to say that my husband and I were married in December of 1970 and have had a happy marriage since then. We have a lovely daughter who is now 25 years old and lives out of state with her husband. But things have changed considerably in the past few years.

Although I was very faithful to my husband and he was to me, he opened my eyes to more than I ever thought would be possible in my life. I never even thought of the possibilities of straying from our monogamous relationship and thought my husband of so many years was the same.

It began about five or six years ago when, during foreplay, he started mentioning what it would be like for me to have sex with other men. I could remember lying in bed one particular morning and he woke me up by fingering my pussy. As he slowly awoke me and had me moaning he was whispering in my ear that he had a dream that night of me having sex with a black man.

Now, let me tell you that even though I came from a family that was truly a redneck family and despised black people for no apparent reason, I didn't feel the same way. In fact, I'll have to admit that on more than a few occasions I have played with my pussy and thought of a big black cock sliding deep inside of me, but I was so dedicated to my marriage that I left these feelings in my innermost thoughts and shunned them from my real life. Not, because of any racial predjudices but because I was dedicated to my marriage.

Anyhow, my husband was whispering into my ear this particular morning about a big black man laying between my legs and pushing his big stiff cock into me until I was stretched almost beyond my limits. It wasn't long before he was asking me if I liked the way that big dark piece of meat felt getting all sticky and sliding into my innermost depths. Just vocalizing that I wanted it to be rammed into me deeper set me off, into one of the most intense orgasms I can remember having up until that point in time.

We never discussed the subject again until one evening at the dinner table my husband candidly asked me if I ever thought of having sex with William, the only black man at my work. I told him that although I thought William was a well built and sexy man and I thought of other women making love to him after hearing them talk, I never thought of letting him fuck me. I think the seed was planted then and a couple of nights later when my husband and I were having sex I asked him in a whispering voice into his ear if he would like me to go out with William. I could tell by his trembling that he was more than ready for me to go out with him. When we were finished making love and we were laying in each others arms we talked about the possibilities of me going out with William. I told my husband that he had asked me out a couple of times but I just laughed and in a kidding manner told him that married women just didn't do that sort of thing. He would always tell me that he didn't want to take me away from my husband, just take me out and have a good time.

Well the opportunity finally presented itself about a week later on a Wednesday afternoon, much to my encouragement and he asked me out for that Friday night if I could get out of the house. I told my husband that evening that William had asked me out and wanted to know what he thought. He just looked at me and then we had a big talk. He told me that he knew I was faithful to him and he said that fidelity is not what he felt made me faithful. He said that although he was not interested in going out with other women, he always thought the idea of me going out with other men was very stimulating to him. He said that as long as I was careful and had a good time and most important to him was that he told me everything that happened.

The next day at work I told William that I told my husband I was going out with the girls and would be gone most of the evening, but if he would like to take me out instead, I would be more than happy to be his date for the evening. I told him that he would have to be discreet and no one would ever find out or it would never happen again. Friday evening rolled around and I met him at a pre arranged location. I am not going to get into the sordid details of what happened, but we did end up having great sex that night and when I walked into my house at 4:30am the next morning my husband was still awake.

I held him close for a few minutes and could feel his stiff cock against my leg. I told him that we couldn't have sex that morning because my pussy had been used almost all night. I put his hand on my soaking panties and kissed him and thanked him for letting me fulfill one of my lifelong fantasies. I also told him that if he would like, I would get the lotion and stroke his cock while I told him what had happened. Of course he didn't take much convincing so off to bed we went.

We now have a very exciting sex life even though I have had three black lovers since that time and am currently 81/2 months pregnant with my second black lover's baby even though my current lover thinks it belongs to him. My husband never wants to participate in any of my sexual encounters but always insists that I tell him what I did. He told me that it was just as satisfying for him to see me sexually satisfied as it would be for him to go out with other women. We talked to quite some lengths about us having another child and it was very exciting going through the small steps of stopping birth control and waiting each month to see if my seed would be fertilized by one of my black lovers.

I have many experiences to share with other women about my feelings if they would care to write me and tell me of other similar circumstances by leaving their E-Mail address with the "Dark Cavern". I know there are people that don't agree with interracial relationships or a wife going out with other men, but unless you have a relationship with your spouse that is based on total honesty, we see no reason that people should not explore their fantasies.

You only have a certain amount of time here on this earth and we enjoy each others company as well as we enjoy sharing our sexual venture.

Thank you,


I am a black male who loves the feelings of power and domination I get when I fuck the white wives of cuckolded white boys. My fat black dick gets even bigger and stiffer when they moan and writhe on it, knowing I can give them something that they only dream about with their pencil-dicked hubbies.

After years of practice, I can hold my orgasm back as long as I wish and ream them for hours, remain stiff and keep fucking after blowing my wad deep in their bellies and keep them cumming over and over.

And although I'm only 5' 10", 170 lbs. with a thick eight inch cock, I never need to seduce them - they beg me to dick them, often passing me along to their friends who need a good fuck.

It started when I was nineteen and spent a lot of time hanging at an older friend's house. He worked nights and would leave in the evening while we were still partying, leaving us with his young bride of eighteen. They had married young after he had knocked her up and she hadn't had any other cock in her besides his. One evening, several of us were there getting high on some pot, and after he had gone, Linda was curled on the floor with her face in the carpet. I bent over her and asked her if she was OK and she whispered, "Make love to me."

I was shocked and stoned and sat up, not believing what I had heard. Shortly after, everyone started to leave, but she caught my arm and said "Wait - just a minute." When the others had left she said it had been the weed talking, but I simply took her in my arms and kissed her. She had been wearing a thick, quilted housecoat, and it opened to reveal her only other clothing was a pair of white panties.

Now Linda is tall - nearly six foot, only a couple of inches shorter than her husband - and is a statuesque blonde of Nordic heritage with long hair and deep blue eyes and I became instantly stiff at the sight of her nakedness. I rolled her to her back on the floor and kissed down her throat, lingering at her full breasts, then across her flat, heaving stomach and up the insides of her spreading thighs. I whisked her damp panties down her long legs and pushed down my jeans and underwear, soon to be buried to my full depth in her soft, wet pussy.

The forbidden thrill of pumping a good friend's wife made me just go wild, and I thrust into her with abandon, slow and shallow, deeper and faster, then rooting my cock around inside every nook and cranny of her grasping cunt, throwing my hips into rhythmic gyrations only to break the rhythm aburptly with a hard, cervix-deep thrust that caused her to cry and spasm until finally she moaned from deep within and began bucking wildly beneath me. I had to hold on tight and ride her hard as she nearly threw me out and off with her powerful, uncontrolled pelvic thrusts. I gushed a sticky river of cum deep inside her flowing depths and our juices soaked her housecoat, still around her shoulders and beneath us.

She stripped it off as she stood and turned off the lights. Her pale, white body shone in the moonlight streaming in the window, and she reached out and took my black hand, pulling me from the shadows to her side. The contrast between our skin was heightened in the moon's dim rays and it excited me to see the coal-blackness of my flesh outlined against the pure, paper-whiteness of hers. She felt my re-engorging cock throb against her thigh and reached down and pumped it in her soft hand, lily white against it's ebony thickness.

She then led me by it like a stiff leash, past her sleeping son's bedroom to the one she had shared only with her husband until this night. I know he had a larger cock than mine, and her pussy, although muscular and tight, was none the less large and well-stretched. I knew that it wasn't just a cock or just a big cock or even just any cock that she craved, since she had selected me from four or five others there that evening. It was a black cock. There were very few blacks in the small, midwestern town, and I was the only one she knew. We fucked and slept, fucked and slept an I plowed her young, fertile furrow until she sent me away just before her husband was due home.

Shortly thereafter I moved away, but returned for a visit once. She said that at one point he asked her if she had ever been unfaithful, and although she said nothing, her silences to his questions told him the story. It made him become tremendously sexually excited and their sexlife began to change.

They began swinging and he kept setting her up with other black men as he fucked their black wives. However, he was so jealous of me that he took time off work while I visited and spent every minute with me in all kinds of activities, keeping me away from her, even though he only suspected the truth.

For me, the power trip began - power not only over white wives who crave a black dick between their legs, but the horny cuckolds they are married to and the love-hate relationship they have with seeing black cocks fuck the pretty white pussies of their unfaithful wives. There are more of my tales to follow - this is just to introduce myself. I know most stories are written by the husband, and a few from the aspect of the wives, but if you are interested in the viewpoint if the throbbing black dick that cums all over them both I want you to beg for it.

Rock - Part 2

I had discovered the pulse-pounding excitement of taking another man's white wife, watching my thick, black cock sliding deeply between her spread and willing thighs. Then I found that her husband, no matter how jealous he was, was extremely excited with even the suspicion that a black man had fucked his wife all night long. So much so that they began swinging with black couples so that he could watch her submit to an ebony cock, but still maintain his dignity by fucking the man's wife.

My education broadened when I took a job as a disc jockey in a topless bar. Although I had several sexual adventures with the dancers I worked with, it wasn't until one of them, Teri, introduced me to her husband that I again indulged in my passion for cuckolding willing husbands. She was a new girl, and when I saw her sitting with him at the bar I walked over to chat. Her eyes were sparkling with lust as she checked me up and down. He grinned nervously and ordered a drink for me. It wasn't long before the conversation moved to the subject of sex - sex with his wife. Pleased as I was by the suggestion that I could have his wife, I hesitated to take him up on his offer when he said "We never swing alone - I have to be there."

I really didn't know whether I wanted to have another man right there watching as I pumped his wife full of cum and I didn't know him well enough to know how he might react to seeing his wife orgasming with a strange black cock crammed deep inside her spasming womb. Besides, I was not interested in any bi-sex with him and something about his manner insinuated the possibility. No, if I was going to fuck his wife for him it would be on my terms. I would take her, not be given her. I let them know I was intrigued by the idea and that I definitely wanted to try her young dancer's body, but I remained uncommitted about the time and place.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks of mutual flirting and teasing between Teri and me had passed that I felt the time was right. By then I knew enough about her relationship with her husband, Mike, to see that he was a lover not a fighter and was controlled by her lust. I, in turn, could control her the very same way. I would have her with his knowledge but not with his presence or approval. I would take her from him, fuck her, then give her back. It turned out to be easy.

Teri worked the afternoon shift and I worked the night shift. I came in early as she was counting up he money in the office before leaving. Mike was at the bar drinking and waiting to take her home and watched as I walked into the office behind her and shut the door. Teri had long dark hair and bright brown eyes, a small ass and small breasts, and an almost boyish figure giving her that nasty little girl appeal.

As she turned to me I took her in my arms and kissed her ears. She shivered and slipped her tongue in my mouth as our lips met. She wore only a tight black teddy and high heels and I memorized her anatomy using the Braille method, her perky nipples were sharp and hard as I pinched them. As she squeezed my prick snaking down my pants leg I slid the crotch of the teddy to the side of her fat pussy and slipped my fingertips across her tiny stub of a clit and between her moistening lips, spreading her juices around them. I was in for a shock, however, when I stuck a finger into her snatch. It was the tightest, strongest pussy I had ever felt and I told her so.

"Thanks - I know. I try to keep it that way," she replied, thrusting her mound into my hand and literally sucking my finger deeper within herself. Mike must not have much meat to leave that pussy so very tight - no wonder he wanted to see a big black cock open up his wife's tiny slit. My cock immediately lurched in my tight pants. "I've got to see this," I said, while quickly pushing a chair against the door for security and sitting her in it. I spread her long legs and dipped my head to her shaven lips as she humped her hips, driving her tightness against my tongue. I didn't wait for her to cum and pulled away when she was thoroughly wet and ready to take my thickness into her belly.

I'm not huge, but it seemed to take forever to work the first few inches of my dick into her clasping cunt. When she had half of it in and about four inches remained to go I began thrusting uncontrollably into her vaginal fist. It was so tight and rippling that I knew I couldn't last long in such a stimulating grasp. The short strokes and the position we were in forced my stiff cock at an angle against the roof of her cunt behind her pubis right on her g-spot and my rapid hard thrusting had her mouth open and gasping as she held on and rode me.

She began to cum and shoved her ass just off the edge of the chair and down onto the remainder of my dark pole and I sunk in to the balls, stretching her taut little quim in length as well as width. I held her legs wide and pumped her violently without mercy, opening up her depths and slamming my full balls against her ass cheeks. I felt as if I was turning her pussy inside out as I withdrew and it gripped me tighter than the tightest asshole as I shafted back inside. I loved the exquisite feel of her taught twat, the beautiful sight of her pink inner lips pulling out with my withdrawal and her pale, hairless outer lips stretch in with each plunge of black shaft. I had lost control and simply thrust in and out with all my strength while she wrung out all the cum from my stiff prong with her velvet vice. I finally exploded against the end of her cervix and her spasming walls squirted my cum back out to drip down my balls and her asshole.

I would have liked to stay buried in her and let her milk me back to a full hard again, but she had to check out, I had to check in, and by now there were several people who had been listening on the other side of the door waiting to do one or the other. I slipped the crotch of the teddy back over Teri's puffy, drooling puss to keep as much cum inside as possible for Mike, and we exited to smirks and grins. As I stepped up into the DJ stand to start the show with my half-hard wet cock still throbbing in my jeans I glanced to the bar and saw Mike staring open-mouthed at a still panting Teri while under the counter his hand felt the sopping panel of cloth between her legs.

It was now that the flush of power swept over my body. I had taken her, made her cum continuously for as long as I pumped her, and when they left I would make him cum his little balls dry all night as he relived the adventure she had without him under the dominance of a black. I liked the feeling, and I knew it wasn't the last time.

Lightning doesn't strike twice unless you are a lightning rod, and my rod was in for another adventure of its own soon with another white wife and another husband who needed to have his wife well fucked by a black dick. If you plead with me I may tell more.


I am a 36 year old white female attorney and have been married to my husband for more than 8 years. I discovered the joys of Black men 3 years ago when one started flirting with me at the law office. Being originally from the South, I immediately got a deliciously naughty thrill from being lusted by a black man. I started flirting back with him and even went so far as dressing in shorter skirts to expose more of my long legs to him.

It wasn't long before this young black man became predominant in my fantasies. I even went so far as to fantasize about fucking him while my husband was doing his best to me in bed. From there I purchased much shorter skirts and opted for nylon and silk stockings with frilly garterbelts that could just barely be seen thru the tight little skirts I was wearing.

One night in bed with my husband I could not keep my thoughts about this black man all to myself, so I told hubby and, surprisingly, he got off on the idea of me being with this man. From there, we agreed to my going out on a very discreet date with this man and see what would happen from there. It was wonderful! After a romantic dinner and dance we came right back to the house and my husband was gracious enough to allow me the pleasure of making love to my black date right in our marital bed.

I can still vividly recall my black stocking legs wrapped around his back with my high heels pointing into the air while looking into the full length mirror on my closet door. His black cock was beautiful as it moved in and out of me. I knew from that moment on I was hooked, and have been ever since!

My husband was only slightly jealous of the lovemaking I enjoyed with my first black man, but has since readily accepted my preference for black men. I now date two black men on a regular basis which allows me black sexxing 4-5 times per week. Hubby is now relegated to a once a week screw but he is content to watch me with my black men and even clean me orally after they leave in the morning. I have never been happier, nor has my husband. My advice to those men, women and couples contemplating this lifestylye is to give it try. Thinking about it for the rest of your lives won't make you happy. Act out on your desires, and if you have a reluctant partner, talk it out.


P.S. Rachel, I am very happy for you. Go for what really turns you on! And Karen, I was really turned on to hear you took the ultimate step of being impregnated by a black lover. I think one day I would like that very much, but it will be when I enter private practice for myself.

Michael & Kay

My wife and I did not discover the joy of threesomes until after twenty years of marriage--but once we finally did, we pursued it with a passion.

Kay had always been a slightly shy, easily embarrassed type of woman most of her life. But as she saw the consistently devastating effects she had on the other men we met with, she began to gain a bit more confidence in herself.

There was never any reason for her to doubt herself. Even at age 47, Kay is a stunningly sexy woman. Her slim 5'9", 135 pound body is still firm and supple. And to my (and others) constant delight, whatever little bit of extra weight she picks up is nicely packed into her perfectly round ass.

After we "opened up" our relationship to include other men in our bedroom, we soon tried to subtly vary it by type: tall, short, slim, muscular, younger, older. I assumed this satisfied her need for variety. But--fortunately, as it turned out--I was wrong.

One night while we were watching the news, Kay made what seemed like an offhand remark about our local anchor man--who just happens to be a very good-looking black man.

"God," she sighed. "He's such a handsome man, isn't he?"

A little light clicked on in my head.

Kay is originally from a small town in South Carolina. Growing up in the South back when she did, the idea of a white woman and a black man being attracted to one another was no doubt strictly taboo. And probably the deepest, darkest fantasy of blacks and whites alike.

I turned to her and just smiled in silence. She of course read my thoughts and started to blush.

"Hey, I didn't mean...." she stammered.

"Well," I said slowly, "maybe you've never thought seriously about such things, because you didn't think such thoughts would be...realistic. But they can be, you know."

After just a bit more discussion, Kay revealed that fucking a black man had been a fantasy of hers for many years. I was then delighted to tell her that *watching* her do that had long been a fantasy of mine. We soon went to work writing an ad for the personals section of our local alternative newspaper.

We received numerous responses, which allowed us to be very picky about who we chose. Ultimately we decided on Dennis, a 38-year-old attorney. He seemed ideal--a handsome, sophisticated young professional who was also a serious amateur bodybuilder. He was also very dark-skinned--an element of both Kay's and my fantasy.

Following our usual scenario for threesomes, when Dennis arrived at our house I greeted him alone while Kay "prepared" herself in the bedroom. He was as personable as he was good-looking. He was also built like a steel pillar. At 6'0" and 180 pounds, there was not an ounce of fat on him. After some small talk I soon steered him to the bedroom to meet Kay.

She was sitting in front of her mirror brushing those frosted-blond curls that almost reached her shoulders. She was wearing a white bustier with garters that attached to sheer white stockings and matching g-string panties. With a nervous, "Hi!," she stood up on her strappy high-heeled sandals to greet us. Kay has truly great legs--long and thin, but extremely shapely in heels.

Dennis let out with a low whistle. "Hello. Kay," he said. "It's nice to meet you." He slowly looked her up and down and smiled. "You are one beautiful woman. And you," he said, turning to me, "are one lucky man."

We all stood there and looked at each other in silence for a moment. Finally Kay boldly moved over to where Dennis stood at the edge of the bed. She looked up at him with a shy smile. He gently drew her close to him. Then she reached up and put her arms around his neck and they were suddenly entwined in a long, deep kiss.

His hands roamed over her back and upper thighs before settling on her ass. As he stroked and fondled her beautiful rear end, Kay began undoing the buttons of his shirt. They remained locked in their passionate kiss the whole time, with each mouth trying to hungrily devour the other. I could hear Kay breathing very heavily; it was obvious she was already very excited.

She pushed Dennis's shirt off of his broad shoulders to reveal a perfectly chiseled torso. This guy was really built! Kay eyed him hungrily, quivering at the sight of his muscular brown body. She ran her hands along his muscled arms for a moment and then began to quickly undo his pants. When she took off his boxer shorts, I don't think either of us could believe our eyes. The "myths" we'd heard were no myths! His huge cock was already pointing straight up. Fully erect, it reminded me of a policeman's club--rock solid, thick, and a good ten inches long!

Dennis pulled her against his nude body again, pressing her closer as they continued to kiss. His big dark club of a cock pressed tightly between their stomachs. Their embrace became more urgent, with Kay panting heavily and loudly. Then she broke off their long kiss and began to cover his neck and chest with little kisses, sucking and gently biting at his dark nipples. As her kisses moved lower, I felt myself begin to quiver in anticipation. I have to admit that the contrast of my wife's creamy blondness against her dark lover was an incredible turn-on. It was almost like looking at her naked for the first time all over again.

She slowly dropped to her knees while kissing his flat stomach, taking his cock in her hand (to hold it out of the way!) as she did so. The sight of my wife's tiny white hand--with its gold band and diamond twinkling in the dim light--wrapped around that big black shaft was enough to get me reaching for my own cock. I leaned forward in anticipation as she moved below his waist, nuzzling his public hair for a moment. Still holding his big rod in her hand, she leaned further down and flicked her tongue at his balls. My own cock twitched in anticipation of what I was about to witness as I watched Kay's pink tongue slowly and lovingly lapping at his scrotum, the dark bulbous head of his cock just inches from her gorgeous face.

At this point I could hardly wait for her to proceed on up the shaft. I was aching to see those pillowy lips I knew so well wrapped around that big black head. But after a few more gentle licks at his balls, she paused and leaned back. For a long moment, she just held his throbbing cock in front of her, gazing at it with a mixture of desire, anticipation....and perhaps a little fear.

Then she looked at me as she always does when we share our bed with another man, searching my eyes for final assurance and approval. When I gave her my almost imperceptible nod, a change came over her face. The hint of fear disappeared and passion took over. I could see her eyes narrow slightly as she allowed herself to give in to her darker passions. She guided the object of her desire so that it was pointing straight out and toward her full lips. Then Kay slowly moved her head forward and gingerly enveloped the head with her mouth. She held the just head there for a moment, closing her eyes and seeming to savor it, moving her tongue around it inside her mouth.

Then, with her hand wrapped tightly around the base, she began to cover the length of his steel-hard black shaft with lingering little kisses, licking and nibbling at it gently, almost worshipfully, exploring every rippling vein with her slow lapping tongue. Occasionally she would pause to rub his cock against her face, looking up at him with a sexy smile as she did so. Then she would put it back into her mouth and passionately suck his massive mushroom head, completely giving herself to the moment. Kay's head bobbed up and down, her lips and cheeks distended as she sucked frantically at his shaft, her saliva making moist noises as she changed directions. She looked incredibly sexy: eyes closed, blonde curls bouncing, breasts swaying and jiggling with those large nipples swollen erect. Her soft moaning took on a more urgent tone as she earnestly tried to deep throat all of him--but she couldn't quite do it.

I hadn't realized just how thick he was, but now I could see that Kay had to stretch open her mouth wide to accommodate him. The image of that moment still burns in my mind: my middle-aged blonde wife there in her sexiest lingerie, on her knees in front of this muscular black stud, with about half of his very large cock in her mouth--and apparently loving every inch of it. I thought my wife had never looked any lovelier, sexier, or hotter than at that moment.

Just when I thought that what I was seeing couldn't get much steamier, Dennis gently lifted her head from his throbbing cock and lay her down on the bed. Then he swung around in the 69 position and lowered himself down on her.

He straddled her face with his knees, pumping her mouth gently as his own tongue ran up and down her cunt lips, occasionally licking the insides of her thighs. Kay was gasping, with absolutely no control over her body, her hips bucking up and down, trying to draw his tongue further inside her. But I was transfixed by the highly erotic image of his cock sliding in and out of Kay's mouth. Her head was back, shadowed eyes closed, hair spread out on the pillow. Her lips seemed to cling to the head of his huge dick as he slid a length of it up and then down again into her hungry mouth.

Her hands reached up and around his ass, lightly touching him and gently guiding each downward thrust. I found myself loving the sight of this immense black shaft, glistening with Kay's saliva, moving in and out of her very active mouth. The big ebony head filled her mouth as he pumped between her lips and she sucked him greedily. Kay's eyes opened and widened as he fucked her mouth faster, the dark head of his cock sliding in and out more quickly between her full lips, his big balls dangling over her face.

Dennis must have sensed his own need growing, because he soon stopped and reversed his position, so that they were now lying face-to-face, with him still on top of her. He started kissing her, gentle and sexy, all over her neck and the upper part of her breasts.

Then he yanked down the top of her bustier and her gorgeous breasts sprung free. He lowered his head to suckle and bite her erect nipples. She gasped softly as he ran his tongue around them, kissing and licking his way from one breast to the other. Kay purred and pulled her shoulders back, forcing her breasts and big nipples forward to his waiting mouth. By now she was moaning steadily, occasionally chirping "Oh!....Oh!" as he alternately flicked his tongue at those rock-hard nipples and gently sucked the entire tip of each breast into his mouth.

Then, in slow, tantalizing fashion, he began to kiss his way down her body: from the underside of her breasts, to her stomach, to upper thighs. Beads of perspiration trickled down Kay's face and breasts as she began whimpering with pleasure and, no doubt, anticipation. Dennis was now licking her inner thighs above the tops of her stockings. Then he yanked her g-string panties down over her hips, and got his first look at her already damp blonde-gray bush. He quickly slid them down her stockinged legs and tossed them aside. Kay spread her legs apart eagerly, and Dennis opened his mouth wide and slowly ran his tongue along her cunt lips, from bottom to top, and then zeroing in on her clit and lapping away at it.

At the first touch of his tongue Kay gasped and her hips jerked forward. "Ugggghhhhhhhh!

Then a lower groan: "Ohhhhhhhhh!" Her moaning had a painfully urgent quality to it, as if she was experiencing all the pleasure she could take, but still wanted more. She bucked and writhed , looking absolutely luscious in her state of arousal. Her face and chest were flushed, and her bosom heaved up and down with each gasp and moan, her swollen nipples pointing straight up from her jiggling breasts. She reached down with both hands and held the back of Dennis's head, keeping his face buried between her thighs, as she lewdly humped her hips upwards.

Suddenly Kay's moans turned to outright cries of pleasure - "OhOhOhOh!" -- her hips arching up so that her back was off the bed, and then collapsing back down, her whole body shaking and quivering uncontrollably as waves of what I recognized as orgasmic pleasure coursed through her body. With her hips pivoting up and down, her hands abandoned their grasp on Dennis's head, and instead gripped the bedspread on either side of her as the first wave of her orgasm rolled over her. Dennis continued to suck on her clit, playing out her orgasm for all it was worth. Despite the sudden feeling of inadequacy deep down in my gut, I had to admit that the guy sure knew how to pleasure a woman, and had probably just given Kay the most violent and intense orgasm of her life, in only his first turn at her cunt. And his best was yet to come.

Dennis moved up and positioned himself between her thighs, his rigid cock swaying just inches from her pussy. Kay whimpered as he roughly pulled her hips forward and spread her legs wide apart. I moved closer and sat down right next to them on the edge of the bed.

She already knew that Dennis was far longer than I was. Very tentatively, she raised her legs up around him and braced herself for her first feeling of her new lover's deeper penetration into her body.

I was practically breathless with anticipation myself as Dennis slowly lowered himself to her and, very carefully, inserted just the big mushroom head of his cock between my wife's cunt lips.

"UHH!" Kay grunted loudly and her whole body suddenly convulsed as if jolted by an electric shock. With barely a couple of inches inside her, Dennis paused and smiled.

"You like that, baby?" he asked. This guy was good!

"Uh huh," Kay mumbled between gasps for breath. Every part of her body seemed to be twitching or trembling.

"You want more?" he asked with a casual tone. "You want the rest of it?"

"Mmm hmm," she whimpered.

But I, in my perverse way, wanted to hear more from her. "Well, tell him, Kay," I blurted out. "Tell him what you want!"

Kay, bless her, knew what just I wanted to hear.

"I...want...all of your cock inside me," murmured my shy, sophisticated, ex-Southern belle wife to the black man between her thighs. "I want you to fuck me ." Dennis also sensed what I wanted, and played his part out perfectly. "With your husband right here watching?" he asked in mock surprise. "You want me to fuck you right in front of him?"

"Yessss," she moaned more urgently. The head of Dennis's cock remained where he had first placed it, just an inch or two inside of her. Her quivering and squirming had gotten more intense. "Fuck me in front of my husband, pleeeeaaaase," she begged. He voice got low and guttural. "C'mon, fuck me with that big cock. OhpleaseOhplease Ohplease...Fuck me NOW!" She was jerking her hips and trying to ride the little bit of cock he had allowed her, but it only served to make her need more urgent.

"Okay, baby. Here it is for you," he finally said. With one sure, smooth stroke, he easily slid balls-deep inside her with one thrust.

I'll never forget the sound Kay let out with as he slid that shaft inside her. It was a gasping, quavering, satisfied wail: "Ohhhhhhhhh." Her eyes had been closed until then but they popped open wide for a moment, perhaps in astonishment at what she was feeling.

Taking his time, Dennis pressed his member fully inside her, and then started rotating his hips in wide circles so that his cock churned inside her cunt, making it squelch obscenely with her juices. As he did so, his large hands roamed over her breasts, pinching her erect nipples, then holding onto them as he slowly and steadily began ramming his dick into her. He slowly drew his penis in and out, enjoying, no doubt, the velvety touch of Kay's pussy lips as they slid up and down along his shaft.

Kay's eyes were closed again, and each time Dennis drove his dick home I noticed she squeezed her eyelids tighter. If it was deep penetration she wanted, she was certainly getting it from him. It made me wonder just how far into her cunt he was able to stick his long, swollen cock.

I felt a strange mixture of emotions. On the one hand, I was turned on beyond belief to see my beloved wife fulfilling her deepest fantasy--and getting the fucking of her life. On the other hand I felt a bit perverted. This black man I barely knew was fucking my wife in my bed, not two feet from me, and both my wife and I were loving it!

I was completely delighted at the sight of his muscled brown buttocks shuddering with each thrust between her legs. Kay's long red nails were running up and down his back, while his grunts, like hers, were getting louder and louder all the time.

Her legs were wrapped tightly around the small of his back, her heels digging into his thrusting ass. Each time he pushed in to the hilt, Kay wailed "OHHHHHHH GAWD!" almost as if in disbelief, and then kept up a high-pitched unbroken cry, "OH! OH! OH!", clawing at his back and buttocks as he withdrew for the next thrust.

As Dennis continued jerking his hips backwards and forwards, plunging the length of his cock deep into Kay, he leaned forward, forcing her legs up and back, allowing his long hard prick access to the very depths of her womanhood. With her knees back to her chest, her high heels flailing in the air above her head, I wondered what Kay might be feeling as the extra length probed parts of her insides that had formerly gone untouched.

Dennis's hands slid up to grip Kay under the knees, giving him the leverage he needed for some high-energy fucking. He began slamming his cock into her mercilessly, drawing his rock-hard member fully out and then pounding it back in. He quickly increased his pace until his cock was a dark blur. She fucked into his thrusts violently, her moans and wails now simply a nonstop series of animal-like grunts: "UHH! UHH! UHH!" in rhythm with his strokes. I had the feeling that both of them were about "there."

I held her hand and sensed she was almost orgasming. Her eyes squeezed shut and she jerked her pelvis up towards Dennis's violent thrusts as he hit home in her harder and harder. Finally Kay half screamed, half gasped, and squeezed hard on my hand as her entire body went rigid. Dennis continued his relentless thrusting until he felt her begin to relax and then saw her smile broadly. There were actual tears of joy--or maybe just pleasure?--in Kay's eyes as her orgasm subsided.

But Dennis wasn't quite done. He whispered something in Kay's ear and then withdrew his shining ebony cock from her and stood at the side of the bed. His dick looked obscenely huge and ready to explode. Then Kay quickly turned over and got on all fours, perched at the edge of the bed so that her gorgeous ass was facing her lover where he stood. He wanted to fuck her doggie style.

He--as well as I--was treated to a magnificent sight. Kay's ass is pretty spectacular. Her narrow waist accentuates her wide hips, and her buttocks are large, but perfectly round and firm.

It wasn't wasted on Dennis. "Damn, what an ass," he muttered as he moved himself onto her hot body and pushed his cock deep into her cunt, bringing loud grunts from both of them. Then he hooked his arms under hers and began pumping his cock in and out, groaning with pleasure. Kay began to rock her ass back and forth in response to his penetrations, screaming and grunting as her cunt sucked at his erection. He continued to fuck her roughly from behind, his hands gripping her hips and moving her jiggling ass to meet his thrusts. "Come on," he growled in mock anger, "Move that ass!" I stood at the opposite side of the bed while she faced me on all fours, tits dangling and shaking sensuously as he pounded away, now with longer, slower strokes. I could judge the depth of his penetration by the sound of Kay's moans while he slipped in and out: "Ooh....Ooh." Just beginning. "Ahhhh." Halfway there. Then "Ugggh!" as he hit bottom. She repeated her litany over and over: "Ooh...Ahh!

"Ugggh...Ugggh!" Her face was contorted with passion, eyes opening only to leer at me. Her hanging breasts, with their stiff protruding nipples, swung back and forth erotically with the movements of their bodies as they slapped together. As she approached another orgasm, she put her head down into the pillow and gripped the sheet tightly. She started to push her ass back harder to meet him, keeping up a steady stream of muttered epithets as his thighs slapped rhythmically against her jiggling buttocks: "OH! ... Fuckme Fuckme Fuckme!...I'm gonna come again!...I'm gonna...." Her voice trailed off into a strangled orgasmic moan.

Dennis too had at last reached his own point of no return. He finally let out an explosive gasp and plunged into her hard a half dozen times in rapid succession, twitching and shaking with the intensity of his release. The thought of that big throbbing shaft exploding and spurting his cum inside my wife was too much for me. I had been playing with my cock the entire time and I was more than ready to let go. But then I did a strange thing.

I moved closer so that my throbbing dick was inches from Kay's face. She was still on her hands and knees across the bed as Dennis completed the final shudders of his orgasm. She looked more sensual, more totally erotic, than I could remember. Seeing her there, like that, I felt an overwhelming urge to do something I had never done before. And with a few quick strokes of my hand I was doing it: shooting my load in her face and her hair.

At first Kay seemed surprised, but as I should have known, she was willing to go with it completely, turning her face up to give me a better target even as she continued to rock her hips gently into Dennis's now-subsiding orgasm.

I don't know exactly why I had such an urge to do it. Some might say I wanted to "degrade" her or treat her like a slut, but how could that be, when at that moment I felt closer to her then ever? For whatever the reason, the sight of my beloved wife's face with gobs of my cum on it--running down the side of her nose, across her eyelids, and in her hair--seemed almost as much of a turn-on to me as the rest of the evening had been.

We had many other adventures over the years. Perhaps I'll share some more of them later.