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We are an average white couple - middle forties, two children, etc. Due to corporate downsizing, my husband lost his well paying job. We had grown accustomed to a nice, comfortable lifestyle - two cars, roomy surburban home, college funds for the kids - and all the rest that goes with it. My husband could not find emoployment anywhere so I finally answered an ad myself. It turned out to be a company owned by a black ex-football player and he was looking for a "gal Friday" to handle his correspondence, appointments, travel arrangements, reservations, and things like that.

I was very nervous during the interview and all too aware of the way he eyed me up and down the whole time. His oogling eyes reminded of my high school days when so many of the black guys at my school looked at me exactly the same way. It was what my girlfriend Natalie and I called the "I-want-to-fuck-you, whitegirl" look. It had made me hot in those days and seeing the same look in my prospective employer's eyes excited me too. I couldn't ignore the persistant tingling and the spontaneous wetness between my legs as his dark eyes roamed over my body. I thought Mr. Taylor was really nice and by the time the interview was over, I was convinced that working for him would not only solve my family's financial problems, but it would be fun and exciting for me and my husband as well.

My husband and I were pretty wild in our younger days. We both loved cocaine for awhile and thats when he started sharing me with other men. We have exchanged sex partners with other couples at swing clubs for years now and its working out well for us. The thought of me with another man really turns my husband always has, especially if the other man is black. He always talks to me about it during sex. He gets hard as a rock talking about how big and thick black men's cocks are and how sexy I would look with one of them fucking me. It's always made him hotter than anything else.

Almost as soon as we started swinging, my husband began hinting about me and blackmen. He told me he thought I was really gonna like being stretched out and filled up by a horny black man with a dick a lot bigger than his 6 incher. He described how sexy and hot and irresistable I would look with large black hands on my breasts and on my ass and between my legs. He whispered to me about niggers fucking my white pussy while he was fucking me himself. He gets so excited, he can't hold it any longer, then, as he is ejactulating deep inside my pussy, he urges me to "...fuck'im, baby...give him all that white pussy....get that black cumm...!!"

When I realized that seeing me with a big dicked black stud between my legs was his greatest fantasy, how could I continue to disappoint him, (or myself)? (blush)) I mean (like all white women) I had always wanted to do it with a black guy, even more so after we started going to swap parties, so if he really wanted to watch me fuck a blackman more than anything else in life,... I finally agreed to do a 3-way with him and a black guy he knew from work.

It turned out better for me than anything we had ever done before. He was right about how much he thought I would like being stretched and filled by a hard black dick! I liked it a lot. Best sex I ever had with my husband. He ejaculated all over the room watching that big dicked black stud pound me to glorious and repeated orgasms right before his very eyes! And I liked it so much myself, I've never turned down a get together with a black man since then. Sometimes I even do it without my husband knowledge or consent. (blush again!) My interview only lasted about 25 minutes but I could tell Mr Taylor liked me. He looked at me like he could see thru my clothes and made no bones about being attracted to me. He demanded total loyalty from all his employees.He said he expected his personal assistant to do whatever needed to be done whenever it needed to be done without hesitation. And, he emphasized how liberal minded and obedient he expected me to be if he hired me for the job. I think he thought about fucking me right there during the interview. I know I thought about it.

At any rate, you can imagine how jittery and anxious I was during the interview. Overall, I liked Mr. Taylor, especially that hungry look in his eyes, and, if I had to work, working for him would be a lot more pleasant than working for some red faced, balding, pot bellied slave driver like the so-and-so who had fired my husband.

When Mr. Taylor finished convincing me how personal our working relationship would have to be, he offered me the job. I was grateful and delighted to accept. He patted my shoulder, smiled, and told me to report for work the following Monday morning. And that was that. When I got home and told my husband the good news, he was as delighted as I was. He got all excited when I told him about the way my sexy new boss had oogled me during the interview. "Honey, He asked me if I was prejudice... if I had anything against blackmen." I said. "He was mindfucking me, sweetheart. He looked at me like we were already fucking!," I went on. "And when he got hard, he didn't even try to conceal it."

Well, you shoulda seen the instant erection my husband sprouted when I told him that. He immediately started fantasizing about me and my new employer. He was like a little kid. I should have been offended I suppose but he was so cute. He got all stiff and arroused and before I knew what was happening, he had my panties off and we were fucking like newly weds. I have to admit, I was a little excited about it myself. It's a lot easier to get hot thinking about screwing your boss when your husband gets hotter than you do about it. Sex with my husband was especially good that night. I'm sure we were both thinking about my new boss the whole time. I know I was!!!

By the time Monday arrived, we were both nervous wrecks. My husband helped me pick out a sexy outfit that emphasized my impressive ass, as well as my equally large breasts. With my voyeuristic, fully arroused husband feeling me up and talking about it before I left home, I knew I was going to let my new boss have his way with me before I even got there. All during the drive, all I could think about was how lucky I was to have a wonderful man like my husband. I've been cock crazy since I was 15 years old, when Danny William's father introduced me to his thick 8" cock. He was so gentle with me, taking a long time and making sure I was ready before he put it in. It was sooooo good! I was instantly addicted to that feeling and I've been addicted ever since. To this day, nothing gratifies me like a thick, hard cock deep inside my pussy. Sound like a nympho? Well, I admit, I do love the feeling I get whenever a new man spreads my legs and fucks me, but I call that "hot to trot" - not nymphomania! And my husband, god bless him, likes it as much as I do. He seems to love watching me get it on with other men. I think he actually believes he likes watching me do it as much as I like doing it! Silly boy.

I skipped up the steps to TD Enterprises, anticipating what I was sure would going to happen. I felt as sexy as I looked. I could see our families financial troubles coming to an end if I could keep this job. And who would have ever thought fucking would be the answer, much less how arroused and orgasmicly anxious I would be at the prospect of doing it... of becoming a well paid white whore for a successful black athlete. No matter how you say it, I won't deny that it excites me to think about myself that way. I've never been hotter than I was that morning. I was so excited, I would have been whistling if I had known how.

I was really disappointed when NOTHING HAPPENED. Mr Taylor did leer and oogle me every chance he got, and he still had the same I-wanna-fuck-you look on his face, but he never tried anything the whole day, even when we were alone in his office. When I got home after work with nothing sexy or exciting to report, my perpetually erect husband was really disappointed. He had a tremendous hard-on and admitted that he'd been fantasizing about me and my new boss all day. He didn't like settling for some more oogling and a few hungry looks. He asked me if Mr. Taylor had touched me at all like he already knew he had and wanted me to confirm it. He was so anxious...and so damn cute. I couldn't disappoint him. I lied. I told him Mr Taylor had brushed up against my ass several times as he passed me between the filing cabinet and pressed against me hard enough for me to feel how big and stiff black cock was. Prompted by his leading questions and rigid cock he was trying to stick inside me, I let him drag the "truth" out of me. I "admitted" that Mr Taylor had fondled my ass and my breasts several times during the day and confessed that he had even pressed my hand against his erection to make sure I knew how big and hard it was. My husband was fucking me hard and deep as I lied to him about me and the boss, and he ejaculated deep inside me when I told him how BIG and HARD my boss's black cock felt even thru his pants...when I admitted that I wanted to fuck Mr. Taylor tomorrow or the next day or sometime real soon!

I probably should have told my husband that I was just pretending but the sex was so good and he got so horny hearing about it, I couldn't help but play along and roll with it. And telling him what he wanted to hear made me think about it as much as he did. I wanted to fuck my boss as much as my husband wanted me to and I liked "making it real" as much as he did. And even though I was lying to my husband about it, I was lying about something that was actually going to happen tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. Until then, pretending for my husband and climaxing with him about it was the next best thing.

After 5 full working days and still no flagrant advances from Mr. Taylor, I couldn't stand it anymore. All I could think about was Mr Taylor fucking me. And when I expressed my desire to my husband, he would get all excited and start fucking me while I was telling him about it. Fantasy fucking JT (James) everynight without actually fucking him at all had me wound up tighter than Gloria Steinem's watch.

My 12th day on the job, without so much as a hint and without any warning at all, Mr. Taylor disconnected the switchboard and locked the door to his office. He told me he wanted to show me his cock... then, He did! It was long and thick and blacker than night and I didn't resist when he urged me to suck it. He fucked me 3 times that afternoon, dumping load after load of his hot cum deep inside me. And after that he was fucking me anytime he wanted to. And when I accomodated his brothers, Jason and Jermaine at his request, he raised my pay.

Now I'm pretty much the company slut. I've even put out for his uncle, Jefferson Davis Taylor a couple times. Clients, family members, whoever he wants... I love it and my husband loves it. There's nothing that turns him on more than fucking me while I tell him about the guys at work. Once I telephoned him while I was with James and left the line open so he could hear us doing it in the motel room. It's a perfect arrangement so far and quite honestly, the best job I've ever had. I like it and I'm not going to quit even when my husband does find another job.