Lots of women get a special thrill from going "bareback," i.e. having unprotected sex (no rubbers, no contraception) with a black guy, thereby running the risk of being impregnated. Lets get all the people together who would like to talk about this particular kink.

Lets hear from women who have been impregnated interracially. How does it feel while they're carrying a black baby? What will they tell friends, family members? Will they abort? Have the baby? Give it up? Keep and raise? Will the father be in or out of their life? Are they sure who the father is?

What about couples who have taken the path of black-into-white breeding? What changes does interracial pregnancy/childbirth make? What kind of remarks and reactions do they get from others?

Are there any black guys or groups of black guys pursuing a conscious campaign of interracial breeding, purposely impregnating white women, as opposed to just having black/white sex? How is it working out?

Throughout the Cavern there are various postings related to these subjects. lets combine them in one place for easy access, to make it easier for people into these subjects to find each other. Lets get it together in "Well-Bred White Girls": unprotected interracial sex, interracial pregnancy, interracial breeding!

Send your stories, ideas, experiences, beliefs to the Cavern and we'll get this section moving!


Sue's stories and ads can be seen in the Dark Cavern in many places. I guess over the years she has had over 20+ black lovers, most have been multiple experiences.

But the question of being impregnated is one we always think about.... Sue is not on birth control so we practice the infamous rhythm method and have been quite successful and the majority of our encounters have been with condoms and spermicide.

But over the last 2 years her main and favorite lover is Steff and we have let Steff fuck her without a condom... had to really explain why... I enjoy seeing another man's juices flow from her insides... it also doesn't interrupt the flow of the evening with taking off and putting on condoms. But I think Sue is secretly hoping for Steff to impregnate her, this would seem odd but she wants to keep him hers and I think the thought of having his child is her way of always having Steff connected to her needs. He would have to keep in touch frequently to see his child and service Sue at those times. Sue's biggest orgasms are when Steff has left a load inside her, usually her pussy but also her ass. I think she gets off on the idea of bearing her black lover's child as much as bearing our children...

I have thought this through many times... especially when we meet Steff and Sue is close to mid cycle and I know we are pushing our luck. I plan to tell everyone Sue and I wanted one more child but I got a vasectomy (not true) so we went to sperm bank... when the kid comes out dark we can blame it on the BANK!! A plausible story and we would say we love the kid as if it was our own... Sue would! Especially... when his father visits!


While my gorgeous wife of 37 has no desire to have a black child, she is in love with cum, both black and white, and hates to use condoms. She is careful, but there is always a risk we suppose with these things. But she wants her lovers bare. Because she almost always takes lovers in their early twenties, there is always a lot of cum. It's not uncommon for one of her young lovers to fuck her five times in a two hour period. This leaves her drenched and so full of cum she leaks.

Sara spent last night fucking a new young boy who plays in a band. He's very handsome, black, and beginning to learn that she will do anything he wants. She met him through mutual friends and quickly was taken with him, putting the moves on him after a club appearance. At first he couldn't believe this rich white wife was coming on to him but he quickly got the message and agreed to see her later. Last night was her second fuck with him and much wilder than the first. He was playing in the city and showed up at her door at 2 am. She was in full slut attire, little silk tap pants, hot teddy. Within a minute of him walking in the door, she had his 22 year old cock in her mouth. He was much more uninhibited this time, calling her his "married slut" and really putting her through her paces. She sucked him as he was standing up in the living room, then put his cock between her luscious breasts then she turned him around and buried her tongue in his ass. A real treat for a 22 year old kid... shows up at the doorstep of this rich married woman in this fancy house and within a few minutes she has her tongue up his ass.

She bent over the couch and when he went to fuck her pussy, she took his cock and slid it into her ass. She had oiled it for him. He went crazy, really lost it and just started slamming her. She lost it, screaming and cumming over and over. Kept calling her a total slut, making her beg for it. Then he pulled out and was shocked when she went straight for his cock from her ass then put him down on the couch and slid it into her pussy. The naughty slut was taking him bare... she loves bare, young, hard cock. He spent the entire night fucking her, what was left of it, until dawn. She went crazy, I watched quietly, from another room, though he was unaware. Afterwards, I, of course, had to help her clean up.

What is it about bare and young that drives them so wild? So as if that wasn't enough, she's fucking another boy tonight, 25. Her first fuck with him. Local ski bum, looking forward to the report, hope she has some cum on her tomorrow when I fly home from LA...

I am a Mexican girl who wants a black baby in her.

See My Ad & Pics in the New England Section

The Interracial Pregnancy Forum


I like to feel that I am a very well bred white girl. I am 26, and have been married for 4 years. After 3 years I discovered my husband had been playing around on me and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get even. Then one night it became very clear to me.

I work at a hotel as a clerk. One evening about an hour before my shift ended a gorgeous tall, fit, well dressed, black man came in and registered. I had always heard how well endowed black men were and those thoughts raced through my mind as I checked him in. His smile was intoxicating and he was very well mannered. After giving him his key and directions he asked where he could find some company, I told him I really didnšt know.

After he left I realized what better way to get even with my husband than to show him I went to bed with a black man. Once my shift ended I bought one of those inexpensive cameras in the gift shop and went to his hotel room door. He opened the door dressed only gray sweat pants. I asked, "Do you still need some company"? He smiled and replied "yes I do" and gestured me into the room. He asked about the camera and I explained about my cheating husband and my need for some pictures.

His bare chest magnificently sculpted I could see the outline of a large lump in his knit pants and felt my pussy moistening with desire. We locked in an embrace and soon were kissing deeply; his large warm hands under my dress enveloping my pantyhose covered ass. I could feel his cock growing and pressing against my tummy.

His hands moved to my shoulders and pushed me down, I knew exactly what he wanted. Pulling his waistband down I was amazed at the length of his cock. I said "My god its extraordinary", he said "yeah, all 11 inches for you". I began sucking the tip and getting it wet, my hands spreading my saliva on the shaft. I saw a flash and a click and realized this stud was using my camera getting the evidence I needed. Soon I was bobbing rapidly his hands behind my head encouraging me to take more. As much as I tried I could only take about a third of it. He kept telling me how sexy I was and how good he was going to fuck me. My pussy was drenched. He unzipped the top of my dress and he slipped his hands inside my bra and pinched my nipples.

He lifted me up, slipped my dress off and pushed me onto the bed. His cock rock hard, glistened and stood straight out. He grabbed the crotch of my panty hose and ripped them open and began to mount me. Then I realized something important and put my hands on his shoulders pushing him away I said, "Wait, a condom". He told me he didnšt have any and he was clean. I said, "but Išm fertile, we canšt". He started rubbing his cockhead on my clit teasing me and saying "But you need it so bad", and god I did, I was so damn horney, I needed this stud, I needed his cock, I had to have it.

I said "Ok, but be careful", he said "No problem baby" and I felt him slide into me. I shrieked in pleasure and pain. He began a slow rymthmic stroke; I was in heaven, panting like a dog, moaning and cumming almost instantly. He kept saying "you need black cock donšt you bitch" I could only nod yes as I panted. I could feel his cock bang my cervix when he said "look down bitch, there is still 3 inches left". Looking down and couldnšt believe how much cock was stuffed into my little body, it was covered with a white foam, I came again.

Then he grasped my narrow waist and said, "now I am going to give you something to show your white boy husband". My eyes wide open he sensed my question and said, "yeah, a little black baby growing in that little white belly". I began screaming no while he banged me like an animal, sweat forming all over his body, the headboard knocking the wall. I scratched his back with my nails but he didnšt stop. I kept screaming no and the neighbors banged on the wall. Soon he arched his back, scrunched his face and grunted. He said, "yeah, yeah, I'm breeding you now whore". I could feel his cock deep inside me throbbing as spurts of black cum shot into me. I began crying and kept saying "oh god no". He stayed on top of and in me for maybe 20 minutes. He said, "I want to make sure my boys find those eggs".

When he finally pulled out of me I could feel cold air enter my now gaping pussy, clumps of his cum dripping out of me. I got up, dizzy and cleaned up as best I could. And went home. I couldnšt sleep that night; worried I could be pregnant with a black baby. The next day I realized what a better way to get even with my cheating husband than to give him a black baby. I hid the camera and sure enough within 3 weeks I discovered I was pregnant. Although I didnšt know if it was my lover or my husband who was the father. Well months later I delivered a healthy baby boy, and my husband was not shocked, the baby was white.

We took the baby boy home, and 4 days later when his parents arrived I noticed my son was getting darker. After talking privately with my doctor I found out the pigment takes a few days to show. Then in front of my husband and his parents I explained that he was a cheat, and some black man whose name I can't even remember was the father. And that black man "was the best fuck Išve ever had". Revenge is sweet. My husband doesnšt cheat anymore, but I do. Black is beautiful.


I am Raylene, a 28-year-old single white female in Washington D.C. I have related exclusively to black men ever since I gave up my virginity to my first black boyfriend at age 16. I have long since lost track of that boy, but have never wavered in my attraction to black guys.

I've never taken birth control pills and always disliked condoms. (In my experience, most black guys also do not like condoms and prefer to go bare.) I used to use a diaphragm for birth control, because at least I could get skin-to-skin contact during sex. But I've always been fascinated with the link between sex and conception and often fantasized about being impregnated with a black baby. Around five years ago I started to experiment with unprotected sex. It may not be wise or "politically correct," but I can tell you for sure that it is incredibly sexy and exciting. The danger of impregnation adds a special thrill, especially when I am at a time of the month when I run a high risk of getting pregnant. The men seem to like it, too. For some black guys it's a big fantasy trip to get it on bareback with a willing white girl, knowing there's a chance his seed may fall on fertile ground. The bottom line is its just better sex!

Anyway, I used my diaphragm for the last time in early 1997 & have been trusting strictly to luck ever since. On Christmas Night, 1997 my luck ran out and I got knocked up during a long night of sex with a causal black boyfriend named Terry. I know exactly who the father was and what night it happened, because I had not had sex with anybody since my last period. This was my only night with Terry, but it was unforgettable: he couldn't get enough of me and had me four times that night.

I had known Terry slightly for several years and really liked him, but we never connected before. I knew he was attracted because he always flirted with me and joked about how we should get together. Terry is sweet and really good- looking, and he could tell I was attracted to him, too.

But before anything could happen, Terry hit a patch of really bad luck in late 1997. He had some deaths in his family and got laid off from his job. I heard from friends that he was very depressed and had made arrangements to move to another city. I felt bad for him and wanted something good to happen to him. After thinking it over I decided I would be that good thing, so I called him up and invited him on a date for Christmas Night, which would be his last night in D.C. He was all packed and ready for his flight the next day when I picked him up and took him to dinner in a nice hotel that also had dancing.

We had dinner and some nice wine and we slow-danced, holding each other really tight. People were watching us because we were a pretty couple, and even in D.C. it's a little unusual to see a racially-mixed couple dancing openly in a high-class hotel. Terry was getting excited, because I could feel his penis get half-erect as we pressed together on the dance floor. As our date went on he started whispering in my ear how much he wanted me, and trying to talk me into letting him get a room at the hotel. As our last dance ended, I put my arms around him and told him I didn't want to stay at the hotel. I put my lips up to his ear and whispered an invitation to come home with me and spend the night at my apartment. He looked like he had just won the lottery!

We left the hotel and I gave Terry my car keys so he could drive us back to my apartment in my car. When we got to my door he kissed me until I was breathing hard and felt completely liquid between the legs, and then I gave him my apartment key. He let us in and closed the door, then backed me up against the inside of my front door, kissing and feeling me hard.

After a few moments, he led me to my sofa as we started pulling each other's clothes off, but we were in too much of a hurry to get them all off. He pushed me down on my back and pulled down my panties and panty-hose while I pulled down his boxer shorts and felt his gorgeous ebony penis. He mounted me with no preliminaries, but I was so aroused I didn't need any. (I was so slippery its a wonder I didn't slide off the sofa!) His penis was large, but I was so turned on and wet that it slipped in easily and I had a terrific orgasm at first penetration, just as he was sinking full length into me. Terry was so turned on he couldn't last long that first time and in less than a minute he was spurting hard in me.

While his penis softened inside me I cradled Terry in my arms and told him how great he felt inside me. He started to apologize for having taken me without a condom. I told him not to be sorry, because that's just the way I wanted it. I whispered in his ear, "I'm all yours, baby! All night, any way you like. No barriers, no limits." When he heard that, his penis stiffened again inside me and it wasn't long before he was pumping a second load.

Terry cuddled and kissed me for a while on the sofa. We got up and stripped off the remaining clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up, which we both needed badly by then. We showered together, taking turns soaping and fondling each other, then toweled each other off and wrapped up in terrycloth bathrobes. I put the radio on low, lit candles all over the apartment and turned off the electric lights while my man opened a bottle of wine and relaxed on the sofa. We spent a really romantic hour sipping the wine in the dim light while making out and talking about man- woman things.

We were both a little drunk and a lot happy, and I slid off the sofa down onto my knees and opened the front of Terry's robe to play with his penis. It was a gorgeous chocolate brown and my white fingers with their red nails looked great wrapped around it. I slipped my mouth over the head and put my whole being into loving that strong black shaft. I played with him for a long time, several times bringing him to the edge and then stopping just before he came. It was fun being in control this time.

I rose from my knees and stood up, dropping my robe to the floor. I took Terry by his hand and led him into my bedroom and pushed him down on my bed. His penis stood up straight from all the oral attention and I climbed up on the bed and swung my leg across his dark body, straddling him. I took the black shaft in my hands and placed the tip against my vulva. My lips were really wet and I stroked them apart and settled down over Terry's penis, working it into my vagina as I went. When a couple of inches were inside and everything was pointed in the right direction, I lowered my body all the way and took him full length up me.

I looked to my right where I have a full-length mirror on my bedroom wall and I watched myself, a pretty white girl, mounted upright, wild and free, and riding this beautiful black man. Terry followed my eyes and we both watched in the mirror as I rode him to my orgasm. The color contrast in the soft candlelight was a beautiful sight. I was sitting upright, impaled full length on his penis. I watched in the mirror as Terry stroked his black hands (his hands are really large and strong) over my white belly and hips. My breasts were jutting out proudly and he caressed and cupped them with his hands, while I rocked and swayed above him. I felt warm and sexy and powerful. At his last moment, Terry turned from the mirror to look me directly in the eyes. My blue eyes locked with his brown eyes while he spurted a third load of semen deep inside me, semen that might make me the mother of his child. I rolled off of Terry and cuddled next to him. We slipped under the covers and kissed until we fell asleep in each other's arms, which didn't take long, because we were both exhausted.

I awoke suddenly several hours later, while it was still dark. Terry was holding my arms down against the bed as he mounted and entered me roughly. I was half-asleep and didn't realize what was happening until he was already inside. This sex act was different. It was hard and forceful, like I was being used sexually. I searched inside myself and found my submissive side and yielded to him. The candles were still burning in the bedroom and I looked sideways in the mirror. I was lying pinned missionary style to the bed under a powerful black man, his black buttocks rising and falling fast as he fucked me hard. I pulled my white thighs upward and pressed them in against him. The motion allowed him to sink a little deeper. I heard moaning and wondered what it was and then realized that it was me.

I felt like a total pervert. The sex was making me feel used and violated, but I was coming like crazy. I could tell Terry was about to come. I reached down and felt his testicles and the thick base of his penis. He grunted and I could feel contraction after contraction as he inseminated me. When he finished, he rolled off and lay on his back without speaking. I looked at my sweating, violated white body in the mirror on the bedroom wall. As they say in the small rural town I grew up in, I had been "rode hard and put up wet."

The next morning I didn't have to work, so we slept late and I made Terry breakfast. I felt happy and carefree, the way I always do after a man has given me a night of great sex. I drove Terry to his apartment to pick up his suitcase and then to the airport to catch his plane. We waited holding hands until they called his flight and he stood up to board. He hugged me full-body length. I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a long, wet, passionate good-bye kiss while everyone gawked at this interracial couple. I was wearing short sleeves and there were bruises visible on my arms that Terry's powerful black hands had left when he was holding me down taking me so hard that last time. We broke the embrace, Terry walked down the jetway, and I never saw him again.

I missed my period two weeks later, which was unusual because I am very regular. I tried a home pregnancy test, but the result was inconclusive. I tested a week later and the result was clearly positive, but by that time the changes in my body had already told me the truth: Terry had knocked me up Christmas Night and I was carrying his black baby. I wondered which ejaculation had done it. The first two, where we were so carried away by mutual lust we couldn't stop? The third, my "wild and free" romantic ride? The fourth, when he used me so hard? I hoped it was the third one, though I guess it really didn't matter.

Ultimately, I miscarried at 13 weeks. But in the meantime I went through some real emotional and physical changes. If people would like to hear about that, I will be glad to write about it.


To let you know a little about me, I am naturally a highly sexual person. I currently am 35 years old, married, with two children by my husband, (who happens to be white). I'm 5'8", I have sandy-brown hair that falls to the middle of my back, deep blue eyes and I am very fair complected with small freckles across my nose, cheeks and chest. I am full-figured, 235 lbs. with a large 42dd chest and 48 inch hips. I grew up in the city of Chicago and didn't have the easiest of childhoods. I grew up in a black neighborhood. Both of my parents were abusive towards me and my little brother and sister.

At the time I was 17, it got to the point that I was forced to move out. I didn't have really anywhere to go, so my (then) boyfriend let me move into his apartment with him and his roommates. I felt very secure with Carter, (who happened to be black), he always took good care of me, no matter what the situation was. He was a natural dominant, not in an abusive matter, but he always knew what he wanted and knew how to get it. I am a natural submissive, (even today), and we were just a perfect fit.

Anyway, The conditions that I moved in under was that I didn't need to get a job to support the household, I just needed to keep it clean, do the shopping, have dinner cooked and keep him and his roommates happy. Carter had two roommates, Kym and Ron, (they were both black also). They were boyfriend and girlfriend, so it was just like two couples sharing an apartment together. One afternoon, when Kym wasn't home, Carter and I were messing around pretty good. Just as we were really getting into it, Ron accidently walked in on us. I was riding Carter's big dick as he was sitting on the couch, and before I knew what was happening, Ron undressed and was standing behind the couch in front of me forcing his fat dick into my mouth! I was so taken and wrapped up in what was happening, I didn't care. The three of us went at it for hours, it was the very first time I've ever had 2 men at once and we tried everything. They took turns fucking me, "tagging-out" like they do in wrestling when they switched. They had me sit on the floor and they stood on either side of me, my mouth moved from one dick to the other, then they tried to fuck my mouth at the same time. They made me spread out on the couch and masturbate for them until I came. Sometimes when I cum, I squirt and that time I flooded the couch. We all came several times, they both took turns repeatedly filling my pussy with their black seed.

After that, it seemed as if every time Kym wasn't home, I got thoroughly ravaged by the two guys. Eventually, after about three weeks of this, I came up pregnant. I don't believe in abortions, so I was going to have the baby. Carter and I decided to give it up for adoption, to a family who couldn't have children on their own. Kym went to the clinic with me for my check-ups. The first time we went was the first time I felt like a cheap whore. When the lady asked me who the father was and I had to say I didn't know, then because of medical reasons I had to state that the possible father's were all black, she just looked at Kym and I. She must have thought that I was a hooker and Kym, (who was 24 at the time) was my Madam. After that first visit, Kym found out that Ron had a part in my pregnancy. She told me that in the past, it was common for her to fuck Ron and several of his friends at the same time to keep them all happy, but she never ended up pregnant.

After my first trimester, the four of us got very close sexually. The guys were very insistant on Kym and I putting on shows for them. We would deeply pet each other, eat each other to messy orgasms, fuck each other with strap-on's, even clean each other up after a good pounding from one, (or both) of the guys. Carter and Ron eventually invited friends over and Kym and I would "entertain" them. Since I was already pregnant, there wasn't that risk, so I became the "cum receptical". Some of these guys were huge and I thought they were going to do damage to me or the baby. I remember one night, Kym wasn't there and Carter had me fuck him, Ron and 4 other guys at the same time. They showed no mercy for me. They all fucked me roughly, my mouth, pussy and ass. It was the first time I was ever double penetrated. They took a liking to my plump ass and that's what they concentrated on for the last half of the party. At one point, Carter said my asshole hung open so wide, he thought he could fit his whole fist inside. Thank god he didn't try! I was so sore, I couldn't sit for two days.

The fun stopped for me in my 7th. month because of some complications with the pregnancy and we thought the baby was getting too big for the pounding they were giving me, so Kym became the center of attention for the next few months.

After the baby, my naturally huge tits became even bigger. Carter became even more dominant and demanding and wouldn't let me have the milk dry up. My tits became so sore, I had to release the pressure several times a day by literally milking myself to relieve the pressure. Carter said to do my part for the recycling effort, I was to drink whatever mother's milk I produced. Kym and I had lots to drink! When I had sex, my nipples used to openly "leak". When the parties started up again, they all used to get a kick out of me squirting my milk all over myself or Kym, making a huge mess, or watching me masturbate for them with just a t-shirt on, literally soaking the front of it by the time I brought myself to orgasm. After about our 3rd party after the baby, I ended up pregnant again. The guy's started taking Kym and I to "on premise" type house parties and we were fucking everybody. Things for a long time got way out of hand. Between the age of 17 and 23, I got pregnant a total of 5 times and had 5 children, never knowing who the father was and giving them all up for adoption. I met my husband again when I was pregnant with my 5th. I knew him from high school, I told him honestly about my situation, that I turned into Carter's breeding whore and I felt really scared about what might happen to me if I told him I wanted out of the circle.

Well Mike, (My husband), wisked me away from the trauma I was in. I left Carter with what I brought in to the relationship, the clothes on my back and my toothbrush. I had my 5th. child from my breeding relationship and put it up for adoption. Mike and I have been married for 8 years now and have two children of our own. We are active swingers, (in a much more controlled situation) and enjoy every minute of it. I just know that in my past, how fulfilling it was for me to have the touch, feel, taste, smell and satisfaction a black man, (men) could give me on a daily basis. And if you had a choice, be a little more in control than I was, but don't pass that chance up for a minute!!

With love, Julie


I have been married for five years to my very attractive wife. She is 28, 5' 6", 110lb, red hair, small breasts. About a year ago I found out that she has had a great number of lovers before me. She thinks its was around forty different men. I was shocked to hear this, I had always thought of my wife as a very moral God fearing woman. I soon began to question her about some of her past lovers, she was reluctant at first, but when she found out that it aroused me to hear about her past lovers. She began teasing me, and believe me she really made me hot as she would describe some of her past encounters.

Then came the time when she told me about a black guy she had sex with when she was sixteen. I can't describe how I felt when she told me. It made me so hot that I nearly came in my shorts. The thought of my wife with a black man had never entered my mind and It made me very hot. My wife soon told me about three other black men and what she did with them. My wife got a kick out of how this turned me on and would talk dirty about her with black men while we had sex.

Soon after that we bought a black dildo so I could get an idea of what her white pussy looked like with a black cock buried in it. The dildo was one of those real looking ones and was ten inches long and very thick. I was amazed at how my wife was able to take the entire thing in her, and it was a big turn on to see her cunt stretched tight around the black dildo's thick shaft. She would have the biggest orgasms when I would ram it in and out of her.

Over the next few weeks my wife continued to tease me and our love making was never better. On one occasion as I was stuffing her cunt with the dildo she told me to fuck her in the ass with the dildo in her cunt. I was shocked at what she had asked, she had never let me do her anally before. It was a remarkable experience to see her scream in pleasure as I pounded her ass as she shoved the dildo deep in her cunt. She told me later how she fantasized about having two men fuck her at the same time. She also admitted of fantasizing about having sex with a black man again. This opened up the door of us talking about her acting out her fantasies. I was turned on at how easily my wife was willing to go along with this.

Well after a few weeks we found a guy over the net in our area and invited him over. He was a thirty year old black guy around six feet tall, muscular build and very dark skinned. My wife seemed very excited when she first saw him. Our first meeting was just to get to know each other and talk, but as the night went on and we all had a few drinks things began to develop. My wife began asking the guy questions and out of the blue she asked him how big his cock was. I was embarrassed at what she said, but to my surprise the guy just smiled and said "Well why don't you come over and find out for yourself."

My wife began to blush as she looked over at me, she then got up and and walked over to the sofa and dropped to her knees in front of him. She reached up and began undoing the guy's belt, my heart was pounding in my chest as I couldn't believe this was happening. I wanted to stop her, but somthing held me back. She soon had his pants undone and reached inside them and pulled out his enormous cock. I was in shock at his size and how black it was, it was as black as coal and the sight of my wife's hand around it was very arousing.

My wife seemed to be enjoying it as she began stroking his thick shaft. I then heard her say "My God you're big". The black guy just smiled and looked over at me to see my reaction. He then whispered "Suck me baby, suck me." I couldn't believe it when my wife lowered her head and took his huge black shaft in her mouth. I didn't think she would have gone this far, after all this meeting was supposed to be just to get to know one another, but here she was sucking on this stranger's cock. I watched in disbelief as my wife began moaning as she plunged her mouth up and down his black shaft. The guy soon grabbed her head and began pumping his hips driving his cock into my wife's throat. She began gagging and choking as his cock was forced down her throat. My cock was hard as steel as I watched my wife get fucked in the mouth by this guy. She soon pulled up gasping for air only to plunge her mouth over his cock again. She was out of control and began to climax from sucking this guy. Her fingers were soon buried in her cunt as she continued bobbing her head up and down his black fuck stick.

It wasn't long before my wife stood up and rmoved the shirt she was wearing and climbed up onto the black man. I sat there and watched my pretty wife grab his black cock and lower herself onto him. She let out a load moan as his cock began to enter her, she then began working her hips driving his cock deep into her cunt. She soon began squealing and moaning as she began to climax. I got up to get a better view of the black cock that was lodged in my wife's cunt. The contast in color was an amazing sight, and to see how my wife was reacting was also amazing and arousing.

I soon heard him grunting as he said he was about to come. My wife screamed out "Oh God yes baby cum, cum inside me, give it to me" He then let out a load moan as he pumped his hips driving his cock into my wife's cunt. At that moment it dawned on me that she was not on birth control (I always pull out before I come) and was allowing this black man to ejaculate inside her.

After it was all over and the guy left I confronted her with this and she told me it excited her that she could be impregnated by a black man. She told me if she did get pregnant she could always have an abortion. Well, she did end up pregnant and did have an abortion. It is extremely arousing to see my wife act this way and she is now telling me how she wants to have a black baby and have me watch her nurse it and stuff like that, but I believe she is just teasing me again. We see a lot of the black guy and he seems to enjoy me watching. Love to hear from others into this.


Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I really enjoy the Dark Cavern and wanted to drop you a line and say so. Maybe you could post this letter in "well bred white girls," because I think my experience would fit in with that subject. The opener there invited letters from women who have been impregnated by black guys and asked what it feels like and everything.

I'm an unmarried white girl, 19, almost 20, and I'm six months pregnant by my boyfriend Donel, who is 36 and black. How does it feel? It feels just great! Amnio and ultrasound tell me my baby will be a girl, and I'm so excited I can't wait.

I have been seeing Donel for about a year and am now halfway living with him. He loves the fact that I am carrying his baby and is very tender with me. At the beginning of our relationship we often had sex that was rough, but we can't do that now because of the baby. When we make love now we usually have to use a special position: me laying on my back with my legs resting over Donel, with Donel laying on his side crossways to my body penetrating me from below. That's kind of hard to understand, isn't it? But anyway, this way we can have sex without Donel putting any weight on my belly or penetrating too deeply and hurting the baby.

I miss the intense, hot-and-heavy sex we used to have, and look forward to starting up again after the baby comes. In the meantime, I make it up to Donel by making it clear to him that I will do absolutely anything he wants with my hands and mouth to satisfy him sexually and give him pleasure. He takes full advantage of this offer! (Enough said!)

While we make love, Donel loves to stroke and caress my belly with his hands and tells me how glad he is I am carrying his baby. I just melt when he does that! When we are with his friends, he often pulls up my top and shows off my belly, fondling it with his big hands while I blush with embarrassment and happiness and excitement. It almost makes me cream my jeans, but of course, none of my jeans fit any more! Donel tells me all his friends envy him for having a pretty white girlfriend carrying his baby.

Like I said before, I am halfway living with Donel, though I can only afford a cheap apartment in a poor part of town. Donel also sees some other women and this sometimes makes me feel anxious or jealous. For instance, I know he has a four-year-old daughter by another white girl although we have never talked about it. Still, I know he cares because he is proud to take me out to clubs and other places and be seen with me everywhere. He introduces me to everybody and brags about our baby.

So that's how it feels! I'm a white girl who will bear Donel a beautiful black daughter in late June or early July, 1999. I don't know what the future holds, but right now I'm so happy and excited that I'm glowing!

Love and happiness! Elizabeth.


You hear a lot from white husbands in the Dark Cavern, but the fact of the matter is that the people most involved in interracial sex and interracial breeding are Black men (whether married or single) and single white girls.

I am Jamal, a 28-year-old Black man who is a PhD candidate at Columbia University in New York City. My current girlfriend (let's call her Ann), a 20-year-old theatre arts undergraduate at Columbia, is about to make me a father for the second time. (Her first, my second.) She is a very pretty white girl who is the daughter of a prominent figure in the New York State Republican Party. You will probably hear more of this story in the press when the 2000 Republican Party primary gets down and dirty next year. Ann's father has always projected a very conservative, law-and-order image and he has no use for Black people at all. His public position is strongly anti-abortion, but when he found out his daughter was pregnant by a Black man, he begged her to have an abortion and offered to pay for it. So it seems that when it comes to his daughter, and a mixed-race baby, all his anti-abortion principles suddenly went out the window!

Ann has resisted all the family pressure and will deliver my baby in June, 1999. She is very open about her condition and has told everyone that she is carrying a Black baby and that I am the father. People sometimes ask me how I managed to get to Ann sexually, but the truth is it was easy: she initially came on to me! (And if you could see her pretty blue eyes, you'd know I didn't resist!) Like many young white ladies from the upper classes, Ann is strongly excited sexually by the Black/white color contrast. She makes it clear when we make love that my race is a tremendous sexual turn-on to her.

As I said before, this will be my second child. My first baby, a girl, was born three years ago to another white girl whom I met and bedded while she was a Columbia student. In fact, I was privileged to be the one to take that young lady's virginity. She was a seventeen-year-old freshman and it was only her third week at Columbia when I first enjoyed her. Within two months she was with child. This young lady also comes from a prominent and wealthy family -- her father is the treasurer and chief financial officer of a Fortune 500 company. She and my daughter now live at her parents' home on Long Island, but she often drives in to see me and spend the night with me in the city.

I know there are many in the Black community who say Black men should stick to Black women. But as much as I love and respect my Black sisters, I must do what works best for me. I love the softness and sweetness of white girls, their eagerness to please, and the ready generosity with which they have offered me their bodies and their hearts. White girls have given me such joy and pleasure that I think I will continue my practice of joyful interracial mating.


I just saw the Cavern for the first time today and noticed the Well Bred White Girls pages. I thought I would tell about my own experiences.

My opinions may not be popular but they make sense to me. I think humans are predispositioned towards reproducing with the greatest genetic diversity. I think there is a secret part deep down inside us, in every interracial relationship that urges us to have babies, the baby will likely get the best of both races, in short, Mother Nature approves. Inbreeding is not nature's way. In the animal kingdom, for example, the chimpanzee, the females in heat often sneak away from their home turf and mate with males from other tribes. This guarantees a diverse bloodline and makes sure the new generations are strong.

My thought is that black men are the supreme male physical specimens. They are quite obviously more often taller, stronger, with better muscle tone (even without exercise) and evolution has made them also well equipped for reproductive success in obvious ways. Line up the average black guy and the average white guy and who do you think will look like the better stud? Again I'm talking breeding potential here. I believe our brains are all born equal, but our bodies are not.

My other thought is that white women are the supreme female specimens. We are more likely to be within the range of human attractiveness to males than other races perhaps. Of course there are pretty women of every race. I'm talking in general. Being a white woman makes me biased but that's just my own opinion.

So it should be no real mystery that there is such a "thing" between black men and white women, a "thing" that simply isn't nearly as intense between other interracial couples of a different mix. I challenge any of you to tell all of us truthfully that a white man with a black woman or an Asian man with a Hispanic woman is anywhere near as hot as a Black Man/White woman together. There is just some kind of intensity that is unmatched with any other pairing. I feel because it is the best of man and woman together.

I am now 36 and I have had white and black lovers. I now only care to have black lovers, they just excite me in ways white men don't. I could try to describe it but they simply do it for me. When I was with a black man the first time I had been dating him for a couple of months and it took everything I had to delay going to bed with this man. He was so sexy and he was everything a strong black man should be, over six feet, muscled and athletic, polite and gentlemanly, and he smelled really good! I went home after each date with my pussy absolutely dripping and I was so amazed, this had never happened to me before with white men. I had dated white men whom I was attracted to but they never seemed to hit me with such a visceral sexual response as he did. The night I gave myself to him was one I will never forget, I had never seen a black man's cock before and the size and thickness frightened me. But it made my mouth and pussy water like never before and before long I was on my hands and knees on the bed, begging him to take me doggie style and I came instantly when he entered me, and had several orgasms when he fucked me. He told me that I was born to be screwed by black men and that my body belonged to him and that he was going to make me his forever by impregnating me, while he fucked me and when he said that I came so big, in the middle of our screwing I began to gasp that I wanted him to shoot his cum inside me, to make me pregnant with his baby. He sort of grinned and said it seemed like a good thing to do to him.

I couldn't believe my own words but I did not seem to have any control over myself. My own body seemed to get into the correct position for him to achieve maximum penetration without thinking and I could feel my pussy spasm and milk his cock like I had never done before. I swear my cervix seemed to vibrate inside me as he came inside me and I orgasmed with was like, my body knew it was born to be bred with a black man, and his ebony cock was only too happy to put my aching pussy to good use.

After a few weeks of being with him our lovemaking settled into a routine where we would try really hard to get me pregnant. I would suck on his hard cock for a few minutes until he was ready to cum then he would sink it into me to the hilt while I lay on my back, folded up with my ankles on his shoulders. We would lie like that for long minutes while we felt his hot sperm shoot inside my quivering body. I have never felt more hot or animal and sex had never felt so intense and explosive. The act of doing it with the intention of being impregnated made us both crazy with lust.

After that first big cum he would be ready for serious fucking and then we'd do whatever amused him. But that first one of the night was for me and though I was hungry to taste his cum I wanted it in my pussy even more.

We talk about the whole getting pregnant thing and I can only tell you that it excites him as much as me. We agree that there is a special magnetism between white girls and black men and as I have explained, I think it's evolution, I think we white girls can't help ourselves when we get our chance to breed with a real stallion. I think something inside us just clicks and nothing seems more "right" than carrying a black man's baby, and even married women who are cheating with a black man feel that crazy feeling where you just want to actually feel his cum making you pregnant, you want to feel that bomb going off inside you. Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Dizzy Dana


This is mainly in response to Dizzy Dana's intriguing and insightful post on interracial breeding. Although her theory may sound a bit bizarre to some, I think she is right on! I came across this kind of thinking several years ago and initially, found it very offensive. While visiting a white couple I'd met over the Internet, I asked why the lady of the house only slept with black men. After talking about how black men were better lovers with bigger and thicker dicks, they got around to discussing their "genetic theory."

Basically, they argued that blacks are physically superior and the men have huge dicks in order to attract and breed with white females. That idea bothered the hell out of me for several weeks, but it also got me to thinking. I'd always believed that all men are created as equals and that the playing field was level. Hell, I'd even refused to believe that black men even had bigger dicks, let alone that size mattered. Like the old saying goes, it is not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean that counts. In retrospect, however, I was wrong and it took a very conservative white couple to show me the way.

A little bit about myself; I am a black male in my mid forties. I'd never thought of myself as being well hung until I was in my early twenties. While in the military and taking a shower, a white friend said to me, "Wow! I bet you can satisfy any woman you have with that thing." Then he laughed and called me "donkey dick." The name stuck. I didn't give it any thought.

Over the years, I found that condoms were a drag. They never worked right and would often rip along the top (I am very thick). I figured that I didn't know how to use them and give it little thought.

More then twenty years after my military experience, I ran into Jane (not her real name). We dated for several weeks. She did oral and liked me to rub my cock all over her body. She did not let me fuck her. Said I was too big and that she was scared. I figured that since I was the first black man that Jane had ever dated, she might be a little hesitant about doing "the wild thing" with a black dude. I decided to be patient and supportive.

When we finally had sex, it really was a wild kind of thing. The next day she called to ask if I had any kind of STD because her pussy hurt. Since I hadn't been with a woman in almost two years, I knew better and concluded that she was experiencing guilt because she let a black guy fuck her. I shrugged it off to her racism and let it go. Several months later, I asked her if her pussy still hurt after sex and she said, "no, I only needed some stretching is all."

One night after doing it doggy-style for a very long time, she started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she refused to talk about it. Later that night she woke me and told me that while having sex, she wanted to have my baby and that she knew she must not do this. Things went downhill from there. We both had a lot of baggage from our individual childhoods, and I knew that I did not know how to raise a child and neither did she. Jane did not know how to do an intimate, one on one relationship, and neither did I. So, we went our different ways and, as usual, I didn't give it much thought. I did hurt a lot, though.

But after logging on to Dark Cavern for almost a year, I am starting to see things in a different perspective that I don't yet fully understand. It's getting harder and harder to remain in denial about, what may be my own, sexual superiority.

Looking at things on a purely intellectual level, the force of nature/evolution makes perfect sense. Even slavery and colonialism seem a natural fit. After all, had it not been for slavery and colonialism, the United States and all of Western Europe would be mostly white, as in Eastern Europe. In order for nature and evolution to work, a way had to be found for people in Africa to get to Western Europe and the United States. If nothing else, the institutions of slavery and colonialism did just that.

But all of that aside, would I want to father a black baby for a white couple? Probably not. On the other hand, if I met a white couple with whom I felt comfortable. It would have to be a slow process of me getting to know the couple and the couple getting to know me. After all, making babies is serious business.

The wife and I would need a special connection that is okay with the husband. There would have to be a deep friendship and understanding between the three of us. The lady and I would have to be natural kissing mates and the sex would need to be special. Mostly, if husband wants to watch or take pictures, it would be fine. On those days when the lady and I make babies, I'd demand total privacy. Later, if after my cum has had a chance to soak into wife, husband can come in and clean up.

Then there is the matter of raising the child. I want to be part of its life and have the opportunity to be there for him or her and to let the child know me as their father. And for the parents to allow me the opportunity to be a part of their family.

For me, sex (even interracial sex) is about relationships. And good relationships require good energy. Despite my being a well hung and well heeled brother, I spend most of my time alone, reading (science fiction, spiritual stuff and thrillers), listening to music (Coltrane, Miles, hip-hop and the Dead) and playing an addictive computer game (SimCity). Contrary to popular opinion, us brothers aren't always spending our time fucking white women. A lot of us are laid back and mellow types who have a few white women friends whom we are always glad to see. A lot of times they are couples and we are always glad for the husband to visit us, too.

But as I've already said, I don't much understand the draw between black males and white females. I do know however, that it is there and I like it or not, am part of it. Should anyone want to help enlighten me, I'd sure appreciate it.


My name is Melissa and my boyfriends call me Mel for short. I'm a single white female, 25 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm about 5' 2" and 115lbs, 34B-26-34. Guys tell me my butt and my long hair and blue eyes make me attractive.

I saw your ad about well bred white girs and wanted to tell you about my own story. I just got my computer last month and have been looking at all the sex stuff out there when I came to that Blacks and Blondes page, I had no idea there was so many folks out there doing that kinda stuff. I was real curious and so eventually I found the Dark Cavern.

You said something about black guys who wanted to breed with white girls and I think I met one of those two years ago when I was in college. I grew up in the midwest in farm country and had only seen black people on TV when I went to college. I went to a school in Tennessee and there was maybe 20% of the people going there were black and it was a big school so thats a lot of black people and it really was amazing to me.

I guess I was kind of stupid with the questions I asked them cause I'd never met black people before. They were sometimes real nice and sometimes looked at me like I was a fool. I just was real curious I guess. I had a black girl in the dorm room next to mine and she became a good friend of mine too. She told me that my questions were just natural and if I liked she'd take me out to some black parties and fraternities and stuff and I could see what black parties were like.

We went to a black fraternity party one Friday night and it was the first real big party I'd been to on campus there, I was like maybe one of only three white people there, all girls. The music was real loud and unfamiliar rap stuff and I felt kind of out of place. My friend Shondra went dancing with some guy and left me by myself there in the middle of all those black people. A couple of guys approached me and asked if they could get me a drink and I said ok, they gave me some punch that had like grain alcohol in it, it was real strong and before too long I was pretty wobbly drunk but I can remember everything good. Shondra was going to ride to the store with her boyfriend and asked if I was ok and the two guys said they'd take care of me.

One of the guys wanted to dance with me but I was too drunk and so he said we could just go outside and maybe get some fresh air and I'd feel better. His name was Travis and his friend's name was Dean. They asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint and I told them I'd never done it but sure I heard it really made you feel good so I did it. We went out back of the frat house and there was a little courtyard with some shrubs that made it more private. The stuff was really powerful and I was like in another world, and I started sort of dancing around and acting silly while they kept feeding me hits on the joint and telling me how sexy I was. I'd never thought about interracial sex before and the idea seemed funny to me. Me? A white girl? Do it with a black guy? No way! It just wasn't done, the way I was raised. I told them that and Dean was quiet but Travis got a little upset with me, he was like, "you're too good for a black man, are you?" And I didn't answer but felt kind of ashamed for thinking that way. "No, " I tried to explain but I was too messed up and it didn't make much sense. They called me stuck up and said I was a racist, if I wasn't I wouldn't think there was anything wrong with kissing a black man. I said now kissing ain't such a big deal and before I could react Travis kissed me hard on th emouth. It surprised me but he did it again and I kissed him back too this time, our tongues touched and it felt good and wild and slippery.

Then he started squeezing my boobs and I got kind of scared and told him to stop, pushed him away and started to go back to the house but I kind of tripped and fell to my knees. Before I really knew what was going on Dean was up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders keeping me on my knees. Travis unzipped his pants and told me that I owed them for the pot and liquor and this was how I was gonna pay him back. I said "you're crazy" but couldn't get up and I figured maybe if I just do this they'll let me go inside and I can go home, I was pretty drunk and my head was kind of dizzy feeling.

Travis pulled out his dick and it was really big and dark and thick and seeing it in the dim light of the courtyard it didn't seem real somehow. As Dean held me down on my knees Travis walked forward and pushed it to my lips, and I didn't really resist that much but didn't do that much for him either, just let him poke it in and out of my mouth over and over. I remember him saying he loved seeing white girls suck his dick and that he was going to cum in my mouth and give me a shot of his black whiskey, or something like that. And sure enough he did cum real hard it seemed like and I didn't try to swallow it but let it run out of my mouth and down my chin, it got in my hair and on my neck and between my boobs too.

They weren't rough with me but I was just so drunk and uncoordinated. They flipped up my skirt and took off my panties. Travis got down on his knees and took his cock out and pulled me down on my hands and knees, pushed it in my face until he got it in my mouth, I think I did start to suck on him about then and kind of enjoyed it. But Dean was behind me kneeling on the ground now and his dick was real big and hard. I felt him pushing against my bare pussy and I knew it was wrong but I didn't try to stop him either. He teased me with the tip of his dick then he put it inside me and started to push against me, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me onto him, I thought I would cry cause he was real big but I was getting more into it and pretty soon he was going in and out easy. He leaned over close to me and said he was going to make me pregnant with his baby, and that I'd always remember this night because of that. Travis said yeah I'm going to cum inside that white pussy too and you're going to have the black man's baby, no white man will want you anymore and you'll belong to the black man. I started to say no but Travis told me to be quiet and put his cock back in my mouth so I couldn't talk. Dean got kind of rough and I felt him fucking me real hard. I had only done it twice before with my boyfriend in Oklahoma so this was real powerful fucking for me plus he was much bigger endowed than my old boyfriend too.

Dean squeezed my boobs as he screwed me doggie style and Travis was hard in my mouth again when I heard Dean say, "oh shit baby I'm cumming in that white pussy and you'll have my black baby" or something pretty close to that. He had hardly cum and stopped pounding into me when he got up and he and Travis switched positions. Travis now was doing my white pussy doggie style and Dean was telling me to lick him clean. I had drunk so much that when Dean's big cock poked down my throat I gagged and had to be sick from the liquor. After a few minutes they saw I was going to be OK and they told me my white pussy belonged to the black man and I had better remember that. They left me there in the courtyard with my dress bunched up around my waist, my pussy dripping with their cum and my lips were chapped and raw from sucking them. I stumbled inside and found Shondra and she took me home but I didn't tell anybody what happened. It didn't exactly seem like rape and I was embarassed.

A month later I found out I was pregnant and tried to find the guys but nobody at the frat house knew them it seemed like, and I know I did something even more stupid but what I did was start dating a black guy in one of my classes who was real nice. I slept with him on the second date and then convinced him I was pregnant with his baby. He still thinks it's his baby and now I'm pregnant again with really his baby this time.

I don't know if I'd have dated black guys before my experience but now I can truly say I enjoy black men and even though it wasn't all nice, I think about that first experience with interracial sex and the memory has made it erotic rather than scary. I'm now happy to be pregnant with my black lover's child and the way I see it, color has nothin to do with it, if you love the guy, you're happy to have his baby. I don't see it as a race issue at all.


Hey guys I'm Gabrielle! I'm a white woman age 20 who has just had a black baby. I love him dearly and wouldn't change anything, but the circumstances could have been better. I thought your readers might be interested in how I got pregnant in the first place... it's a pretty different story.

I went to college for a year and a half and then I ran out of money. I went to a college in Maryland close to Washington DC. My parents wern't rich so I was working these awful waitress jobs and making hardly enough money to survive even with tips.

I was working the late shift when some guys came in, they were maybe in their 30's and looked like businessmen, two black guys and one white guy. They were nice and before they left the white guy came to me and said in a whisper, "How old are you?" I told him I was 18 going on 19. "Hey you're really pretty would you like to maybe dance at a bachelor party we're having?" I was like, "what kind of dance do you mean?" and of course they meant a strip dance. I said NO but the guy just smiled and said, "hey, no problem, here's my card, we'll pay you $1000, just call me if you change your mind, its in two weeks."

Now a thousand bucks to a starving college student was like gold. I hardly slept that night and finally my roommate told me to just do it and get it out of my system or something.

A few days later I broke down and called the guy back. He was real nice and remembered me. He said the groom was partial to blondes and he liked them tall and thin and leggy like me. I should tell you that I'm kind of a bean pole, I'm 5' 10" and maybe 130lbs, mostly all legs I guess, I have blonde hair about down to my bra strap and I have green eyes with gold specks in them. I won't lie, my face isn't really like some beautiful model or anything, I have kind of a big nose and so forth, but my body is real tight and I don't have a shred of body fat. I jog several times a week and keep fit. I guess I'm kind of typical for what you'd see in strip clubs, good enough body, average face. I had been without a boyfriend for like, six months at that time.

My heart was beating really fast when I went to the bar they had rented for their private bachelor party. I was wearing street clothes but carried a bag with my "costume", which was a thong bikini as the guy, Jeff, had requested I wear when he "hired" me. I had poofed up my hair so it was real big and put real slutty makeup on and looked like I should be in a Motley Crue music video.

When I came into the darkness of the bar it took me a few moments to realize I was probably the only white person there and definitely the only woman there. They hooted and whistled and I was real embarrassed, never done this before but a thousand bucks was real money to me. Finally Jeff came over, the white guy, and told me, "Great, glad you showed, here's your dressing room" and pointed to the ladies' room. "Are all the guys... is the groom... black?" I asked him in a whisper in his ear. "Yeah, the groom's name is Tony and I want you to show him a real good time tonight" he said with a wink. I said I was here to dance and strip for them but that was all we agreed on. He acted like it was no problem, and my jaw dropped as he handed me the thousand dollars, ten hundred dollar bills. Then he peeled off five more hundreds and put them in my hand. "Give Tony A Good Time" he said kind of slowly like I was a little child. I gulped but nodded, unable to give back five hundred bucks just put in my hand, it was too easy to accept. I wanted to ask exactly what he wanted me to do but he looked at his watch and said for me to come out in ten minutes.

The PA system was blaring real loud when I came out and the guys went crazy, it was such a rush, a feeling of power and sex that I'd never known before. I danced as good as I could and did a slow strip too, I'm sure my inexperience showed but they were appreciative. There were maybe 20 guys there watching all black but one.

When at last I was buck naked the guys pushed Tony up to the stage and urged him to dance with me. I'm a tall girl and most guys are around my height but Tony was a giant. I learned afterward he was a professional athelete, it was arena football I think he played. He was easily 6' 5" and over 300 lbs. He smiled real big when he came towards me and I was scared to death, he was so big and muscular looking and... black! Dark as the ace of spades and I was naked there and he was going to put his hands on my body. I know I looked scared but he actually had a bashful look on his face like his friends were making him do this. We embraced and we briefly did a slow dance but his huge hands squeezed my pale butt cheeks as we swayed to the music. Then he kissed my neck and shoulder and licked my shoulder and then he pulled my head back by my mane of hair and kissed me on the lips. I felt very sexy suddenly and just sort of surrendered to him and kissed him back. He pushed me back a little bit and then both his huge black hands were squeezing my creamy white breasts and pinching my pink nipples until they hurt but they were very hard. I was clearly scared out of my wits and the guys passed up shots to the stage and they urged me to down them one at a time, I did four shots of tequila and felt real warm and very friendly somehow.

Tony told me to lie down on the stage but I did not want everybody watching us. I asked him if we could go be alone and he said, "No my friends paid for this and they get to watch" I had some tears in my eyes and he said, hey, come down here to the bar and we'll fix you another drink. I walked down to the bar still naked and the guys gathered around in a circle. I had a sense of being outside my body just watching what was happening like I wasn't there even. I leaned over to pick up the shot glass and when I did Tony grasped me by my hips and rubbed his bulge against my butt. My eyes got a little bit wider when I realized he had taken out his cock and was rubbing it up and down on my pale butt cheeks and around my slit. Then I felt hands reaching out and touching me, a dozen hands it felt like. Tony seemed to be hard now and I felt pressure against my pussy as he tried to push inside me, I closed my eyes and put my head down on the bar, half in shame, half in anticipation of getting fucked!! I was dry though and it wasn't easy, that's when I looked over my shoulder and DAMN he was hung like a dinosaur, I wanted to run away but was packed in the middle of all those black guys pawing my white naked body. I heard Tony spit in his hand and he lubed up his cock then tried again, it went in a little bit but the size of it and my fear made it hurt, I moaned real loud and he started making shallow stabs over and over in my pussy trying to juice it up, finally he started to go deeper. It felt like my insides were being torn up and I gritted my teeth and beat my little fists against the bar until he got all the way inside me, I was stuffed! Like when you eat way too much your body feels like it has a log inside it, that's how my pussy felt, stuffed and tight and I could feel him inside me so deep it seemed like he was touching my stomach somehow.

I reached down and felt just above my pussy hairs and I could swear I felt it move in my belly as he fucked me so deep. He put his large hands around my waist and started to screw me real slow and deep, in and out, in and out until I was real slick and I started pushing back against him. I had never had a cock that big before and it was making me feel real horny now. I wasn't thinking about it being a black guy I was just getting fucked real good. The guys were all chanting his name and pinching my nipples, playing with my hair, hands stroking my ass and legs and arms, then he started doing it real hard as they chanted his name. I wasn't ready for that and I thought he would kill me he went so deep, it hurt and I worried that I might bleed inside from the battering he was giving me. His huge black hands squeezed around my waist so hard it drove the breath out of me "I can touch my fingers around that pretty white waist" I heard him say to me hot in my ear. "Now I'm gonna plant that seed deep baby are you ready?

I think I moaned yes, yes, hoping this would be over soon. He reached around and held me by my breasts and I looked down and saw my pale creamy boobs held in his huge dark hands- that did it!! I came so hard, I shuddered and shook in his grasp. Seeing my white titties in his black hands for some reason just set me off and I came real hard. He felt me responding at last with passion and with a grunt he pushed real hard into me, punishing my pussy to the limit and he pulled me backwards by my breasts, arching my back until my long blonde hair fell against his chest and I screamed aloud. I felt hot spurts of come inside me and I suddenly felt really juicy and warm and wet down there. He squeezed my boobs so hard it hurt and I resisted him but his strength was incredible. At last he let go and I saw red marks on my tender white boobs, felt sperm dripping out of my trembling pussy and down my thighs.

Then before I could turn or do much more, another black man took his turn behind me and entered my slippery pussy with his cock. It wasn't near as big and it seemed to just feel slippery and good and didn't hurt a bit, I tried to turn around but all those black guys still had their hands on my body and they were urging me on and there didn't seem to be anywhere to run.

The guy popped his nut real fast and came all over my butt cheeks and rubbed his come into my skin. Then another guy took his turn, real slowly and sensuously, so that, I did come again from his fucking me, one of the black guys reached down to stroke my clit and now I felt myself surrendering to the moment and I did enjoy myself, forgetting about the consequences. This next guy poked his finger into my asshole when he shot his load inside me, and I'd never done anything anal before, the feeling was wild and new to me... it make me come even harder than the first time. I was weak and exhausted and could hardly stand now and they bent me over a couple of bar stools, pulling my legs apart and then another hot black cock got shoved into my trembling pink pussy.

In all five guys screwed me and emptied their loads into my white pussy that evening, it seemed to last forever but probably only lasted about an hour. They weren't mean to me and all they wanted to do was fuck me, I wasn't asked to do anything else. I seemed to have come all over me, on my butt, down my legs, in my hair somehow even. The last guy was a real firehose and he shot it all over me. I was shaky and trembling when they decided they were done and Jeff the white guy came over and led me back to the bathroom, he gave me an extra hundred and told me I did just perfect, thanks babe, that sort of thing. I put my clothes on and left the building and the black guys hardly gave me a second look as I left. I went home feeling slightly drunk, and very well fucked, sore in fact. I missed my period next time, and sure enough, I was pregnant. I called "Jeff" back and he said it could have been any of those guys, and he offered to help me pay for an abortion but I didn't want to do that.

That was about twelve months ago. I have a new baby boy and I love him very much. My parents were real disappointed with me but they got over it in time. I wish I had a husband and father to love the baby too but I am thankful for a healthy baby.


Hello...I am slave Kelli. My black Master has commanded me to write to you. He is a frequent visitor to your web site and wants me to tell you about black/white interracial sex and D/s and breeding.

My Master has trained two other white girl slaves before and he has been training me for about six months now. The others set boundaries and tried to order things as they saw fit. That was not true Submission at all. They did not last. I have promised to be a good and proper slave, I would not dream of questioning or refusing my black Master, for it is not a slave's place to do so. I live with him and serve his every need. He works and provides for me and in turn I am his to command, his every desire is mine to fulfill. I do all the housework and cooking and make his life very comfortable at home. He in turn provides me with protection and love and gives me a great feeling of belonging and being part of something.

I was not always my Master's slave. I was once a normal girl working in a boring job and wondering why my life seemed so empty. I met my Master while I was working in a men's clothing store. We felt something together at our first meeting and we exchanged phone numbers. I had never considered black men before but I knew from the way my stomach felt tight and nervous that he was my Destiny. After a couple of phone calls it was established that he was a Master and I was looking for someone to call Master, someone to give me a reason to be alive, to care for, that I was a submissive.

Things moved quickly after that. In just a few short weeks I had moved in with him. I learned my first lessons as his slave the first night I moved in with him. In time I became closer and closer to his vision of my being the perfect white bitch slave to my dark Master, I am compliant and serve him without question. He is kind to me though passionate and I enjoy his power and urgency, I enjoy him enjoying my body, for I know that in offering him my body I am serving my black Master well.

Other things he has taught me. That it was fate that we should meet and have our Master/slave relationship...that it was fate that I be a white girl and he be a strong black man... that our racial difference is a necessary element in my submission to my Master. He taught me that the only way for white women to atone for the sins of our men against the Black Man is for us to serve the Black Man sexually, without resistance and with greater love and devotion and enthusiasm than we would have shown our white men. That the greatest act of submission for a white woman is to allow a black man to make her pregnant, for her to offer him her body for him to claim as his own, to impregnate her and so to own her for all time.

He was very adamant on this issue: my supreme act of submission will not be found through the sexual games we play... not through my daily task of giving him a blowjob every morning when he wakes up... not through offering him my white pussy to screw morning, noon, and night, as he desires... not through submitting to anal sex, something he enjoys but I find less pleasant, his large black penis forcefully proving to me who is the Master... it shall not be through the bondage games he forces me to play, being tied to the bed, or handcuffed... my body bound and helpless to resist... the Ultimate Submission to my black Master would not be achieved by my service to his friends: twice now my Master has had me sit under the table while his buddies and he play poker: the winner of each round receives a blowjob by me. I am not allowed to see them and am brought out blindfolded, and instructed when to do it... nor would my Ultimate Submission to him be achieved by what I had considered to be the most submissive act I had performed, allowing him to piss in my mouth, him forcing me to drink it, suck on his hard cock even as the golden liquid sprayed onto me, then down my throat, no, that wasn't enough to prove my ultimate submission to my black Master:

I must allow him to impregnate me, as many times as it pleased him, to truly submit and to truly be a good and willing white bitch slave to my black Master. I must allow him to own me in the most primal of ways, to allow him to mark my body in a way that none could deny. All would know I was owned by him, his slave by the swelling of my belly and the black babies I would give my Master. This was a serious command and he made sure I was well aware of the seriousness of my submission and compliance with his wishes. That our games were not games but an essential way of life for me and a pledge by me that I would always remain faithful and loyal and submissive to his needs and desires. This is as it should be. This is the right way of things. My place is kneeling at his feet, to ask what his command shall be. My place is a place of honor, in his bed, worshipping my Master with my poor white body, offering him myself, body, mind, and soul. To take my mouth, pussy, or ass, whichever he desires, to pleasure himself with. To atone for the injustices suffered by the Black Man by allowing him to use my body, in any way he sees fit.

This I have done willingly, my soul empty and my body lifeless without his presence inside me, without being able to pleasure him with my body I would surely have lost all hope of happiness... to feel my body open up to accept him feels like coming home. Feeling his hot cum spurt out and touch my skin or burn inside my body feels like being reborn. Feeling his power and urgency, his hard black penis working like a piston inside my trembling body, reminds me of my place and assures me of his love. I will do it. I will take his cum inside my pussy and cherish it and not let it go, I will invite it into my most secret of places and submit to his dominance. I will make my body a temple in which to accept his seed and prove my devotion by tending the life he has placed inside me. He has shown me great favor. He has made me so happy. He has made me pregnant with his child.

My belly swells now and my Master is here. He pats my large belly and tells me in a quiet voice that I have done well, and would continue to serve him well as a mother to his children. I beam with pride inside to hear that he wants me to mother his children. Nothing could be a greater honor.

He calls, and I must go to him. If my letter is good enough to get posted, he will allow me to finger myself to orgasm for him. Slave Kelli.


I'm Eddy a 40 year old black man who has fathered three babies with three different women, two of them white. I know my brothas won't be happy with me but I prefer white women and don't even find black woman attractive anymore. I like the feel and softness and more often, the petite figures white girls have. Nothing makes me cum harder than seeing a sexy white slut on her knees sucking my chocolate stick, seeing their eyes wide in surprise at the size, seeing them look half scared half excited just before they get black!! White women who dare to go black are usually very uninhibited and very curious and anxious to try different positions and do stuff black women would not usually do. They are more axious to please and like sex more I think.

Now I was only married once but I don't see anything wrong with having babies either, I am "there" as a father to my children married or not to their mothers. There was and is love there between me and the mothers and we are on good terms, I take that responsibility seriously.

I saw this section about well bred white girls and was kind of just enjoying the "forum" stuff, sex stories and all when I came to that girl Dizzy Dana's letter. Damn, at first, I was thinking, this chick has a lot of balls to say those racially charged things, but then, I thought, if not in the CAVERN then where else? And I ain't one to talk too loud either because I've made two different white women pregnant and I will just admit that, making them pregnant was a hot sexual thing for both of us and I got hotter thinking that I had planted my black seed in their bodies, and that my "race" had like, I don't know how to say it, but like, me being a black man, I had like, succeeded in breeding with these white girls and the white man had failed to do it. I had "won" a battle in evolution or someething, won a battle for the black race by spreading my seed not only to a black woman (my first wife) but to these two white women too. I don't want to marry again and enjoy being a stud, a free-lance.

Now the reason I wrote in was that guy Thick Head wrote something about realizing his sexual superiority, and I have known about mine for several years now. I knew from the Army just like him that I was very well hung, beyond what is normal for white men with only a few exceptions (there are some hung white guys in the world believe it or not) and I knew that I had some kind of magnetism that women responded to, black or not.

Also he wrote about a time he had with one of his white girlfriends and I was so amazed it was similar to an experience I had...... He talked about doing it doggie style with a girl and her crying and telling him she wanted his baby but knew it would make him unhappy and damn, it's similar to what happened with Stacy my latest sexy white girlfriend.

I met Stacy at a college football game party and I know you brothas know what I mean, she gave off that "vibe" that meant she wanted some black dick! And I was more than interested, she was a cute little thing, about 5' 5" and blonde hair / blue eyes (ooh yeah, love blue eyes) She was only 26 and I was 38 at the time, but I don't look all that old really and I'm in good shape.

Well we ended up being lovers and one night we were doing it doggie style, this was like, maybe the fifth time we'd had sex. I'm a full ten inches and thick, no shit serious black snake, and we had to take it easy at first. But this night she urged me to "put it all the way inside" her and I tried but couldn't go the whole way, no matter how hard I pushed there was still a couple of inches left. I could feel her nub inside and there was no more room in the inn, baby!! I didn't think I was hurting her, she was really into it and was panting like a bitch in heat, thrashing that long blonde hair around and moaning and whimpering. I got a good piston action going and just really let go like we hadn't done yet, I love it when a girl gets so hot she begs you to really do it hard like this time.

But after maybe ten minutes of me really gettin busy she started shaking and trembling. I thought, she's having the big O but after maybe twenty more thrusts she didn't quit and I heard what I thought was a sob. I relaxed then and still inside her tight puss I asked her if she was ok, and she was crying, tears just running out of her pretty blue eyes. I was afraid I'd hurt her but she shook her head no. She said it hurt a little but that she wanted me to never feel like I had to hold back, and she said that, she would do her best to not complain and take all of me. I was kind of gentle with her then and said, "hey baby this is for your pleasure too, tell me what feels good and what doesn't" and she wiped her tears away and blurted out, "I felt something I never felt before, I'm going to be pregnant with your baby... I was ovulating and I just know you did it to me tonight."

Now I know a woman can't really feel that but she cried again and said if I didn't she'd go crazy and she really wanted to have my baby. I was shocked but something about that really made me hot and I said, "yeah and if I didn't yet let's make sure I do!" We kept going then and I shot two more loads into that white pussy that night.

Matter of fact, we kept fucking all weekend, and each time, I told her I was making her pregnant with my baby, sending her into shattering orgasms, I had never seen a chick so crazy about getting pregnant but she was. Now she knew I didn't want to marry but she said that nothing ever felt so right to her and she wanted to have babies and wanted her babies to have a real stallion for a father. Nine months later she gave me a beautiful girl.

I'm always looking for the next white girl who's interested in having my baby, and love being a father. I love white pussy and nothing feels better wrapped around my dick. Those girls get so addicted to my licorice stick they will do anything I want. If that ain't sexual superiority what is?


I grew up in a rural area of Pennsylvania and had strict parents that did their best at teaching me what they thought was right for me. I tried to be the girl they wanted me to be, but that all changed when a new girl was hired at the store where I work. Kim was from a larger city and was obviously more worldly than I was used to. We became best friends and did everything together. She was wild and made me feel different inside and made me saw what I was missing in life.

Our routine was to drive into the city, about 45 miles away, and go out on the town. I never had any trouble attracting boyfriends but at age 22, I still haven't found the right man. I have more fun going out rather than be tied down. I soon found that things were about to change. This particular night she took me to a club in a part of town that quite frankly made me a bit nervous. She told me that it was a black neighborhood but not to worry, that she grew up near here.

We entered the club and I soon saw that most of the people were indeed black. We sat at the table and I could feel a thousand eyes on me. I had on a cotton sundress that was low cut in the front and my usual thong panties. I always like to show off my cleavage to see what kind of reactions I get when guys come up to me. Tonight it felt like I was being undressed with all their eyes.

After quite a few drinks were bought for us, I started to feel more relaxed. After turning down a couple requests to dance, a large man came up to me and I felt something tingle deep inside me. He was about 6' 3", shaved head and a cute smile that just dazzled me. He was such a good looking blackman, yet I caught myself thinking he was attractive, but never thought I would think this way. He asked me to dance and I instinctively went with him. His large black hand took my small, petite white hand and the contrast in the skin colors made me hot.

Maurice and I danced a few dances and a slow dance came on. He held me tight against his body and I felt the bulge in his pants as he pressed his crotch against me. I started to feel wet. His hands were all over my ass as he kissed my neck and then as I looked at him, our eyes met, and we locked in a full blown tongue twisting kiss. I was so hot and horny I felt weak.

He suggested that we go someplace more private. I went over to Kim and before I could even say anything, she was already winking at me. I guess it was obvious to everyone what was going on at the dance floor. He took me to a room upstairs and shut the door. There was a bed and not much else but I was more interested in undoing his pants. I released the biggest dick I had ever seen. I started to suck on it and could hardly keep from gagging it was so huge.

After a bit of foreplay, he pushed me back on the bed, spread my legs and pushed into me. It felt soooo good. It was so great that I almost didn't even think to stop him and tell him to use something. He kept pounding away and it felt so good I didn't want him to stop. I tried to tell him, what about protection, but he just kept going and I didn't stop him. I just wanted more of his black dick in my pussy. I came so hard I just yelled out. I never had such a powerful orgasm as that one. I knew that I had to have him.

I could tell he was getting close. He told me that my pussy belonged to the blackman now and he was going to plant his seed in me. I just couldn't stop him. I felt another orgasm coming on and didn't even care that he was about to cum. He kept telling me over and over that I am the blackman's property and he owns my pussy. No other white boy will ever want me and I will never want to go back to them.

He was right. Since that night, all I crave is a big black dick. Nobody ever satisfied me like Maurice. I didn't get pregnant that night, but I do want to have his baby. I want to feel his seed inside me, growing, and to raise a black baby. That would show him my loyalty to him. I have since quit my job and now I live with Maurice, taking care of all his needs. He provides for me and in return I get satisfied like never before. My next goal is to try and convince Kim to have a three-some with us, but if and when that happens, that will be another story!