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We want your experience with our sites to be an enjoyable one, and we're here to answer any question you may have regarding your membership status and address any problems you encounter using our sites.


Q: “I don't want my husband/wife/lover to know my dark secrets.
What shows up on the credit card bill if I join?”

A: Our billing descriptor doesn't contain any adult terminology.  When you read your statement you will see or some variant thereof, and there will be a customer service # to contact.


Q: “My password doesn't work! What do I do?"

A: A common problem with site access is not using the correct case. If you chose BAseBaLL as your password, you have to type BAseBaLL EXACTLY to access the site. Typing baseball will NOT work, usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. If your username/password combination still doesn't work, then please try to retrieve/refresh your membership information by clicking here.


Q: “I want to talk to a real person right now!”

A: You may call our billing agents 24 hours day, 7 days a week.  1.888.596.9279.


Q:  "I made my profile but nobody is messaging me back!"

A:  While we can't force people to respond to your messages, we can offer you help to make your profile more attractive.  Feel free to email us at the link below if you're stuck on a description or just not sure what to do.  Remember:  a good, clear profile picture and a detailed description can work wonders.  People want to know exactly who they're talking to when they're considering starting a conversation with you.


Q: "My issue isn't covered here.  I want to talk to a site admin!"

A:  We're happy to help.  You can email us at and get an answer to any question you might have.  We look forward to hearing from you!