Dark Desires in poetic form.
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Of couples trying 3way sex
To crank it up a notch;
She fucks total strangers
For a man who likes to watch;

Of strangers wanting pussy
With no fear of rejection,
And secret keeping housewives
Who can't afford detection.

Of housewives opening up their legs
For men they hardly know,
And masturbating husbands
Who sit and watch the show;

Of husbands often overwhelmed
By needs they hide in games
Whoring out their better halves
To men who have no names

Of better halves who seek to quench
The voyeur husband's thirst
By walking into motel rooms
To see who'll fuck her first

Of motel rooms and black men
In need of something white
They all want willing ladies
To suck and fuck all night

Of sexy married ladies
Naked, on their knees
Allowing big dicked strangers
To use them as they please

Of big dicked strangers, smiling.
They're fucking Whitey's wife!
They're getting all the pussy
They been denied in life.

Of pussy, sweet white pussy
Ohh ... how sweet it is!
And lucky is the nigger
Who finally makes it his.

Of niggers sporting fuckpoles
Twice the normal size
Fucking her white pussy
Right before his eyes

Of pussy, sweet white pussy
Ohh ... how sweet it is!
And lucky is the nigger
Who finally makes it his.



You gotta love white pussy when
Your black cock's only halfway in
And she lifts up and tells you she wants more.
His meagre cock hard as wood,
Her husband's chanting "Fuck her good"
And shooting his juice all over the bedroom floor.

His wife spreads her legs wider,
Wanting all your cock inside'er,
Panting and squirming like she really wants it bad.
Thats when you bury it to the balls,
Enlarging her vagina walls,
Getting more of that white pussy than her husband knew she had.

With ever inch of depth you gain,
Pleasure overrides her pain,
And she opens up like the mouth of a Mason jar.
Her labored breathing fills the room,
As your cock penetrates her womb,
And she can't believe your big black cock is up in her that far.

"FUCK'ER! FUCK'ER!" hubby begs,
As you pound away between her legs,
With no idea you're turning his wife into a black cock whore.
He just knows he won't get none,
At least, not before you're done,
So he jerks off, urging her to ride your cock some more.

Watching you fucking his wife
Is his favorite thing in life,
And its a good thing that his wimp ass feels that way.
His wife's gonna be a black cock whore
And she ain't gonna fuck him anymore,
So he'll be watching black men fuck'er until his dying day!



I may not even know you but still each night I pray,
And ask the lord to keep you safe and happy everyday,
I hope your life is full of joy and that your dreams come true,
I may even want your dreams to happen more than you,

I hope that when we meet you're satisfied with what you see,
And humbly hope that you'll accept the very best of me,
I read and study just to give us things to talk about,
And manage my finances so you'll never go without,

I save up for our dream house with the fence around the yard,
Work out so you can lie next to a body strong and hard,
I only want the Lord to keep me safe so you can have me,
And I can live to be the best man for you that I can be,

I only want the best so I can give it all to you,
You're the most amazing woman that I never knew,
Don't even know your birthday but swear I'll never forget,
All I do is all for you and we've never even met,

Whoever you are and wherever you are I love you with everything I am,
Have ever been, and will ever be. God bless you...


I donít need a lot just the simple basics,
Gentle words, gentle touch,
Honesty and trust, communication, commitment,

Laughs and tears,Is this asking to much?
Dreams together, life and hope,
Building and honoring never letting go,

Is it a fantasy or can it be real?
Is what I need really only a fairy tale?
Kindness and care open arms always there,

Baring it all without cowing behind a solid brick wall,
Together as one yet separate and free, Yet always seeming to fly in unity,

Growing and learning each and everyday,
And above all else loving one and other,

Can this happen can it be true?
I believe in my heart it is something that will,
So I wait and see what will come not rushing,

Not hurrying just enjoying my life before,
I find my other half and two become ONE!


Darkness deepened within the room,
spreading a comfort instead of gloom,
Her breathe could be heard,
Although she never said a word,
Feelings of lust were felt,
As my anexity began to melt,

Body against body, flowing with our own beat,
Movement exhausting until our energy was deplete,
As the sunlight shed its first ray,
She vanished into the dark, to my dismay.


Look deep into my eyes,
Do you feel I am telling lies?
When I say I love you it is true,
Please believe there is nothing I would not do for you!

When my world seems grey and clouds come over to send me astray,
A simple thought of you and the sun appears making everything ok!
I donít want you to walk alone or even feel you have too,
I am here right beside you every step every mile every day!

When youíre feeling a burden and it is just feeling to much,
Give half to me and letís carry it together with love,
Please donít turn your back on me if youíre feeling sad,
I want to be there to dry the tears as they slowly trickle down your face!

When you are cold please let me start a fire to warm you,
Then let us snuggle, feeling our hearts beat in rhythm together!
I know it is hard to bare it all to share yourself and let down that wall,
But I want you to know I am here,

That I am not going anywhere,
And that what we share is true beautiful and unique,
And what you show me will remain locked forever in my heart,
And you are the only one who will forever hold that key!

Letting you know I love you very much!
I would rather be hated for who I am, then liked for pretending to be someone I am not!


Sweet and fond are my memories of you,
Whenever I think of you I become melancholy and blue,
Sitting alone watching TV I look at you empty chair,

I think back to the times we used to snuggle,
And I'd run my fingers through your hair,
I really wish you were here to cuddle,

I miss you so much,
Your warm and tender touch,
I would give anything to have you back in my life,

To resume your place as my loving wife,
To be blessed with you in this short life,
Is worth all the stress and strife,

Come back to this ever-longing soul of mine,
To have you again would be so divine.

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Some of you guys will be surprised
At what I'm about to say
You'll say, "Whose this lame? I ain't hip to his name,
And where did he learn to play?"
Well, I was just 21 when the story begun.
It started back in '98.
In '99, I was behind
The penitentiary gate.
So, you see, my friend, my beginning was my end
And the deck was stacked from the first.
But, before I go, Let me tell you about this 'ho.
Its for this bitch's blood that I thirst.
One Saturday night the jungle was bright
And the gamers stalked their prey.
The code was crime behind the neon sign
And the weak was doomed to pay.
Blood was shed for the sake of bread
And drunks got rolled for their poke,
By the murphy man, the slight of hand.
And the sweet words the con man spoke.
The daughters of vice made love for a price
And even the law was corrupt.
I felt like crying but I kept on trying.
God knows it was a bitter cup.

On these jungle streets, I chanced to meet
A face to me that was new.
All teary eyed, "Hey daddy" she cried.
"Can I do some business with you?"
Well, I didn't mind cause she was truly fine
And I planned to steal the dame.
I thought with a glee, oh golly gee
I'm getting ready to game.

You've heard bitches complain about the wind and the rain
And the snow being asshole deep.
And sucking them two dollar dicks
Nodding so tough from fucking with stuff,
they can't even see a god damn trick.
They be yardin with Mose, panning good ho's
And doing their business on time.
Playing dope addict tag with the man with the bag
And the pimp ain't making a dime.

But this beauty I found hadn't been around
And she didn't really know how to play.
She gave me her heart and from the start,
She did everything my way.
That ivory queen could stand between
raindrops, sleet or hail.
Stand on hot bricks and turn them tricks
Through hurricane, blizzard and gale.
She tricked with Frenchmen, torpedoes and henchmen,
To her they was all the same.

Hindus and Siouxs, and Apaches and Jews.
She barred no phase of the game.
She tricked on trains, buses and planes,
And tricked in Timbuctu.
And, as the lust for gold seemed to claim her soul,
My bankroll grew and grew.
We hit Hollywood when the picking was good
And she tricked with quite a few
She did Walter Winchell and made Confidential,
Jet, Life, Look, Ebony and Hue.
We did real nice. We had a Fleetwood twice,
A yacht and some Maltese kittens.
But my luck took a break. I made a fatal mistake.
I stopped smoking and started hitting.

I fell thru the gates of hell
And I put my own self in the cross.
As my habit got taller, my bankroll got smaller,
And everything I had, I lost.
Then the girl took sick and couldn't turn a trick.
Her ovaries fell, you see.
She had lockjawitus and rectititus.
She was through as a bitch could be.
Wanting to be fair and play it square,
I didn't just put her out raw.
I said, "What the hell? My woman ain't well."
And I suggested a wife in law.

What should I find but this bitch of mine
was fickle as any dame.
She wouldn't accept no outside help
And she suggest I quit the game.
She said "I sinned for wealth and lost my health
So you could play a bit.
You turned dopehead and blowed the bread.
Now you talking this stable shit.
I'm hip to the way you pimps try to play
And the shit you run on us frails
But I swear on my soul, if you leave me cold,
I'm putting your ass in jail."

I looked at this dame with her love long claim
For she done stopped my bread.
As I was packing my shit, getting ready to split,
This is what I said.
"Baby, you aint no lame. You hip to the game.
They call it cop and blow.
You've had your run and now you done.
I'm getting me another 'ho.
I can't make no swag on a swayback nag
And yo' thoroughbred days are past.
I'd look plumb silly riding a crippled up filly
Down a track thats way too fast.
So step aside and let me slide.
My bankroll's rather slack.
I feel the surge of the narcotic urge
And the monkey's all over my back."

Well, as I settled back in another whore's shack
Getting ready to cop a plea,
There was a sound like thunder and the door shook under
And I said "Who the hell can this be?"
The roller walked in with a hell of a grin,
mixed with a deadly expression.
"If your name's Don, don't try to con.
All I wants a signed confession."
And that bitch stood there with her finger in the air
and laughed til the rafters shook
"I told you you'd grieve if you tried to leave.
Now I hope they give you the book!"

In a furious rage like a lion in a cage,
I sprang across the room.
And, with a hell of a grunt, I floored that cunt.
It sounded like the crack of doom.
Then a vicious blow sent me to the flo'
And I sank in black repose.
When I awoke, my jaw was broke
And blood was on my clothes.
I played it real strong but it wasn't too long
'til they hauled my ass to court.
You shoulda seen the shit that bitch had writ
On the book for the police report.

From a 6 x 6 cell in the county jail,
I watch the sun rise bright
The morning chill and the morning still
That gives slumber to the neon lights
And I say good-bye - good-bye to it all.
May the game be the same when I'm thru doing this fall.



It was a private swap party - a watcher's delight
It started at 9 and it lasted all night
So we were both looking to have the time of our life.
We were cranked up, horny, and ready to play
She couldn't wait to give some pussy away
And I was looking forward to another man fucking my wife.

My wife didn't wait very long at all.
She let her skirt and blouse both fall
And walked up to Lee in nothing but her underwear
His shorts tented out as she shed her bra
He oogled her titties as she jumped in the spa
And he started playing with his cock right then and there.

I joined her in the water all out of sorts,
Amazed at what she found inside his shorts.
That guy had the biggest WHITE cock we had ever seen.
Giving his hairy balls a squeeze,
She took him in her mouth with practised ease,
And she sucked his cock like she wanted to get it clean.

An older black man in the pool
Was busy stroking on his big tool
And obviously itching to fuck my white sweetheart.
I lifted her up so her legs were free,
and she kept right on sucking Lee,
As her ass floated up and her legs drifted apart.

I told the black man to take a ride
I even pulled her panties aside
And watched as he slipped his big cock up and in.
Hot and horny's how my wife got
With Lee in her mouth and Bill in'er twat
And I was urging the old guy to hit her with at again.

Lee's cock was big as god damn horse,
And she was anxious to fuck him (of course)
But I don't think she wanted everybody in Richmond to see.
Lee was anxious to give her the bone
So he led us off to a room of our own
Where he could fuck her with nobody watching but me.

Long and hard and really thick,
Lee stuffed her pussy fulla dick
And stretched it out and filled it like no one had before
I jerked off like a guilty sinner
Watching him sticking that big cock in'er,
And I ended up cumming all over their nice clean floor.

I saw him bury 9 inches, maybe
As far as he could inside my baby
I knew he was pumping her pussyhole full of jiz.
Moaning like crazy thru quivering lips,
She lifted up her ass and rolled her hips
Trying to hang on to that oversized cock of his.

I may be stupid but I ain't dumb.
My wife liked it - it made her cum.
It fired us up and then both of us wanted some more.
We ran into Jim in the upstairs hall
His dick was as hard as a cannonball
So I told him if he wanted, he was welcome to fuck my whore.

We found a room with a single bed
She started by giving him lots of head
And I watched his cock get as hard as safety glass.
Already fucking her in his head,
He pushed my wife down on the bed
And hiked up her dress, exposing her naked ass.

I wish you could have seen him smile
As he stuck it in her doggie style
And fucked her deep like he really wanted some.
I was sort of their sex instructor,
Holding her down while Big Jim fucked her,
Urging him to fill her cock starved pussy up with cum.

He finally stopped cumming and so did she
Then he pulled it out and winked at me
And told me my wife's pussy was the best he'd ever had.
He patted my shoulder like he was a friend
And told me he'd be happy to fuck'er again
Then gave me directions so we'd know how to find his pad.

After he left, we both felt nice.
She'd already been longdicked twice.
And she still wanted more like I wanted more to see.
Back downstairs we quickly flew,
Looking for another guy to do,
Anxious and more than ready for strange dick number three.

I told a black guy standing there
I had wife I was willing to share
He looked her over then asked me where and when
"Here and now", I said too quick
Wanting to see her suck black dick
Then I stepped aside and watched as he moved right in.

He pulled her dress up around her waist
And ripped her panties in his haste
To get at that good white pussy between her thighs
He kissed her deeply on the lips
And pulled her to him by her hips
Grinding against her and letting her feel his size.

When she pulled out his big, black cock
Long and thick and hard as rock
My wife immediately dropped down to her knees
She licked his cock from North to South
Then took the whole thing in her mouth
And sucked it while I gave her ass a squeeze.

Then she laid down on her back
Showing him her hairy crack
And slowly spread her legs out really wide.
He quickly buried his black pole
Deep within her pussyhole
And tried to get the whole damn thing inside.

I watched him fuck her pussy good
Just like we both thought he would
He stuck every inch of his big black dick inside my wife and hid it.
He fucked my woman like she was his
Then shot her pussy full of jizz
While I was busy jerking off and watching him as he did it.

When he pulled out, she heaved a sigh
And kissed his big, black cock goodbye
We both watched him walk away and disappear from sight
After that, my wife was through
And there was nothing left to do
But take her home and fuck'er the rest of the night.



When it comes to getting off,
We've all got our thing.
A certain secret turn-on
That makes us want to swing.

Mine is watching others,
Especially my wife.
When she's got a strange dick in her,
I love it more than life.

Nothing makes my dick so hard
Or gets me off so good.
Nothing else cums close to that,
And nothing ever could.

I'm glad she craves the black ones
More often than the rest.
Of all the guys she spreads for,
I like the black ones best.

Their cocks are always bigger
And they make her really hot.
She seems to give the black ones
All the pussy that she's got.

She cums like she's in heaven
When they do it to her rough
And then she starts to fuck'em
Like she'll never get enough

And when they cum inside her,
She flashes me a smile
And serves up hot white pussy
Like its going outta style

She sucks their dicks and swallows
Like a shameless little whore
And shows off for my camera
While I jerk off on the floor

They fuck her in her pussy
And fuck her in her ass
And sometimes even make her
Swallow semen in a glass

All night long, I jerk my cock
Watching my wife swing
'cause when it comes to getting off,
We've all got our own thing.



Love is a flame that burns with a sacred fire,
And fills you up with sweet desire,
Yet, once the altar feels love's firey breath,
The heart becomes a crucible until death,

I must say that love is life,
That's why we men strive so hard to find a wife,
Love is but a synonym for bliss,
That's why there's so much passion in every kiss,

Say anything you want to of love,
Surely it is a gift from heaven above.


I'm just sitting here thinking of you,
How I can pound your pussy black and blue,
One of my greatest pleasures in life,
Is when i'm fucking another man's wife,

I don't mean sneaking around behind hubby's back,
I mean with him watching us in the act,
Encouraging me to fuck you really good,
Like a great hubby always should,

You and he can even do a 69,
While I fuck you from behind,
He can watch my dick slide in and out of you,
Whilst licking your pussy really good too,

When we're done fucking you and I,
He's already in place to lap up the creampie.


I revel in the emotion created by you,
Before you my life was empty, barren, and void of any meaning,
I can't remember what my life was like before I met you,

There were no fond memories, no lingering kisses, no gentle caresses of your nice tight ass.
How lucky I am that you agreed to be my wife,
You have done so much to enrich the quality of my life,

I love you so much it hurts me to leave you to go to work,
I implode with joy and happiness when I return home to you.


Why do I love you so much,
Because you always come through for me in a clutch,
No matter if my life is going up or down,
I can always count on you to stick around,

You're the best friend I've ever had in my life,
That's why I'm so ecstatic you're my wife,
When I first met you I didn't think I had a chance,
When you agreed to go out with me my heart did a dance,

Now every time that I look into your eyes,
My heart grows wings and flies,
I know I'm the luckiest guy in the world,
That you decided you'd be my girl,

I'm so happy that you came into my life,
Now I know I can deal with any stress, turmoil, or strife,
No matter what pitch the game of life throws my way,
I know I'm ready to step up to make the play,

I thank God everyday for hearing my plea,
And delivering a suitable wife for me.


Hi baby can you come out to play,
How was your day ?
I sincerely hope it was nice and easy,

I'm a tall dark handsome hunk,
I'm 6ft tall 220lbs shaved bald and yes baby I can do it all,
I want to take you in my arms and kiss you from head to toe,

I'd love to kiss you on both sets of your lips,
Paying particular attention to the pair between your hips,
Yes baby I want to rock your world,
Because I want you to be my special girl.

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Down in the jungle way back in the sticks,
The animals had a pool hall and the baboon was slick.
Every morning 'bout half past ten,
You could see all the pool sharks drifting in.
There was Mr. Baboon, sharp and neat
A hip muthafucker from 42nd Street.
The signifying monkey from the cocnut grove
With his alligator knobs and a one button robe.
The monkey said, "Mr Baboon, I've heard it said throughout this nation
Can't nobody beat you playing rotation.
But, frankly speaking, I think you're lame
So rack'em up, punk and I'll try you a game."
The monkey grabbed a stick and the baboon the chalk
And around the table them 2 hairy muthafuckers walked.
They both anted up with a 10 dollar stake
The monkey flipped a coin and quite naturally, he won the break.
He quickly sank the 1, 2, 3
Then said, "Wait a minute, houseman. I gotta pee."
He pissed out the window and shit on the floor
Made a dead combination on the 5 and the 4.
He made the 6, 7, 8 and 9
In different pockets at the same damn time.
10 in the corner and the 11 in the side
And he gave the 12 a helluva ride.
But that left the cueball hooked up behind a titty in the corner pocket
And the baboon started to laugh.
"You gonna laugh, muthafucker, You better laugh soft!"
And with a 5" curve, he picked the 12 ball off!
The 13 and 14 followed the rest
Into them pockets like birds to the nest.
The 15 fell and the job was done
But the monkey banked the cueball just for fun.

The baboon tried to explain to his fans
How the jive assed monkey had tied his hands.
He said, " All of you guys know I'm hot.
This hairy muthsfucker didn't gimme no shot."
Then he quickly devised an alternate plan
And turned to the monkey with an outstretched hand.
"The game's over Mr. Monkey and I guess you win
But you gonna have to gimme another chance at that ten."
The monkey said, "Mr. Baboon I didn't know that ten was your last
But before you get it back, you have to whup my ass!"
The monkey jumped up and crossed the floor
And the baboon jumped up and barred the door.
He shot out a jab, hard and straight
And that monkey jumped back like a P-38.
They found a stump that fit their rump
and started playing a little game called Coon King.
The baboon cut aces and disc'd the 5
And throwed hot, scalding water in the monkey's eyes.
The monkey spread dueces and disc'd the queen
And made a switch in the deck ain't nobody seen
Cept for Mr. Squirrel sitting over on the bed.
When he saw that hand, he fell over dead.
The Baboon surrendered and told'em he quit.
The monkey said, "Muthafucker, you ain't shit!
I got a mind thats weak and a back that's stout.
I've won a little cock change so I'm cutting out.

He was strolling thru the jungle when, under a tree,
He saw Mr. Lion with his leg cocked up trying to pee.
Now the monkey was always ready for lying
So he decided to do a little signifying.
He said, "Mr Lion, there's a big pacaderm looking muthafucker down the way
Talking 'bout your family in a helluva way.
He said he fucked yo mammy from ship to shore
And he said your daughter was a no good whore.
He said, "ya daddy's got the blue balls, yo momma's got the clapps
And your sister's overseas selling pussy to the Japs!"

The Lion said, "Mr. Momkey - I can take a joke,
But they ain't no muthafucker gonna talk about my folks."
He went tearing thru the jungle ripping limbs offa trees'
Knocked a giraffe clean off its knees
'til he found Mr Elephant under a tree
And said "Big muthafucker - its you and me!
Open your eyes and raise yo' head.
I'm whupping yo' ass for something you said.
The elephant glanced up in mild surprise
And said "You better find somebody yo' own damn size."
The Lion hit'em with a hook and made a right hand pass
But the elephant kicked him flat in his ass.
They fought all day and part of the night.
And I don't know how the lion survived that fight.
Next day, he was crawling thru the jungle - more dead than alive
When the monkey started some more of his signifying jive.
He said, "Mr. Lion, Mr. Lion - I thought you was a king,
And now I see you ain't a muthafucking thing!
Yo eyes is black and yo ass is blue!
Some mean muthafucker's had aholda you.
He knocked you down, spit in your face,
Broke 5 of yo' ribs and kicked your ass outta place.
And don't try to say you didn't get beat
Me and ya old lady had a ring side seat.
And now I'm up in this coconut tree trying to get a little bit
And you come thru the jungle with that roaring shit.
Furthermore Mr. Lion I think you're a punk
And I'd whup yo ass if I wasn't so drunk!"

The lion said, "Mr. Monkey, you look fine to me
Sitiing up there in that Coconut tree.
You better stay up there safe and fine
"cause you come down here and yo ass is mine!"

Well, the monkey got to laughing and jumping around
His left foot slipped and his ass hit the ground.
Like a bolt of lightning and a streak of heat,
That lion hit'em with all four feet.
The monkey looked up with tears in his eyes
And said, "Please Mr. Lion, I apologize!"

The lion held him down with a razor sharp claw
And started to tell him about the law.
He said, "Mr. Monkey. I ain't gonna kick yo ass for lying
And I ain't gonna kick yo ass for crying.
I'm gonna stomp yo ass for signifying!

Well, the monkey thought where there's a will, there's a way
So he decided to try a little Broadway play.
He said, "Mr. Lion - if you'll just let me get my dick out the dirt
And my nuts out the sand.
I'll fight yo ass like a natural man!"

Now, those were the bravest words that lion ever heard
So he took a step back, getting ready to fight
And that jive assed monkey jumped clean outta sight!
When he got back up in his Coconut tree.
He said, "Mr. Lion - you 'bout the dumbest muthefucker I ever did see.
All that shit about being so fast.
Your're too fucking stupid to catch my ass.
Game! Set! Match! Now gimme the cup
Fore I get mad and fuck you up!
Go tell yo mammy and yo pappy and yo sister too
How the signifying monkey made a ass outta you.
And, furthermore, you fuck with me agin,
I'll turn yo ass over to my elephant friend!"



He was big and black and sexy in a shiney silken shirt
A 2nd hand acquaintance, someone Andy met at work
The girl was something special they had come to share
But Andy, drunken Andy, might as well have not been there.

Strip poker got it started. Its always breaks the ice.
And these 2 really liked it cause they got to dare her twice.
They both worked together stripping off her clothes
Until my wife was naked except for garterbelt and hose.
Then Bubba lost his trousers and revealed his throbbing cock -
Big and black and long and thick and harder than a rock!

That's when I told both those guys to lean back on the bed
And urged my sexy better half to give'em both some head.
I was so excited when she reached for Bubba's dick
I grabbed up Andy's camera and began to click-click-click.
While I was jerking on myself and trying to be cool,
My wife just started sucking on Bubba's big black tool.

It seemed the more she sucked it, the bigger that it got.
And watching her go down on him was really really hot!
His cock was BIG and long and black and her so soft and white.
Watching as she sucked and sucked was more than just delight.
Then he urged her to "Suck it" like I was hoping he would.
Guys tell girls to "suck it" when the sucking's really good.

When Andy saw the photos and asked could he take one,
I let him have the camera while I went and joined the fun.
When Andy took the camera, my dilemma had been solved.
I didn't have to sit and watch. I could get involved.
I took hold of Bubba's cock and when he raised his hips,
I held it out for wife to take between her parted lips.
I held it while she sucked it. That made everybody hot.
We all got so excited we were cumming on the spot.

Bubba's lust went up a notch when he saw her wedding gown
No one had to dare him. He just pulled her panties down.
Then he laid her on her back, spread eagled on the bed.
Bubba started fucking her so I got me some head.
We shared her for a moment, tasting pleasure at both ends.
But Bubba soon took over. We were never really friends.
So I just watched with Andy and masturbated some
While Bubba got the pussy and filled it full of cum.
He fucked her like a stallion and she took it like a mare.
And even though I only watched, I'm glad that I was there.

He fucked'er like a lady and he fucked'er like a whore
He fucked'er on the bed and he fucked'er on the floor
He jerked off on her titties and got her hot as hell
Then he fucked her one more time and really rang her bell.
I thought it might be over but I really should have known.
Bubba couldn't bring himself to let my wife alone.

He took'er in the bathroom and leaned against a shelf.
He jerked off while he watched Jeanne playing with herself.
With that ejaculation, he was finally out of gas.
But he couldn't seem to stop himself from playing with her ass.
And he was on her titties every time he got a chance
Until he grew another bulge inside his wrinkled pants.
He pulled it out and laid her down and slowly slipped it in.
Before I knew what happened, he was fucking her again.
And this time it was perfect. She took all he had and more.
Its a fucking I'll remember til I reach the other shore.
Back and forth. Up and down. In and out and in.
He stayed deep inside her pussy 'til he felt her cum again.

"Right there!"she shrieked, delighted that he still had more to give.
And I'll recall what she did then as long as I may live.
She arched her back just like a bow and didn't touch the bed
With anything except her heels and the top part of her head.
Her legs were spread, her pussy full of Bubba's long black pole.
She gave him more than pussy. She let Bubba fuck her soul.

After that he fucked her everytime he came to town
And maybe even fucked her when I was not around
She'd get on top and fuck herself, enjoying every thrust
Until he flipped her over and gratified his lust
She loved to give him pussy and she never held it back,
I loved the way his big, black dick filled her tiny crack.

When she told me BIG BUBBA was a 3way dream come true.
I told her, "Its always good when Bubba's fucking you!"
And time has not diminished how it feels or what we got.
When we remember Bubba, I get hard and she gets hot.
I hope it doesn't end with death. If there's an after life
I'll gladly spend it watching big dicked Bubba fuck my wife!



From your words my loins almost explode,
A phone call made the distance between us erode,
And I share in all that you feel,
There is no doubt that what we have is real,

And there is a bond, called chemistry,
Separating you and me,
Thoughts of you, thoughts of your gentle touch,
Thoughts of us engaged in romantic antics and such,

And it was due to a call on the phone,
Which lets me know my heart is no longer alone,
The sound of your voice gave the emptiness chase,
As I gave in to thoughts of the grace of your embrace,

Tigress and wolf water and fire,
Happiness, hope, love and desire,
No longer need I hide,
The feelings which I once locked deep inside,

Due to your vibrant tone,
What I once knew as a spark is now a firestorm full blown,
Separated by more than a mile,
Every word you uttered gave me reason to smile,

Even over the static,
Your words made my loins and heartbeat erratic,
While I listen to you,
I'm bombarded by thoughts of not just the feelings we share,

But the things to one another as well as together,
We'll do while we spoke, I held back from claiming your heart as mine,
Thoughts some devious most divine,
Kisses from head to toe, on your cheeks and neck as well as your spine,

From like to love, we're in sight of crossing that thin line,
Listening to the words as they form on your lips,
I long to fall asleep inside you as my hands grip your hips,
I ache as I think of your breath upon my skin,

I long for you my muse, my heart, my soul peer, my soul twin,
All due to a call all due to wires and a connection,
The chemistry flows in a reciprocal direction,
Due to thoughts of you my heart now sings, Awaiting happily the next time we speak after the telephone rings....


I dream of our bodies in motion,
Rocking back and forth likes waves of the ocean,
Between the sheets building a fire of unquenchable desires,

I can feel our bodies working up a sweat,
As we make the bed soaking wet,
I dream of our bodies in sweet surrender,

Of our love making so warm and tender,
I can feel your legs wrapped around my waist,
As I keep thrusting into your special place,

My tongue wrestling yours into submission,
As we make love upon my bed,
Images of you are racing through my head,

I'm whispering my name in your ear,
Telling you how much I love you my dear.


When God decided to make me a man,
He put the fate of the world in my hand,
I'm an average cableman by trade,
An incredible lover I've been made,

Whether you're a redhead, brunette, or blonde,
We can get together and have lots of fun,
It doesn't matter if you're short or tall,
So long as I stroke your pussy from wall to wall,

So dude what's up with the two of you,
Can I come over to fuck your wife too?
I realize you took a vow to be faithful to him,
Now you both seek another to pleasure your quim,
My name is Neal and I'm for real,
I've got a 10" dick your wife would love to feel,
Come as you are Miami FL is not too far,
You can come by plane, train, bus, or car,
I'll fuck her better than any porno star.


How long have I waited for someone like you to come along,
Hoping and praying but not knowing when or just how long,
All I could do was wait patiently and suppress the emotions,
Wondering how long before my dream would arrive,

Dreaming of sexy chocolate lips with a fullness that aches to be kissed,
Yet missing you and niether of us knowing that the other even exists,
The satin texture of your neck I longed to suck feeling you tremble,
I want to send the chills that warm your spine,

Touch you when you're cold with warm hands sending shivers through you,
I want to tell you all the things you thought you'd never hear,
Then ask for how long you had done waited to hear those things,
I want to let you know its more than just a sexual fire,

These things I want encompass mind, soul, and all of your desires,
I want to show you how to fly while lying still,
Two bodies and souls merged in one single will,
I want to show you how music can ravish your body from inside and out,

Then leave you lying there naked and trembling with goosebumps,
If you dare to ask for how long I will tell you for life,
Promises not just made verbally but shown in subtle ways in life,
I want to show you exploding red skies,

Engulfing sunsets with your eyes closed,
I want to do be show tell feel all these things with you,
Then when you move from the how long to the why,
I can simply say because you're my dream.


Looking at your wife as we are dancing,
Her soft sensuous lips are inviting and enchanting,
My hands moving all over her body,

Copping a feel of her ass, her tits, and stroking her pussy too,
Damn she turns me on so much my dick is about to burst my pants,
I'm struggling just to continue to dance,

Our hips are grinding I'm dry humping her on the dance floor,
Finally the DJ plays a slow song,
I pull her close to me and really begin to grind her,

I lick her ears and kiss her neck,
Whispering softly baby please let me take you home or to a hotel,
I'm ready to fuck now baby please I can't take anymore of this tease,
It's time to move on to please.

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Black men fucking white girls
Has always been my thing.
Everytime I see it
I wank my ding-a-ling.

I love the way white women
Give it everything they've got,
The contrast leaves me breathless.
Black/white sex is really HOT!

And now my wife's infected
With the very same disease.
She's got several black guys
Fucking her anytime they please.

She lets me watch'em fuck'er
And it really makes my day.
I love it when she spreads her legs
To give some pussy away.

Bubba, Harold, Alan,
And some guy who's a trucker.
She knows how much it thrills me
To watch'em when they fuck'er.

My thanks to all you black guys
Who fuck my wife so well.
You've made our marriage perfect!
We're in heaven! Can't you tell?



Strangers, I let fuck my wife,
Dominate our sexual life.
Black ones, white ones, large and small,
Big guys, thin guys, short and tall,
Lingerie and parted thighs,
I've watched her fuck a hundred guys.

I have no fantasies to share -
Just memories of being there,
As big, black men with bigger cocks
Invaded my wife's hairy box.
And as I watched and wanked and teased,
They used her anyway they pleased.

I've learned to reminisce of late,
Remembering as I masturbate.
With cock in hand, I close my eyes
And see my wife with other guys.
Recalling, as we watcher's must,
Every titillating thrust.

They fuck her right in front of me.
Making certain I can see.
So I can watch and masturbate,
And suffer every watcher's fate.
As good as all the get offs were:
Someone else was fucking her!


He was black and hung like a horse,
He wanted to fuck her, of course.
And it thrilled me when she said she'd be his whore.
I saw his big cock rise
As she opened up her thighs,
And my wife thrilled me as she seldom had before.

She's the sexiest woman I know -
A certified black cock 'ho.
The answer to every horny black man's dream.
And she always wants it again
If they stick it all the way in
And fill her sweet white pussy full of cream.

For some reason, I like it too.
And there's nothing I'd rather do
Than watch her spread her legs for a well hung black.
Its really an arrousing mix -
White pussy and big black dicks.
I guess that's why my sexy wife and I keep coming back!



I have been away from you for far too long,
I have missed you more than mere words can say,
I still love you deeply even until this very day,

Wheter it be winter,spring summer or fall,
Seasons matter to me none at all,
You are the true love of my life,

The only one to ever hold the title of my wife,
I was a complete fool for letting you go,
Everyday my heart repeatedly tells me so,

Life without you is just a continuous stream of meaningless days,
Please come back into my life and resume your roll as my wife.


Lying here in your arms brings chills down my spine,
Never did I think that one day you'd truly be mine,
Hand in hand we feel each others touch,
Never did I think I'd ever love someone so much,

With our legs entwined the more comfortable we become,
Never did I think you'd understand where I was coming from,
Words that you whisper into my ear are said just the right way,
Never did I dream you would feel compelled to stay,

Our hearts begin to race as time passes by,
Never did I think I'd be your type of guy,
Candles flicker in the background making the atmosphere romantic,
Never did I dream you'd actually be my girl,

You came into my life and changed my world,
The warmth in the room begins to rise,
I find comfort just gazing into your eyes,
Desires for you will forever remain,

My passion for you I will always maintain,
Expressed thoughts were said that we've both tried to hide,
Never did I think you would share your secrets kept deep inside,
Feeling your body next to mine brings a whole new height of ecstasy,

Never did I think you would end up lying next to me,
Silent words are shared throughout each and every kiss,
I never thought anyone could make me feel like this,
Alone the two of us lie in a moment we'll always treasure,

A moment of bliss brought about by absolute pleasure,
As the sun begins to rise the excitement begins to fade,
Never did I think you would follow through on the promises you made,
Gazing into your eyes I can feel the love,
You're my angel sent to me from above.


My that's a lovely dress your wife is wearing today,
She's so sexy,sensuous,alluring,and ready for play,
My eyes keep roaming her body from head to toe,
Making my dick spring to life and start to grow,

You're one lucky man I can tell you so,
I first noticed her as she was walking down the street,
As I laid eyes on her my heart skipped a beat,
Her radiant smile kindles the fires of my erotic desires,

Are you guys swingers by chance ?
I'd love an opportunity to get into her pants.


A caress upon the shoulder and a shudder at the touch,
A rising mounting tension as two hearts begin to race,
Unleashing pent-up passions with the one I love so much,
Fingers flow through flowing hair behind a smiling face,

Slowly she removes my shirt and I in turn remove hers,
Hungry tongues indulging in their craving for a taste,
Torn between desire to be lingering and savor,
And giving in to pounding lust to finish up in haste,

We savor all the suckling, then our hands increase their roaming,
My fingers find her eager, ready, knowing what she craves,
Gentle hot caresses start her shuddering and groaning,
Sweet release and extacy, a chain of passionate waves,

The surf is pounding harder as I consumate with a lustfilled kiss,
Your lustful throes of extacy somehow fulfilling more,
And as each wave is crashing you cry out in anguished bliss,
Your pulsating contractions bring me closer to the door,

Drenched in sweat and panting still you make one more ascent,
And as you peak your insides quake you pull me in through the gate,
We thus convulse together until all our energy is spent,
And then recline embracing as our sensual highs abate,

A last caress upon your skin a smile at the touch,
A waning tension fizzles as two hearts, as one, unite,
Lingering naked upon the bed with the one I love so much,
Then drifting off to sleep after one last kiss goodnight.


A contract of love to celebrate,
A generous donation of prodigy to their estate,
The rapture of love has captured this man and maid,
Whose vows as of yet on no bed has been paid,

Her hymen is yet unbroken,
Her steadfast love is his only token,
Honors, riches, marriage-blessing,
Long life and generous increasing,

Hourly joys be still upon you,
You have given God his proper due,
Angels upon saffron wings,
Abundant joy and good tidings bring,

Life drops refreshing showers,
The colors of many flowers,
Earth's increase of food aplenty,
Refrigerators and freezers never empty,

Vines with clustering bunches of grapes growing,
Fruit trees laden with produce bowing,
With each end of the day as the sun goes down,
Upon your brows will alight a golden crown,

Spring will come to you at the farthest,
At the very end of the harvest,
Scarcity and wont shall shun you,
The blessing of the lord is upon you.

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