Dark Desires in poetic form.
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Married, white and never been kissed
A slice off a cut loaf won't be missed
So I took her little white ass back to their private rooms
Her husband wouldn't be home 'til late
She was hot and I couldn't wait
To show her what I had for her under my fruita da looms.

When she saw my dick, that white woman freaked
Her eyes bugged out and her asshole squeaked
She'd never seen anything quite so BIG in alla her life.
While she was wondering what to do
I was wondering if her husband knew
How close I was to sticking my dick in his wife!

But first, she dropped down to her knees,
Gave my big, hard cock a squeeze,
And then she licked it like a fudgesicle ice cream cone.
She was beautiful, sexy, white and young
Driving me crazy with her lips and tongue
And making my black dick harder than a block of stone.

As I spread her soft, white thighs
And saw the hunger in her eyes
She lifted up toward me, saying, "Ohhhh - I want it bad!"
Too excited to last
I rammed her deep and hard and fast
And when I started cumming, I gave'er all the cock I had.

When the cumjuice finished flowing
I rolled off her pussy knowing
That counting in minutes, I might have lasted three
Embarassed, I wanted to fuck'er again
But she said it was after ten
And she didn't want her husband to catch her fucking me.

I complained and then complied,
Knowing fucking well she lied,
But white women always lie about the reasons they get laid.
Maybe she was getting back
At him by fucking someone black,
Or maybe I'm just pissed because I don't like getting played.

But I still like fucking white pussy for free
So if any of you white girls wanna try me
Drop me a line. I might be willing to integrate your marriage bed.
But I want your husband in plain sight
Watching me fuck your pussy all night
So you can see him jerking it off and fucking you in his head.

White pussy traps ain't really traps
No HIV or herps or claps
Just married women who keep their tight, white pussies clean!
And all of'em really want a big, black dick
Especially one that's long and thick
And when you get it in'em, they'll fuck like a sewing machine.

So if you're of that persuasion
You don't need no evasion
I'd love to let you watch me stick my black dick in your wife
Just send someone to fetch me
Or spring your trap and catch me
'Cause I like fucking white girls more than anything in life!



I'd never raise a hand to her,
But, it was still a shock
The day I came home early
And found her sucking cock.

I slipped into the closet
Not knowing what to do.
And got excited when I saw
I had a perfect view.

I couldn't help eavesdropping.
The guy was big and black!
And she was going down on him
Like he was her favorite snack.

Watching her suck his black dick
Made my dick hard as stone.
And while she swallowed cum juice,
I jerked off - alone!

But I didn't get my nuts off
'til he got between her thighs,
And fucked her hot white pussy
With a black dick twice my size.

I masturbated, watching,
As she got her pussy filled.
And, had no trouble seeing
Why she acted so damn thrilled.

His cock was black as coal dust
And thick as a deli roll,
And he was trying to get it all
In my wife's pussyhole.

I got off just watching it,
Feeling like a rat.
But wishing, more than anything,
I had a cock like that.

Though I was not detected,
I still saw what I saw.
So, after he departed,
I laid down the law.

I told her big dicked strangers
Was something we could share,
But I didn't want her fucking them
Without me being there!

I told her I wanted to fuck her
With a black dick now and then.
She agreed and now we're both
Addicted to big blackmen.

There's nothing I like better
Than a blackman fucking my wife!
What could have been disaster
Has become our way of life.



My husband's such a sex fiend.
Its what he likes to do!
Sometimes he masturbates so much
His cock's all black and blue.

He gets excited most when
Other guys are in our bed.
He likes to watch'em fuck me
And to see me give'em head.

He's always taking pictures
Of me and other men,
So, even when its over,
He can see it all again.

At first, I was angry
He wanted me to be a whore!
While he just stood back watching
Strangers lining up to score.

But, it did make me feel so sexy
Having strange guys wanting me,
And knowing if I fucked'em,
My husband would agree.

Sex with my husband watching is
Better'n any sex we had before.
And now that I'm more responsive,
I'm enjoying myself more.

Hubby really does like watching
And he really has set me free.
By making it different for himself,
He's making it different for me.

And now that I'm over the outrage,
I'm glad he's like he is.
I love getting "first time" horny
For a dick that isn't his!

After all, I'm sexually attractive!
Men like getting me in the sack!
And I can cum just spreading my legs,
Especially if my lover is black!

I don't know what it is about black ones
But they really stoke my desire.
And watching me give'em the pussy
Really lights my husband's fire!

So now the guys are mostly black
And the sex couldn't be much better!
And talking about it always makes
My pussy that much wetter.

My husband doesn't know it
But I got fantasies too
And, thanks to his permissiveness
All mine are cumming true!



In a swinger's party bedroom,
Nervous and uptight,
My wife gave her white pussy
To a young blackman one night!

He had the biggest, blackest dick
This whiteboy ever saw.
And watching my wife suck it
Left me breathless and in awe.

Something happened to me
Mere words cannot convey
Just seeing black hands on her
Blew my shit away.

I was never as anxious
Or horny in my life
As I was watching him stick
His big, black dick'n my wife.

And when he tried to stick it deep
She didn't even flinch
She spread her legs and took it
She took every fucking inch.

And I knew how much she liked it
She climaxed again and again
Bucking like a breeding mare
Everytime he rammed it in.

And when he jizzed inside her
I shot off as well,
And all of us were cumming
As far as I could tell.

If my wife was disappointed,
It certainly didn't show
She held his cock inside her
And wouldn't let it go.

Then, after they untangled
And his big cock slipped free
He moved aside, friendly like
And offered her to me.

His long, black dick got really hard
Watching me fuck her too
So he was ready to fuck her again
As soon as I got thru.

After he fucked her the second time
And I was taking my turn,
He disappeared into the night
Never to return.

But he had changed us forever.
There was no going back.
Since that night, sex to us
Is always BIG and BLACK!!!



For years I had a secret lust, despite our wedding rings.
I fantasized about my wife and blackmen doing things.
I often thought about it when she and I were screwing,
And wondered how to tell her I liked watching more than doing.

I started off with IR porn. I wanted her to see
How exciting black/white sex and WATCHING was to me!
When she saw how hot I got and what I liked to do,
She admitted she liked blacks and got excited too.

After that, we played the interracial card a lot!
The more we talked about it, the hotter that we got.
I couldn't wait to see her getting down with other guys,
Especially the black ones with cocks twice my size!

So I asked if she'd be willing to spread her legs for real.
She smiled, then blushed and nodded, and we had ourselves a deal.
We put up a chatroom ad and got a quick reply.
In fact, we got so many, I let her pick the guy.

He called at the appointed time, all nervous and distraught;
Afraid he might not get to use the motel room he bought.
I quickly reassured him that we'd be there at eight.
Then I watched my sexy wife preparing for her "date".

She chose a cashmere sweater that fit her tits just right,
And a sexy leather mini skirt, as short as it was tight.
Stockings, garters, push bra... Boy - did she look HOT!
She smiled and said "Let's Hurry!" when she saw how hard I got!

I'd seen my lady hot before but never so ALIVE!
We hurried off to meet our fate, impatient to arrive.
The blackman met us at the door, at first a bit surprised
To see that she was everything he'd ever fantasized.

He showered her with flattery, so eloquently he spoke.
Then he really sealed the deal. He offered us some coke.
After that, with music on and mixed drinks all around,
Suggestive words and naughty talk did suddenly abound.

Coke makes sex a must thing and everybody knew it.
My wife and this young blackman were really gonna do it.
I've never been more focused. I'd found my place in life.
With no more time for waiting, I watched him do my wife.

I watched him taking off his clothes and showing her his dick.
It was longer than my own and nearly twice as thick!
Her white hands on his blackness filled me with desire
And thoughts of him between her legs really fed the fire.

I saw her stripping down for him, her white skin smooth as glass.
I watched his dark hands touch her breasts and roam across her ass.
Then he laid her on the bed and got between her thighs
And I shot off as soon as I saw the look in my wife's eyes.

She wanted him to fuck her! And, she wanted me to see...
To see her give a blackman all that pussy she gives me
I watched him do it to her with a joy I couldn't hide
Amazed at how he stretched her and filled her up inside.

His dick in my wife's pussy brought us all to bliss
And when he shot her full of cum, they sealed it with a kiss
In nothing flat he sprang back up, causing us to smile
Another line and we agreed to stick around awhile.

She looked so hot and whorish, her shapely legs outflung
And him all up between'em steady giving her the tongue.
Pleased to see me jerking off as he ate out her muff,
He started signifying, rubbing it in and talking stuff.

He turned to make sure I could see his black dick going in,
Then told me just to sit and watch him fuck my wife again.
I sat and stared intently, my dick as hard as rock,
Watching my wife climax everytime she took that cock.

How many times he fucked her, I honestly don't know,
But I jerked off 4 different times before he let her go.
And just as we were dressed to go, a tonguey farewell kiss
Turned into a final fuck I'm glad I didn't miss.

As he bent my wife over and lifted up her skirt,
I jerked my cock excitedly, even though it hurt.
I saw her snow white ass cheeks absorbing every shock,
And saw her quiver everytime he hit her with that cock.

I heard her saying "fuck me!" everytime he stuck it in,
And got so damn excited that I shot off again.
The wife looked dazed and vacant, maybe stupified.
I'd never seen her looking so completely satisfied.

Even though he turned us out, we never caught his name,
But we all left there glowing, forever glad we came.
And I'll always remember all the bubbles that he burst.
No matter how many blackmen fuck her, he'll always be the first!



Truth's a lot stranger than fiction,
Even to a soldier on leave.
What happened to me this weekend
Is still pretty hard to believe.

After tossing down too many whiskeys,
I was walking it off on my own.
Moody, depressed and quite certain
I'd be spending the night alone.

Then a car pulled right up beside me
And the passenger window slid down.
A white woman said she and her husband
Were having a night on the town.

She asked me if I wanted to party,
Suggestively eyeing my crotch.
Her husband said "Why don't you join us?
She likes it and I like to watch!"

I'd heard about white people doing stuff
But I never really thought it was true.
You figure its just another fantasy
Then BINGO - it happens to you.

Intriqued and suspicious, I got in the car
Afraid it was some kinda trick,
Until she leaned over the seatback
And started to play with my dick.

"Relax" she said, as I hardened.
"Sit back and lets have some fun!"
Then she told the guy driving,
That I had a really big one.

She quickly explained what their thing was:
Her husband liked using his eyes.
She said he liked nothing better
Than watching her do other guys.

My apprehensions vanished and
My suspicions disappeared
You can't turn down free pussy
Just because it's weird.

They drove me over to their house.
Eager and anxious to play.
She said she liked how hard I was
And hoped I'd stay that way.

Walking in, I checked her out
And told'er she looked good.
Then I said I wanted to fuck'er
And she promised me I could.

Once we got behind closed doors
They asked me if I got high.
She said they had some good cocaine
She thought I oughtta try.

After we had all nosed up,
I got the shock of my life.
Her husband winked and told me
To go ahead and fuck his wife.

Then, seeing I was nervous
With him right there and all,
He politely left the room
To answer nature's call.

His wife put on some music
And said she liked to dance
While fumbling with my zipper
And opening up my pants.

I kissed her lips with lots of tongue
And pawed at her big soft tits
As she hauled out my rockhard cock
And started sucking it!

On her knees with my dick in her mouth,
She sucked me like a whore.
Then said she wanted me to fuck'er
Right there in the livingroom floor.

I had a little trouble getting it in.
Her pussy was really tight!
And I could feel him watching us
Even though he stayed outta sight.

When I finally got dick in her pussy,
She moaned and spread her legs wide.
So I grabbed her ass as I rammed her,
Shoving several more inches inside.

"God! What a cock!" she said, sighing
"The black ones are always the best!"
Then she wrapped her white legs around me
And begged me to give her the rest.

I pounded into her like crazy,
Pinning her ass to the floor
Expanding and stretching her pussy
'Til she couldn't take it no more.

That's when I started cumming
And ramming it into her quick.
"Fuck me!" she squealed, as she climaxed.
"Gimme that big, black dick!"

After we both finished cumming,
She held me in, leaving no doubt
She liked my black cock in her pussy
And didn't want me pulling it out.

I fucked her twice more in succession
While he flogged his bishop and cheered.
I really liked ramming my dick in his wife
And watching him act so weird.

We all got dressed and did us a line.
Then they drove me back to the base.
The other guys knew I got lucky
By the shit eating grin on my face.

But they didn't buy what I told'em.
They said it was nothing but talk.
"A nigger don't get no white pussy
Just by taking a walk!"

I can't really say that I blamed them.
It is pretty hard to believe.
But I'm gonna be out there looking
The next time I get me some leave.



I invited some brothers over for poker Friday night.
My wife dressed up sexy and gave them quite a sight.
I saw 2 of'em copping feels when she brought fresh drinks in
But I kept my mind on poker. I simply had to win!

At first, I won a couple but then came second-bests.
And like all cronic gamblers, I got us in a mess.
I lost a lot more money than I really had to lose
And they got very angry when they got the news.

"Nothing's free" they told me. "You gotta pay to dance!"
I promised I would pay them if they just give me a chance.
"You gonna pay us something" they said, threatening my life
"We might just call it even if you let us fuck your wife!"

Even thru my fear, I felt a stirring in my crotch
Interracial sex is something I just love to watch
"Let me run it by her" I said, taking her aside
At first she said "NO!" outright and then she simply sighed.

She knew I was afraid of them and what they all might do
So she agreed, insisting: "I'm just doing this for you!"
She went and sat on one man's lap and let him touch her breast.
In nothing flat, several hands were checking out her chest.

Surrounding her with big black cocks as long as they were round,
They tore away her blouse and bra and pulled her panties down.
"Suck it, baby! Suck it!" they said, as my wife hit her knees
And started sucking black dick and getting her titties squeezed.

One by one they fucked her - pussy, ass and face.
As soon as one was finished, another took his place.
I couldn't help but do myself watching'em fuck my wife.
I'd never seen her fucked like that - not in my whole life.

White pussy's what they asked for and she really gave them some.
They stretched her pussy out of shape and shot her fulla cum.
And after they all fucked her twice with their gigantic tools,
They told me that would teach me to follow poker rules.

"You lose - you pay! No credit games! Its just a fact of life.
But you don't owe us anything. We got it from your wife!"
They thanked her for the gangbang and left the way they came,
Knowing my wife's pussy would never be the same.

Paying off my poker debts is now her favorite thing.
She likes it with the poker studs and all the cocks they bring.
So I sort of lose on purpose now and bet what I can't pay,
Just to see my sexy wife giving that pussy away!



Why my husband, cock in hand,
Shared me with another man,
Is more than I can understand.
At first, I was completely numb and truly mortified.

The other man was black and young,
Hot and horny and really hung.
He drove me crazy with his tongue,
And filled me with forbidden lusts I couldn't hide.

So excited I was red,
Questions swirling thru my head,
I laid back naked on the bed,
And watched my husband swallowing his pride.

Mumbling about my white pussy
And jerking off for all to see,
He watched the black man doing me,
And shot off saying"Fuck'er - Fuck'er her pussy, Clyde!"

Fueled by all the old taboos,
And having nothing else to lose,
I kicked off my married shoes,
And let that big dicked nigger take me for a ride.

Snorting like a breeding bull,
He gave my ample hips a pull,
And filled my pussy really full,
Trying to stick his big, black cock all the way inside.

Forbidden thrills enveloped me,
His cock felt like a fucking tree,
And I got off repeatedly;
So full I thought I'd split apart from being stretched so wide!

My pussy's always been so small,
I don't know how I took it all,
The feeling's what I most recall,
Fuzzy, warm, contented, and somehow really satisfied.

Afterward my husband came,
To help me grapple with my shame,
He held me close and called my name,
And said he really liked it more than anything we'd tried!

I still don't know exactly why
He likes me with another guy,
But what we share is not a lie.
I'm proud to be his wife and his secret black cock bride!



I really like big pretty asses.
I'm always checking'em out.
And everytime my wife sasses,
That's what she's fussing about.

She hates me looking at others,
Or, doing it too much alone.
While she's eyeballing the brothers
Like she wants one of her own!

So I helped her and she helped me.
We traded our lifetime passes.
She can fuck the black ones FREE
As long as I get my asses.

Seemed a perfect deal to me.
But much to my surprise,
The asses I most often see
Are the ones between her thighs.

But a deal's a deal so I sit back
And let her think I'm a sucker.
Actually I'm a voyeur for black
And I get off watchin'em fuck'er!

So now we share our black cock dreams.
I wank and watch and never hide.
And, my wife's happy or so it seems.
She's glowing like a bride.



Mostly a white folks party but three'a us bros was there
Eyeballing all them white girls in their sexy underwear.
The white boys didn't say much. All they did was stare.
Some of'em didn't like it but I didn't fucking care.

Her name was Wanda something and she was looking good.
The kind of FINE white pussy niggers kill for in the hood.
And I could feel her eying me the moment I walked in.
She liked to spread for strangers, especially young black men!

I liked old Wanda something. Man, that bitch was phat!
Big ole braless titties and a ASS as wide as that!
Dancer's legs, a pretty face, and hunger in her eyes...
I'da been a fool not to try to get between them thighs.

Her husband was a watcher, but SHE was fucking REAL.
I liked the way just looking at her big ass made me feel!
Everytime our eyes met, she flashed a smile my way.
So I just strolled up to her to see what she would say.

They say go thru the husband, so that was what I tried.
I just up and asked him if I could take his wife aside
He looked me over, saying, "Son - I don't see why not.
Go ahead and fuck'er with that big, black dick you got!"

I turned back to sexy Wanda, hard inside my pants,
But I didn't mention fucking, I just asked the girl to dance.
And, 30 minutes later, with her husband there to see,
She broke out that white pussy and gave it all to me!

While I was fucking Wanda he watched everything we did.
And he told me to "Fucker!" while he wanked off like a kid.
So, I longdicked the short hairs and rammed BIG WALLY in,
Then I made her husband watch me fuck her ass again.

I knew that once I fucked her good and made sure she got paid,
She'd be right there waiting when I needed to get laid.
I pumped 3 good loads in'er in an hour, maybe less
And she remembers every one unless I miss my guess.

She loves to go out whoring when her hubby ain't around;
And lately, she's been fucking other niggers here in town.
She did both my roomates and a dude from down the hall.
Even met the bowling team one night and did us all!

But Wanda something's really something more than just a lay,
And all she needs to do is call and this nigger's on the way.
A black cock whore? Perhaps, she is. But I can tell you this;
I know niggers walk three blocks just to see her piss!



The guy's name is Roosevelt Stinnie;
The one I'm watching her chase.
He's got a big brother named Benny
Who looks like he wants a taste.

When her and Rosey started to dance,
Die-hard Benny took a chance.
He broke-in and words were spoken.
Fortunately, no bones were broken.

They agreed, at her request,
That sharing her might be best.
No reason left to start a brawl.
It was all for one and one for all!

I left and raced up to the suite,
Set up the vid and took my seat.
I sat behind a modesty screen.
I could see but not be seen.

Once she brought'em thru the door,
They treated her like a fucking whore.
They fucked her North and fucked her South,
And stuck their black dicks in her mouth!

Even now my stomach churns
Recalling those two taking turns!
All night long she took their poles
In every one of her tight holes!

Mumbling shit like "honky whore"
They even fucked her in the floor!
And when they finished, fully drained,
We gotta go, they both explained.

Off they went without a word.
But everything I saw and heard,
Told me they'd be coming back
To get some more of Jeanne's crack

And she'll keep spreading her legs wide...
Fucking, and wondering why I hide
In time, she'll see I'm fooling them.
Not hiding from her, fuckin'er with him!


Whats this about blackmen fucking my wife?
I never heard such a thing in my life.
The cocks she rides are mine, you see.
She wouldn't be ridin'em but for me.
Its one of our sexual magic tricks.
I often fuck her with other men's dicks.

And if you ever wanna do your woman right,
Just stick a different cock in her every night.

Big ones, small ones, black and white...
New sensations every night...
Others make marital sex brand new...
She's gonna love it and you will too!
And every time she parts her thighs,
You'll be fucking with the rest of the guys!

When niggers start calling your wife a whore,
You'll jerk off 'til your wee-wee's sore.

So what if my wife fucks a nigger or two?
What the fuck it that to you?
Stop throwing stones! That isn't nice!
I don't want to have to tell you twice!
Don't fuck up and lose your life.
Its nonna your business who fucks my wife.

And now that you've got all the niggers pissed,
They'll be moving your wife to the top of the list!



If you want Pussy thats nice and PHAT
married white couples is where its at
Pussy's pussy as long as it's good
I'd fuck'em all if I thought I could

3-ways, swinging, whatever it's called
The husband's wanna watch their wives get balled
And, we're going broke on a hooker a day
while they're out there giving it away

Whites want blackmen to fuck their chicks
So they can get a look at our big, hard dicks
So what? Let'em look! Don't make a fuss.
They're just wishing they were US!

Give his beloved a chance to cut loose
and she'll use your cock for husband abuse
She'll suck you off while her old man snores
I'm serious, bro! They're like fucking whores.

But you really can't blame most of the chicks
They've got a thing for BIG BLACK DICKS!
A seed our father's planted fills her up inside
And BLACK LIKE ME is all she wants to ride.

Once you've fucked her, you're a trusted friend
Who better CUM and visit that pussy again
I'm just telling you like it is
She'll like your fucking better than his

And, while he's watching you do his wife
He'll be stroking it and loving life.
So, if If you really want white pussy for FREE,
How much easier can getting some be?



Your ex was a dick loving floozie
And, a little to old to be choosey;
But, how could you figger
She'd fuck one nigger
And never come back to YOUsey?



Fantasies are perfect
As is everything unreal
Everyone who has them,
Loves the way they feel.

The images may shift about
But the message is the same
Fantasies tell us we can win
If we'll just join the game

Fantasies are safety valves
For urges long supressed
For cruelties and kindnesses
And all things unexpressed.

For pleasures lost along the way
And hopes you thought you killed
For wishes never gratified
And needs you should have filled.

Once you must have wanted
Things you could not get
"Wanting" forms the fantasies
And WANTING don't forget!



I received my first black load
In the back of a car on Cumberland Road
I never would have let it get that far
But my "understanding hubby" was driving the car

He was just watching and using his hand
While I was getting fucked by another man
A man that pounded me hammer and claw
With the biggest black cock I ever saw

His cock was so big I thought I'd burst
Until it got better than it was at first
With sign in my head saying BLACK! BLACK! BLACK!
I got too involved and started fucking him back

Much to my watching hubby's delight,
The guy said, "Damn, this pussy's tight!"
Then he buried it deep and really let loose,
Filling my pussy up with juice!

And I couldn't do anything but grin
When he asked Bob if he could fuck me again
I answered his question with my sexiest smile
And told how much I liked doggie style.

On hands and knees with him behind
I backed up to him and started to grind
No use pretending I wasn't into it.
I wanted to fuck him and everybody knew.

With my husband urging on the guy
I couldn't fight it so I didn't try
Cumming everytime he stuck it in
I let him fuck me again and again

I liked it more than I care to admit
And I'm gonna want some more of it
By the time I got the last of the jizz
I was in love with that cock of his

I gave him our number and invited him back
Then took my husband straight to the sack
My pussy was wet and stretched and sore
But that always made him want it more.

He really likes hearing white women confess
When he asked me if I liked it, I said, "YES!"
Hearing me say it made hubby so glad
In no time at all, he was cumming like mad

He seemed embarassed that he was thru
He'd only fucked for a stroke or two
But I kissed him, saying, "Don't worry, Bob.
Your black friend's already done a good job!"



My hubby 1st approached it.
I think all men like to watch.
And when he mentioned blackmen,
It always wet my crotch.

I'd fantasized about them
Since I was in my teens,
And often masturbated
To interracial scenes.

But I didn't tell my husband that.
A wife can't just admit it.
I needed him to lead the way.
So, I held back and hid it.

I resisted just enough
To keep him coming back,
Until he finally talked me into
Trying someone black.

He worked out the details
Then led me to my doom
Before I knew it, I was standing
In a sleazy motel room

A blackman stood inside the door
With dark and hungry eyes
Confronting me with all the things
I used to fantasize

My fantasy took over
And filled me with desire
I was wet before he touched me
And my pussy was on fire

My husband stroked his own stiff cock
And looked at me and smiled
The stranger started fucking me
And all of us went wild


All our married life,
I wanted to see my wife
Writhing in passion as she savored a blackman's touch
But it was still a shock
To see her suck black cock.
I didn't know just watching her would turn me on so much

Watching her spread
In our marriage bed
Excites me more than any kind of sex I've ever known.
He didn't just do'er,
He socked it to'er.
And, when she came, I let her know she wasn't cumming alone.

She saw me explode,
Dropping my load
As I watched her pussy swallow up his big, black cock.
She came and came and came,
Whispering his name,
Delighted to see, that his thick tool was still as hard as a rock!

Again and again
He rammed it in
Until all of us were cumming like we'd never cum before
Black dick is B-A-D!
Best we ever had
And everytime we fuck'em, it just makes us want it more.

She's fucked a hundred guys
With cocks twice my size
And watching'em pound her pussy always does the trick for me
I'm not playing.
I'm just saying
When my wife's getting some black dick, white pussy's all I see!


Okay wives, I'll confess
I, too, tried it under duress.
Truth be told, just like you,
I didn't know what else to do.
My hubby wanted us to swap.
I said "NO" but he didn't stop.
He seemed to have so great a need
That finally, I just agreed.
I didn't really have a plan.
I just wanted to please my man.
So, nervous, tense and unprepared,
I went along cause I was scared.

I'll remember all my life
My husband fucking that guy's wife.
And I made damn sure he could see
Her big dicked husband fucking me.
Hoping he'd be jealous,
I was overzealous,
But he got hot instead
And joined us in the bed.
He stroked and chanted, "Fuck'er Dude!"
And wanked off watching me get screwed.
I know he likes strange pussy free,
But mostly, he likes watching me.

So, after that, our only plan
Was me and him and another man.
As long as he was there to see,
The actual sex was up to me.
He almost had a heart attack
When I suggested someone black.
Just the thought made him come,
And he urged me to go get some.
Seems nothing made him get his rocks
Like white girls taking big black cocks
But, later, he revealed to me
I'd given him his fantasy.

He loves watching more than life,
Especially blackmen fucking his wife.
And he wasn't overly surprised
To hear I, too, had fantasized
Of hung black strangers mauling me.
We're both the same, don't you see.
Forget the guilt, girls. Go get laid!
Can't you see we've got it made!
Humor hubby's fantasy
And give him what he wants to see.
Be his understanding wife
And you'll be fucking set for life!



When strangers ask his wife to dance,
His dick gets hard inside his pants;
Even though, he's not yet figured out exactly why.
Idle time and idle hands,
Bearing golden wedding bands,
Searching for that something only this can gratify.

It's not just on a whim,
She's there to be with him,
At her husband's side is where a good wife ought to be.
Dancing with a black dude
Is always just a prelude
Of what the lady wants and what her husband wants to see!

In her sexy little skirt,
She boldly starts to flirt,
And longs to feel those strong black hands sliding up her thigh.
Excitement brings desire,
And her passion catches fire
When she sees how bad her husband wants to see her fuck this guy.

With an itch inside his pants,
And a room booked in advance,
The husband thinks its time for them to catch a little air.
Once they're all outside,
He forgets about his pride,
And tells the horny blackman what it is they'd like to share.

The wifey fuels the fire
And doubles his desire
By smacking at his roaming hands and telling him to "quit it!"
With minimal persausion,
Bro accepts the new equation;
Intrigued to think her husband really likes to watch her get it.

With husband there to see it
And wifey there to be it,
The blackman fucks her pussy like a trucker fucks a whore.
She welcomes every thrust
Of his penetrating lust
And gladly gives him all the pussy he could want, and more.

She whispers in his ear,
Even lets him in the rear,
And tells him that his big, black cock's her first and only one.
When he drops his final load,
The blackman hits the road,
Leaving them alone to come to terms with what they've done.

It all seems so demented,
But they cuddle, all contented,
And spend an hour agreeing that they like the way they feel.
Then hubby fucks her good.
Just like she knew he would.
Fucking one another's how they consumate the deal!


Responding to our ad in a swinger's magazine
He liked white couples and he fancied Jean.
He had pics to prove he had done 3ways before.
He said he loved white pussy and really wanted to score.
I said the words I'd longed to say for almost all my life
"Come on over Friday night and I'll let you fuck my wife!"

Friday came and so did he, (no pun intended there)
My wife was dressed all sexy and trying to fix her hair.
I let him in and we all talked of sex and harmless fun.
Of casual copulations and even more then one.
He showed us pics of all the wives he'd done it to before.
And teased that every one of them was begging him for more.

I got the cards and dared away as Harold stripped off her clothes.
He rubbed her down and kissed her feet and even sucked her toes.
He licked her breasts and squeezed her ass and touched between her thighs
Kissing, tonguing, getting hot and fucking with his eyes.
Down with zipper, off with pants and out jumps Moby Dick
His cock was long and very black and really, really thick.

I wanted her to suck it. Its what I had to see.
I even whispered, "Suck it, girl! Suck that dick for me!"
Her lips encircled his dark shaft, her head became a blur.
She sucked that black dick like a pro as Harold taunted her.
"Suck it, bitch! Suck my cock! You know you love'em black!"
Then he pulled her off his cock and laid her on her back.

As he rose up between her legs and pushed her thighs apart,
I rubbed my cock and tried to calm the pounding of my heart.
Her hairy pussy glistened with the moisture of her lust.
As she reached out to guide him in, I thought my heart would bust.
Once he got it in her, he just pushed it further in
Then pulled it back and quickly rammed it into her again.

"Oh my god!" my sweet wife moaned. "I'll surely split in two"
Harold laughed and said to me "I'm fucking her for you!"
"So watch me now" he rubbed it in, "Watch me fuck your wife!"
And then he gave my sexy spouse the fucking of her life.
Up and down and in and out, his dick filled every space
But nothing said it better than the look on my wife's face.

"Fuck me, nigger! Fuck me!" she panted, fully flushed.
But Harold held his big cock still. He wasn't being rushed.
He asked her if she wanted it inside her all the way.
Then flicked his hips and drove it deep inside her anyway.
He made her cum a couple times and me a couple more
And fucked her pussy really deep where none had gone before.

I've never seen her fucked like that. She came and came and came
And called him, "big-dicked-nigger" instead of by his name.
He called her "white pussy" and "nigger loving whore"
And I jerked off in ecstasy and shot off on the floor.
He left her with her pussy stretched - all sore and full of cum.
It was 2 days later when she finally gave me some.

And when she did, she told me she thought black could be our thing
Said she'd gladly spread her legs for all that I could bring.
Well, friends, I really brought'em...I've seen more than 50 cum!
If you're black and want some pussy, my wife will give you some.
We'll meet you at the motel or just invite you to the house
I never tire of watching big dicked strangers fuck my spouse.



Street pick up photo op.
Thought my heart was gonna stop
When he boldly asked my sexy wife for more.
Instead, we did the 3 again,
(I love watching him stick it in),
And my wife got off really good like she did before.

He still approached her on the street
Wanting to hang some more black meat
Deep in that tight hairy crack between her legs.
She said, "I almost did it, hon."
But I told her not to give him none.
Just say "no" no matter how much he begs.

Then one day she just gave in
And let him have her pussy again.
They did it in the park in the backseat of her car.
Sprawled across the leather seat,
She spread her legs and took that meat,
And swore no one had ever stuck a dick in her that far.

She really gave and got her due,
and said she felt real whorish too...
Fucking this guys's big black cock on her own that way
He thought he got over on me...
Fucking my wife where I couldn't see,
But, for us, that was just a different way to play.

His blunt approach made my wife hot,
And pussy's what he always got
Whenever she saw that wanting look on his face.
One time, right before my eyes,
She got down between his thighs
And sucked his dick all over the fucking place.

She got revved up and so did I.
Somehow watching her blow this guy
Had me hard and wanking like I never had before.
I started to cum when the black guy did
And watched my wife flip her lid
As she swallowed his load like a nigger loving whore.

I've never figured out just why
I got off watching her blow this guy
But even my wife said drinking his cum was fun.
She sucked until she felt him pop.
And didn't lose a single drop.
And somehow, someway, we all got off as one.

Thats hard for me to understand.
Triple climaxes are never planned.
It was so damn good I thought I'd bust a gut.
Just goes to show you sheer delight
Is often hidden out of sight
And even blind squirrels sometimes find a nut!



Some guys get off watching others.
I know 'cause I'm married to one.
He loves to watch me and the brothers
Especially if there's more than one.

I did it the 1st time to please him
And boy was I ever glad.
I couldn't help but tease him
When I saw the cocks they had.

He's never filled me up like that
And made my pussy sore.
They had me purring like a cat
And begging them for more.

Sex with blacks is so sublime
I never have said NO.
I give them pussy everytime
My husband wants to go.

They're always ready for some trim
Especially if it's his,
And Black guys love to tell him
Just how good my pussy is.

And, he likes it more they do!
At least, thats how it seems.
But if he likes more than I do,
Its only in his dreams.



Honky Tonk Bud, the hipcat stud
Was watching a game of pool.
He wasn't bragging and he wasn't ragging.
In fact, he was looking cool.
Cinched up tight in white on white
And a cocoa front that was down.
Had a pin striped tie that hung to his fly
And he sported a gold dust crown.

It was the 15th frame of a 9-ball game
As Bud stood digging the play.
With an idle shrug, he suddenly dug
A strange cat coming his way.
Was a medium built cat with a funnytime hat
That looked about 5 years old.
Wore a pin striped vine, and he needed a shine
And he shivered as though it were cold.
Bud just waited as the cat hesitated
Then asked him if he knew Joe.
Joe wasn't in town and his bags were down
He hadn't been to his man to score.
The cat looked drugged like he mighta been bugged
When he heard that Joe was gone.
And just like that, Bud knew this cat
Was sick and he wanted to get on.

Bud said, "Man you look sick like you might need a fix.
Maybe I can do some solids for you.
I'm Honky Tonk Bud, the hipcat stud
From over on 8th Avenue.
But you'll need a bill cause the deal's wholesale
And its the only connection I know.
So if you wanna cop, lets talk shop
And we can get on with the show."

The cat looked down with a halfassed frown
As he tried to make up his mind.
"I got the bread, but I'm leery" he said,
"And I'm looking for the best I can find.
I don't wanna spend all my yen
'til I know the stuffs alright.
And 2 other cats got their bread in their hats
And won't let it out of their sight.
But if you can get the drug and its no bug,
I'll get you to cop some more.
We need a load to take on the road.
We're traveling boosters, you know."

Bud hesitated, having under estimated
This stranger in the funnytime hat.
Instead of a fool, he was faced with a cool
And a very intelligent cat.
So Bud said, "I can get a lease on a real good piece
And you can save some of your yens.
First you can try it, then you can buy it.
If not, we can still be friends.
So you watch the store and I'll make the score
And I won't be gone for long."
He showed real quick 'cause he, too, was sick
And they went to Bud's pad to get on.

Bud unwrapped 2 spikes and unrolled 2 types
And crushed it all with a spoon.
He mixed it thick and he knew the kick
Was gonna send this cat to the moon.
They cooked it to taste on a kitchen match blaze
And Bud said, "Take it real slow.
It's really good stuff and the kick is enough
To put any old junky in the floor."
Now the cat was starved and he tried real hard
To hit but could find no room.
When he finally struck red, Honky Tonk said,
"Easy man - This stuff is doom!"
Well, they both jerked as the good stuff worked
And old Bud went into his knot.
Conversation began to drag and chins began to sag
And blood began to flow too hot.
Then came the switch in the middle of an itch
When Bud said, "Man, I'm high!"
The cat made a pass and flashed a gold badge
And said, "Bud - I'm the FBI!"

Well, the courtroom was full 'cause Bud had been pulled
And the hustlers were there.
Those who knew him, the agent who threw him
And those who just came to stare.
There was 'sweet drawers' Lucy looking all juicey,
Half Wit, and Stompin' Joe Blue.
Wimpy the grinder, the Good Sport finder,
Stick Pin, and Tough Little Sue.
There was a whore named Vi looking all fly
With a gambler named Bet-I-Win Dan.
Jo-Jo the rabbit, the hustling girls habit,
And Quincey, the big numbers man.
And all eyes turned right as old Soft Toed Ike
Eased in wearing a cashmere vine,
With a professional killer named Stinky Sam Miller
Covering him well from behind.
Bud was well liked by old Soft Toed Ike
And all the hustlers who came
'Cause he never hollared and he always followed
The rules that were made for the game.

Now the DA presented the government's case
And the agent involved took the stand
He told in detail how he got the sale
And claimed Bud was a big dope man.
"Since coming to town, Bud's been around
With character's of public distrust.
To let him go free would seem like to me
A matter of greatest disgust.
He keeps most of his cash in a Switzerland stash
Due to his mistress's brain.
Tho he talks like a squirrel, he pimps 15 girls
And drives a caddilac long as a train!"
Like it was a fact, the DA attacked
The character of Honky Tonk Bud.
The hustlers all sneered as they heard Bud's name smeared
And trampled and drug thru the mud.

Old Shyster Spence, the hip cat defense
Was voted the all time great.
So into his hand, Bud laid 10 grand
And also the result of his fate.
"We can't beat it" Spence said as he pocketed Bud's bread
"That's a fact we might as well face.
J. Edgar Pagent, the narcotics agent
Has built up an air tight case.
With the jury picking done, I couldn't get to none
And the lab technicians won't buy.
The DA, you know, won't accept no dough
And I can't buy the FBI!"
But he pleaded Bud's case at a furious pace
And when he finally addressed the stand
He spoke sincerely and told the court clearly
That the jury would free his man.

But the jury wnet out and left not a doubt
As to the verdict to which they'd arrive
To give him probation would shock the whole nation
They gave Bud twenty and five!



A BROTHA's a damn good thing to be
If you like getting white pussy for free.
I oughtta know 'cause I'm getting it every night.
White men are letting me fuck their wives,
And it ain't because I shucks and jives.
Its because they like to see me fucking that pussy right.

And brother you're in for quite a shock
When he tells his woman to suck your cock,
And she junps up and starts sucking you off right there on the spot.
There ain't nothing like a hot white chick
Sucking the cum right outta your dick,
Then asking her man if she can give you all the white pussy she's got.

I don't mind him watching me
Sticking my dick in her white pussy
Since I do all the fucking and he's left to masturbate.
And white girls really love black dick,
Especially if its big and hard as a brick,
And I can tell you hot white pussy is nothing short of great.

The wives love fucking a cock so BIG.
When you get it all in'em, they flip their wig.
And start telling you how much they like being a blackcock whore.
After that, its her delight
To suck and fuck you all damn night,
Until your balls are empty and you can't get a hard no more.

Once you've been in a white girl's twat
And had all the good white pussy she's got,
You know after that, there ain't gonna be no stopping!
It ain't because I shucks and jives
That I love fucking these white men's wives.
I love it cause the pussy's good and her husband sees me copping.

So listen up and don't ever regret
Fucking white girls any chance you get.
This is something I know and not just something I hear.
You can forget about the rest.
Married white girls are the best.
There ain't no better pussy than that, not in this life here!



When I get horny, I play with my dick
And visualize a fine white chick
With a big pretty ass and fucking on her mind.
I wanna give'er this ebony cock,
All big and stiff and hard as rock,
And I love it when she wants me to stick it in her behind.

White pussy's really powerful stuff
And I can't seem to get enough.
I'm always ready whenever a white girl calls.
I'm especially fond of the married kind
With a hubby who says he doesn't mind
If I bury this black dick in'er up to the balls.

Its a trip with her husband there
Watching me get in her underwear
I always make sure hubby can see me sticking it in.
Then I talk a lot of shit
Making her take every inch of it
While he jerks off and wants me to fuck'er again.

No matter what the husbands say
Their wives like giving the pussy away
While he's there watching and jerking off in the floor.
Once they get it hard and black,
They always invite you to come on back;
Cause, once you fuck'em, they're always ready for more!



Now friends, when court's in session,
It seems like I'm in a trap.
Some say its sexual obsession.
But I say thats Fruedian crap.

Don't try to object or strike it
Or tell me to take off my hat.
I like it because ..well, I like it.
Its really as simple as that.

I'm not obsessed or demented
And sex ain't all that I got,
But, when all the facts are presented,
You'll all know I like it a lot.

Wife watchers don't have a lobby
And jurors might think I'm a jerk.
But its only a sexual hobby,
And name calling ain't gonna work.

Truth be told, I got it made,
So, screw the witness box.
I love to see her getting laid
And sucking long black cocks!

I love it because its so thrilling
And it brings great joy to my life.
Especially, when the pussy they're filling
Belongs to my sexy young wife.

He cums and she cums and so do I
3 or 4 times in a row!
So I never wonder about "the why"
I'm just enjoy the show.

So don't you judge me for crossing a line
That only the bigots can see.
You go to your church and I'll go to mine.
A watcher's what I want to be!



Today for me is another day I awake, and I find myself still breathing and I'm thankful.
Today is another day that I will try to do everything I can and tell everyone I love them in case there is no tomorrow.
Today I awoke and I realized that maybe these things happening in my life,
Is so that I may make a difference in someone elses life.
Today I will work and today I will play,
but today I will also make sure it's not my last day.

Today I will reach out to at least one person, every day , who isn't as fortunate to have a life as mine.
Today I will take time to listen to things I dont usually hear.
Today I will be a friend to someone who needs one.
Today I will live like there is no tomorrow, but I will also thank God that he has given me another day.
Today I just wanted to write this and say to those who know me, that I love you all.

Today remember to live, love, and learn as we never know if tomorrow will ever come.
Today I am saying thank you to the special people in my life including you all, who have made me a part of yours.
Remember the person you have come to know and share the way I feel , if my tomorrow doesn't come for me one day.


Imagine you and I meeting in a club,
Imagine me walking up to you asking you to dance,
Imagine me leading you by the hand onto the dancefloor,

Imagine us dancing to the frenetic beats,
Imagine the DJ playing a slow song,
Imagine me pulling you close,

Imagine us snuggling cheek to cheek,
Imagine my tongue tracing the contures of your ears,
Imagine my hands palming your ass,

Imagine the feel of my tongue as I insert it into your mouth,
Imagine my tongue wrestling yours into submission,
Imagine a whole dance club watching us dry-humping each other in public,

Imagine all the men that wish they were me,
Imagine all the women that wish they were you,
Imagine what's in store for you once I get you home with me.


I apologise for all the seen and unseen lies,
For the heartache and pain that brought tears in your eyes,
I apologise woman for not being true from the start,
For running away from you, leaving a hole in your heart,
For ignoring your feelings and pushing them aside,
Because I was too damn arrogant and pumped up with pride,

I apologise for making promises that I couldn't keep,
For building a foundation based on treachery and deceit,
For being selfish and inconsiderate, I did what I wanted to do,
Making costly decisions without thinking of you,
I apologise for not holding you through restless nights and stormy days,
For my immature thoughts and my foolish ways,

Instead of carrying your love with me, I just threw it on the shelf,
You cried your heart for me, while I was out running wild and loose,
I destroyed the essence of your love with physical, mental and emotional abuse,
I gave you hell woman by giving up when times got rough,
I didn't slap you, I pushed you, I neglected you, that's bad enough,
Now I see why you build a wall around you, because it is me you despise,

But that's the price that I have to pay for all the times I wore a disguise,
I pray to god that one day you will realise, That I LOVE YOU WOMAN and I APOLOGISE!
Beauty can attract a person, but personality is what keeps the person attracted.


I don't want you to treat me soft and sweet,
I want you to make me beg and plead,
Take me to the edge where my thighs shake,
And the roaring in my ears is like an earthquake,

Spread my thighs and feel my heat,
Taste it my love, such a wonderful treat,
Don't stop there, let me get on top,
Oh wait let me drink of your last drop,

Then back on I have to climb,
Riding and riding, this is so devine,
Make me moan and make me scream,
Fill my insides with all of your cream,

Deeper and harder, let's break the bed,
Then roll on the floor and bump our heads,
Let the neighbors hear through the walls,
The bumping and grinding; and giving of all,

Let me lick the sweat off of your face,
I think again I need to taste,
Why not do it again you say,
My pleasure of course, there is no haste,

Spread your legs against my cheek,
I'll do the same until we reach the peak,
I don't want to to treat me sweet and soft,
I want you to make me climb the walls.


Sometimes the road of life becomes unbearable,
And it seems easier to give up than to go on,
But you should already remember that,
There is light at the end of the tunnel,

For every tear; you will smile,
For every rainy day; there will be a rainbow,
And for every moment of everyday,
Forever and always there will be,

Someone to love and confide in,
I will always be there for you,
To carry you over the rocky roads,
And lead you through the tunnels,

To share with you the smiles,
The tears; the rainy days and the rainbows,
Whenever you need me I'll be there.


I love to suck a great big tit,
Inch by inch, bit by bit,
I love to see her big breasts bare,
They make my cum fly through the air,
Oh goodness gracious! What big boobs,
They make my cum spurt out in goobs,

They're great to lick and suck, not to mention titty-fuck,
They say that having such big boobs,
Are really just a waste,
But it takes more than just a mouthful,
To get the greatest taste.

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