Dark Desires in poetic form.
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How can one judge desires
When all minds are unique?
What we like is what we like.
Our turn-ons, so to speak.

My wife says I need therapy
And sometimes I do too
But it always feels so good to me
It's something I just gotta do

Understanding what you want
Doesn't change the need
If anything, it's easier
To finally do the deed

My wife got off, despite herself
Just like I knew she would
And once we'd actually done it,
The die was cast for good.

Now we do it all the time
The thrill just stays the same
I really do like watching her
Spread for whats-his-name

Whats-his-name is usually black
And hung like a fucking moose
He fucks her pussy 'til it's sore
Then shoots her full of juice.

I watch her get what I can't give'er
A dick a whole lot longer
And, the more we do it, the better it is
Our marriage couldn't be stronger



I'm really crazy about cocaine...
About the pleasure, not the pain.
It's really helped my wife and I discover how to share.
We may have went too far,
But, we survived and here we are.
Proud we went together where alone we wouldn't dare.

We stopped 2nd guessing,
And found ourselves expressing
Thoughts and feelings we had never shared with anyone before.
We made our sex new and fun
By taking two and adding one.
And, as much as my wife claimed to like, I know I liked it more!

She picked strange men up in bars.
I watched'em fuck her in their cars.
And lots of times we took'em home so I could really see.
My wife would start to glow,
Posing and moaning and letting me know,
How much she liked getting royally fucked right in front of me.

She liked guys with bigger cocks,
Dark and thick and hard as rocks!
Black is really beautiful was what she used to say.
A fantasy! A nigger!
A cock a whole lot bigger!
A blackman putting it to her always blew us both away.

She never hid her pleasure
When a blackman got her treasure.
She said blacks guys really meant it and they always did it good.
The contrast filled me with delight,
Him so black and her so white...
Black guys always fucked my wife the way I wished I could.

I think she liked to suck'em
More'n she liked to fuck'em,
And, everytime I watched her, I got hard instead of mad.
Watching her sucking a dick
Always did the trick
It made us both get off just like those fantasies we had.

I always handy cammed her
As they held her down and rammed her
Reaching deep inside her where my dick had never been.
"Take me, nigger - Take ME!"
She often said to make me
Lose control and shoot my load before he stuck it in.

I love it as much as they.
I could watch it everyday.
And once we started sharing, my wife was eager to comply.
She liked what we were doing,
Especially the screwing.
She always got off better when I brought a bigger guy.

And, once he got dick in'er,
Be he a saint or a sinner,
My sexy wife turned into a one night honky whore.
She fucked him off
And sucked him off
While I'm shot my orgams on the floor..

My wife knows I
Become the guy
So she treats him as if he's me bringing her another juicey bone.
Watching him, for me,
Is being him, you see.
He's fucking my wife's white pussy, but he ain't getting off alone.

When the fantasy dick goes in,
My head begins to spin.
I can feel her pussy spreading out to let his big cock through.
I have the same sensations.
I can feel my wife's gyrations.
And as soon as she starts getting off, I start cumming too

A unique way to fuck,
But certainly not a cuck.
Just making sure our bedroom needs are always satisfied.
I know I'm high and talking shit,
But everybody's cumming...., why quit?
Everytime's the first time with a different cock to ride!



A stranger in our bedroom...
Someone we hardly know!
I can't believe just watching them
Excites and thrills me so.

Watching him disrobe my wife;
Eyeballing what she's got,
Lights a fire inside of me
And makes me hot to trot.

When she's naked, he feels her up
Making her gasp and shiver
Then he finger fucks her pussy
As his big dick starts to quiver.

When she's wet, he lays back
On a rented motel bed
And smiles at me self-gratifying
While my wife is giving him head.

"Suck it, baby! "Suck it!", he mocks,
"Suck my big black dick!"
Then laughs when I ejaculate
And stay as hard as a brick.

"You want me to fuck her, don't you?"
He asks, locking eyes with me.
Then he spreads my woman's legs
And fucks'er in front of me.

I thrill see him filling her
The way I wish I could.
He loves her hot white pussy
And boy he fucks her good!

In spite of herself my sexy wife,
Eyes swimming with confusion,
Lifts her hips and wider spreads,
Responding to his intrusion.

"You like that black dick, don't you girl?",
He teases, as she quivers with delight.
The he puts the whole thing in,
Balls deep and out of sight.

Orgasming ununexpectedly,
"Oh God!" my wife exclaims,
And lifts to meet his thrusting cock,
Shuddering and calling him names!

His big black ass just a blur
Between her parted thighs.
Twice more, he made my woman cum
Right before my eyes.

"Ohhhh Yes!" my hot wife urges
"Ram it! Ram me deep!"
Her pussy making promises
She couldn't wait to keep

I see ass cheeks tighten
As he rams in all the way in
He stiffens deep inside her
And I start to cum again

I can almost feel his semen
Spurting inside her womb
Until all of us are cumming
Inside that motel room

After a pasue, she sucks him off
Swallowing every drop
Then spreads her legs a second time
And doesn't want to stop.

Enamoured by his black cock
She rakes me over the coals
Then puts icing on the cake
By giving him all her holes

Watching his black cock split her ass
And watching her tremble and shake
Had me wondering just how much
Of that black dick she could take

She's taking it all in her tight little ass
And cumming like the 4th of July.
But I ain't got no room to talk.
She's cumming... but so am I!

The stranger in our bedroom
Thrills me more than life
When he says goodbye and thanks me
For letting him fuck my wife.



If there's anything better than pussy
I don't know what it could be
And thank you for the internet
Dark Cavern's been good to me!

At first, I thought it was just a scam
Those ads saying "Fuck my wife"
But the first I time I replied to one
I got the shock of my life

A foxy, married white girl
With a understanding man
Wanted me to fuck her
While hubby fucked his hand

He sent me his wife's photo
And said to look for her
They told me where to meet them
And he even called me "SIR"

The motel bar was crowded
But I saw'em both walk in
She was really looking good
And showing lots of skin

I waved them to my table
And we all ordered a drink
Then hubby said, "Let's go upstairs"
With a smile and a friendly wink.

My dick was hard as a hammer
As I followed her up the stairs
I could see her big, white ass
And some of her pussy hairs

"Go ahead and touch her,"
He said, when he saw me staring
"Feel her up and fuck her!
I really don't mind sharing!"

She stopped outside the room
And as her hubby opened the door,
She squeezed my black dick thru my pants
And giggled like a whore.

Inside the room, she tongue-kissed me
As we pulled off our clothes
Then she gave me a blow job
In just her gaters, heels and hose

Hubby wanked with anxious hands
As his wife went down on me
"Cum in her mouth" he murmured.
"Thats what I want to see!"

And when I started shooting off
He started cumming too
Telling his wife to "suck it"
As she swallowed all my goo.

Then he watched me fuck her
Her pussy was really tight
But after she got to cumming
I fucked her ass all night

She said watching black guys fuck'er
Was what he liked to do
And, everytime I fucked his wife,
Her husband got off too

"Do it, girl!" he urged her
As I rammed my black dick in
And filled her pussy up with cum
Over and over again

They told me come back and see'em again
But I never got around to it
There's so much pussy in the Cavern
All I have to do is - do it!



What I've seen with my two eyes
Is everything you fantasize
That is, if you're a wife watching junky like me
My wife was a total black cock whore
From May in '80 to Fall '04
Spreading her legs whenever I wanted to see

No matter how good or bad things go
She never complained and never said no
But she always pretended she was doing it all for me
I saw her surrender a lot of times
Especially when a guy was ringing her chimes
I think it made her hot giving blacks white pussy for free

She'd dress in wigs and lingerie
And slowly let them have their way
Until their big black dicks were as hard as polished stone
Then she watched me watch her suck'em
And teased me when she began to fuck'em
Telling him her pussy might be too small for his big bone

They never had to win her
And once the dick was in her
She fucked'em like she'd been fucking'em all her life
Taking their tongues thru parted lips
Lifting her ass and rolling her hips
It always gets me off when a blackman's fucking my wife

Watching her take another man's dick
Always gets me off too quick
Especially if his dick is black and nearly twice my size
There couldn't be a sexier sight
She looks so innocent and white
With a stranger's big black ass moving between her thighs

Watching, doing, having fun
We don't regret a single one
It's what we like to do when we're getting off our rocks
All in all, a wonderful life
Watching blackmen fuck my wife
I still get horny thinking about those guys and their big cocks



I guess I've spent about half my life
Watching blackmen fuck my wife
And even when she didn't like it, she did it anyway
She did it all so I could see
She never could say NO to me
And I'll treasure those memories 'til my dying day

The first one is always the best
A standard by which to judge the rest
And ours was the icing on a lifelong fantasy cake
They danced and kissed and took off clothes
Until she gotta look at his long, black hose
After that her sweet white pussy was his to take

He took it too and changed our life
I got off watching him fuck my wife
And when she saw I liked it, she started to like it too
I bet she's spread her snow white thighs
For more'n a hundred young black guys
At times, it was all either one of us wanted to do

Now we're old and getting grey
And pass the hours of the day
Remembering our glory days and how it was back then
She still looks good enough to eat
And guys still eye her on the street
I wonder if she'd be willing to try that stuff again?



Baby, I'm always ready to fuck
And I'm gonna curl your toes
Ask any white woman I ever stuck
I get hard if the wind blows.

I got a nice big stiff black dick
You're welcome to abuse it
(9+ inches , uncut and thick).
And I'm betting you could use it.

I love you married white bitches
And husbands who like to watch
I like getting in yo' britches
While he sits rubbing his crotch.

I ain't gonna call him a wussy
Or laugh if he's winding his stem
Besides, when I get up in that pussy,
You're gonna forget about him.

I may not win no beauty prize
But I deliver and its yours for free
If he's already giving you to other guys
Its time he gave you to me.



I always thought about black ones
Even when I was child
As a teen I fingered and fondled my buns
With thoughts of it driving me wild

But, somehow after I married
All hope for answers seemed slim
Then came the twins I carried
And my life became those 2 and him.

Now we're both over thirty
And suddenly, he wants to dance
Confessing his sexual secrets
With his hands inside my pants

He said he liked seeing blackmen
Take off a white woman's clothes.
He asked me to be his partner in sin
And I wanted to more than he knows.

But I couldn't "give-in" and do it too fast
So I said we'd talk about it more.
And after several weeks had passed,
I said, if he wanted, I'd be his whore.

Herbert set the first one up alone
Some guy he met in a bar
I thought about him and his big, black bone
As my husband was parking the car.

My knees got weaker the closer we got
I'd thought about it so many times...
I was horny and wet and hotter than hot
By the time we rang the chimes.

The guy who answered wasn't black
He was more of rich, chocolate brown.
He looked at my ass like "baby got back!"
As he oogled me up and down.

He closed and locked the hotel door
We all had a drink or two.
Then obviously hot and anxious to score,
He asked, "Well...whadda we do?"

My husband suggested a strip poker game
Already rubbing his crotch
When his friend said "Herb, if its all the same,
I'd rather you sit and watch."

Without a word my husband sat
And stared with hungry eyes
As I started purring like an alley cat
And opening up my thighs.

He took me quick and rough at first
We still had on our clothes
His cock so big I thought I'd burst
I felt it clear to my toes

He asked me if I liked blackmen
Bringing me right to the peak,
The he rammed his big dick deep again
And I couldn't help but speak

I told him I loved it and wiggled my butt
Urging him to give it to me good
And listened to my husband busting a nut
Just like I knew he would

Then his black friend rammed it deep
I knew he was ready to pop
And when he did, I felt so cheap
I begged him not to stop.

After that, he laid me down
And cuddled with me in the bed
He didn't like my husband around
So he sent him to the bar, instead.

When my husband left, I let myself go
And acted like a black cock whore
I thought about Herbert missing the show
And it just made me hungry for more.

God, that blackman fucked me
I came so much it hurt
And Herbert got back in time to see
Me swallowing his cum for dessert.

Since then, there's been so many
Sometimes I even have two
And I never give Herbert any
Until my black lovers are through.

There's nothing like fucking a blackman
To make your husband's day
So, I try to do it as much as I can
I love giving pussy away



He lifts me like a pair of wings.
He helps me find my way.
Others do those awful things.
We just watch and play.

I wank and always wonder why
She looks so sexy whoring.
While he pretends to be the guy
Doing all the scoring.

Together they move, thrashing about
Whenever we get the notion
Up and down - In and out
Like syncronized swimmers in motion.

Just thinking this or seeing it
Is joy beyond delight
So one last time before we quit,
We masturbate tonight!

Even when I'm doing bad,
He always hangs around.
The only friend I ever had.
He's never let me down.



She was everybody's favorite dessert.
And she had'em all waiting in line...
Big phat ass and that short little skirt.
Delilah sho was fine.

I hated hearing'em call her a ho'
Tryin' to make her feel dirty.
I took'er anywhere she wanted to go.
Delilah sho' was pretty.

She thought sex was funny.
And I loved seeing her grin
She really liked taking the money
Delilah played to win

I tried to pay like the others,
But Delilah said it was free.
I won't like mosta the bruthas.
Delilah had a thing for me

Different men shared her bed
But I still made her my bride
And, even after we were wed,
Delilah had men on the side.

She's just a free loving sexpot
A squaw who likes the bucks
And nothing makes me half as hot
As watching while she fucks

I guess we're just two bookends
Supporting the books of life
And even when she's fucking my friends
Delilah's still my wife.



I got the shock of my young life
When I saw the Reverend Fisher's wife
Heading up river in a wig and some Mickey Mouse shades
So, I followed'er thru the foggy haze
Making sure I stayed back a ways
Until she stopped at a run down shack deep in the everglades.

She went inside where I couldn't see
So I tied my boat up to a tree
And sneaked up to one-a them windows as quickly as I could.
I peeked in, stupified
At what was going on inside
They was already fucking the reverand's wife and they was fucking'er good!

She didn't try to run or escape
She didn't scream or hollar RAPE
Mrs. Fisher just let'em have it and said she wanted more
I watched'em do her 1 at-a time
Then one in front and one behind,
Double dicking her white pussy and fucking her like a whore.

All afternoon, I watched'em fuck her
Turning her into a black dick sucker
She was so willing, I couldn't help but want to get some too
So soon-as she stumbled outta that shack
With cum-juice oozing out of her crack
I stepped out and said "Ms Fisher, ma'am - I don't think you're through!"

In some kind-a post euphoric trance
She looked at the bulge inside my pants
And smiled like a hungry dog looking at a juicey bone
Mrs. Fisher dropped to her knees,
And gave my big black dick a squeeze,
Then she licked it all over like a chocolate ice-cream cone.

As I stood there watching her suck my dick
Damned if I didn't shoot off too quick
But it made'them 1st two hot again watching her drink my cum
One of'em said, "Now I wanta fuck'er"
The other one said, "After me sucker!"
But I told'em won't nobody fuckin'er again 'til I got me some.

"Go ahead and fuck'er", both of'em said,
Smiling and joking and noddin their head.
So I bent'er ass over and really started giving it to'er good
Big ole ass all soft and white
Man, that pussy sure was tight
I hammered her married, snow white ass as deep and hard as I could.

Just when I got-ta really humming
The reverend's wife said, "God - I'm cumming!"
Rolling her eyes and shakin like an insulin junky having a fit!
Pushin'er ass back at me hard
Bucking and fucking out'n that yard
That pussy was good as ever' piece-a-pussy a nigger ain't 'sposed to git.

For years of mostly toil and strife
I had the Reverend's lovely wife
To suck my big black dick and keep me company
So, when you see them righteous folks
Smilin' and laughin' and tellin' jokes
Some of'em ain't as righteous as they appear to be.



I was sticking my dick in that whiteboy's wife
With him chanting "fuck her again!"
She'd never a dick big as mine in her life.
And it was really hard getting it in.

I was pulling at her wiggling butt
And doing my best to pin'er,
When her husband started busting a nut
And urging me to stick it all in'er.

Like a flower, her sweet white pussy bloomed
And opened like a secret door
My dick slid all the way up in her womb
As her husband cried, "Fuck that whore!"

Pussy so good I couldn't turn it loose.
That white girl sure is fine.
When I pumped her whte ass fulla juice,
I knew that pussy was mine.

All night long we did the dance.
And she loved it, without a doubt.
Once she got it outta my pants,
She wore my black dick out!

I finallt got weak and it musta showed
The way my knees were shaking
So I dropped my fifth and final load
In her pussy as day was breaking

I played with'er ass and kissed her goodbye
And said I had the time of my life
I told her husband he was a real nice guy
And I appreciated fucking his wife

He told me come back anytime
I felt the urge to screw'er.
Fucking his wife wasn't a crime,
And he loved watching me do'er!

I don't why he's the way he is
But as long as I get my ends,
I'm gonna keep fucking that wife of his
And I'm gonna tell all of my friends.

She'll fuck them, too. I know she will;
She likes being on her back.
White women love that speacil thrill
They get fucking someone black.

She's a white slut and he's a freak,
And, I'm just a nigger from the hood;
But, I'm gonna fuck'er ass every week
As long as that pussy's good.



It was cloudy and it looked like rain,
My wife said I was being a pain
But a man's gotta follow his dick whereever it goes.
"Weather be damned" I told the bitch
"I gotta scratch I need to itch,
So put on something sexy and lose them pantyhose".

She put on a jean skirt wrap-around mini.
It didn't show her ass but, it showed plenty.
Everytime she bent over, her butt cheeks cracked a smile.
She topped up braless, flashing her breasts,
Looking all sexy and half undressed.
I got so hot my fantasy thoughts went crazy for awhile.

When we got to a likely pick up place,
She ducked in the john to fix her face,
While I checked out the club and looked around in there.
White salesmen, mostly - traveling tricks,
Trying to pretend they had big dicks,
And I didn't see a single blackman - not one of'em anywhere.

I decided the place won't shit,
And, told my lady I wanted to split,
When two black handsome strangers sauntered in the door.
I saw my wife's excited smile,
And thought we outta stay awhile.
I'd never ever seen her do it with "two" blackmen before.

A minute or so was all it took.
I guess we just had the look.
They walked right over and asked my wife to dance!
Bob took Sue and Henry sat down,
Asking me if we lived in town,
And my dick started getting bigger inside my pants.

Trying not to check out Henry's meat,
I said we lived just up the street
As his buddy was fondling and hitting on my wife Sue
He was very agressive, to my delight,
Feeling of her butt and holding her tight
Then Henry asked me straight out what we wanted to do.

He said he liked white couples a lot
And watching hubbies made him hot
He said he wanted me to share my wife with him and Bob.
I told him we lived close by
And I didn't know but I would try
To convince my wife that doin'em both would be her job.

Bob convinced her more than me
Whispering in her ear seductively,
When he stepped back, I saw exactly where she glanced
I was ecstatically delighted
To see her so excited
I wanted her to fuck him on the dancefloor as they danced.

When they came back to where we sat
Hank said, "We all know where it's at!
So why not skip to the part where we're all getting down?"
Trying her best not to blush
My wife gave her hair a brush,
Then asked if I thought she oughtta wear her wedding gown.

They laughed, finishing off their foam
And said they'd follow us back home
Suggesting I might watch them taking turns with my wife
Sue giggled and said okay
So I showed'em both the way
And I got home hotter than I'd ever been in my life.

We hadn't no more than arrived
When they pulled behind in the drive
And we all scampered like children, anxious to get inside
While I closed and locked the door
Bob started calling my wife a whore
And I couldn't have stopped it then even if I'da tried.

They felt her up and stripped her clothes
Except for her garters and her sexy hose
Then Henry grabbed her and stuck his black dick in'er mouth
Bob was behind her, ready to fuck
While Henry and me was watching her suck
"She likes it!" Henry cackled. "I bet she's from the South!"

Then big dick Bobby stuck it in
Doggie-style and I tell you, friend
Sucking and fucking together makes anyone's wife a whore
I never seen a dick in'er that far
It was thick and stiff as an iron bar
Stretching her tight vagina like it hadn't been stretched before.

They fucked her in the bed and fucked'er on the floor,
Cumming in her mouth and calling her a whore,
While she was turning her body to make sure I could see.
They must have fucked her a dozen times.
And I could make up a hundred rhymes
And never come close to telling you how good it was to me.

In and out those black cocks went
Until all of us were fully spent
And my sexy wife fell asleep inbetween those two
After they napped an hour or so
They woke up hot and ready to go
And got me off putting their black dicks back in Sue.

After they left, my wife cried
And told she never shoulda lied
When I asked her if she wanted to do it with someone black
She'd craved it even as a child
Just thinking about it drove her wild
And after having done it, there was no turning back.

Now my wife's a black cock whore
She don't even ask me anymore
She just brings guys home and lets'em use her as they will
But you won't see me objecting
The photos I'm collecting
Remind me often, where and how, I got my biggest thrill.

She older now, fires abating
And not as interested in mating
Although she still gets frisky when we start to reminisce
She remembers pleasures found
In bed and backseats and on the ground
And deep inside she still recalls every single kiss.



Don't tell me the moon don't shine
On one ass all the time.
All you need is willing wife
Who loves it just like mine.

She didn't understand at first
She worried about the dangers,
And why I wanted to see her naked
In the arms of total strangers.

When I told'er they had to be black men,
She gave her own secret away
I'll remember the look in her eye
Until my dying day

She said that screwing a blackman
Was a craving she'd had for years
She admitted she might even like it
Then broke right down in tears

I held her and told her I loved her
And listened as she got it all out
Then told her I expected her to like it
Isn't liking it what this is all about?

The first time we did it was awesome
My wife and I both lost control.
I couldn't believe how hot she looked
With that black dick stretching her hole.

And once he got his dick in her,
He pushed until she took it all,
Then he fucked her real deep like I would,
If my dick wasn't so damn small.

He put more black dick in her pussy
Than I ever saw in my life.
And I couldn't believe how sweet it was
Watching him fucking my wife.

She really got hot when he held her down
And fucked her on the livingroom floor.
She said he touched places inside her
That hadn't been touched before.

And the way she started giving him pussy
Was the ultimate sexual thrill.
She couldn't get enough of his big black dick
And I don't think she ever will.

He spent the night fucking my wife
All over our marital bed,
Filling her pussy with semen
And making her give him head,

And, by the time the sun came up,
My wife was a black cock slut!
She sucked and fucked all kindsa ways
And even let him do her in the butt.

Now she fucks blacks all the time.
She'll do'em at the drop of a hat.
She even lets'em take turns with her.
Nothing gets her off like that.

So, if you're still looking for your ya-ya
And hoping she's just like mine,
Don't ever think that the moon won't shine
On one ass all the time!



She loves it when they pin her down
And force her legs apart.
She likes to lick her lips and frown
When all the fucking starts.

She likes their bigger, thicker cocks
And how they stick'em in.
She likes the way they get her off
Time and time again.

She likes the way it makes her feel
How hot she gets to be
Taking a big, black dick for real
And showing it all to me.

When all our needs are gratified
She helps me throw out Dudley
Then she smiles at me, all satisfied
And we start getting cuddley.

Sharing what is ours
In a bedroom out of sight
I hold her close for hours
Proclaiming my delight.

Talking and carrousing,
As lovers and as friends,
Is always so arousing,
I hate it when it ends.

Everytime a blackman sticks it in,
It feels like it does when I do it.
I know we'll be visiting this again.
When its that good, you pursue it.



It's nice getting pussy for free,
especially when you're still a kid.
The first time it happened to me,
I almost flipped my lid.

I was just nineteen and a loner,
Looking for what I could find.
I had me a big black boner,
And white pussy on my mind.

I had it bad for white chicks.
I just knew white pussy was good!
And white girls all like black dicks.
I'd fuck'em all if I could.

But, first I had to fuck my first one,
And finding one willing was tough.
I tried but just couldn't get none.
I guess I wasn't handsome enough.

That's when this guy at the tavern
Told me where pussy was free.
He told me to check out the CAVERN
And I'd find what I wanted to see.

Well, I did and the Cavern was cooking,
Full of folks living two lives.
And them whiteboys all were looking
For niggers to fuck their wives.

So I emailed a couple in Bristol
And told'em I wanted to play.
The wife was hot as a pistol,
And hubby didn't get in the way

I couldn't believe how eager they were.
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